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Introduction to Langfang Normal University

Langfang Normal University (廊坊师范学院, website) is a provincial full-time undergraduate college located in the city of Langfang, Hebei, a pearl city on the Beijing-Tianjin corridor. Its predecessor was Anci County Simple Normal School, established in 1946, changed to Hebei Langfang Normal School in 1956, and promoted to Hebei Langfang Normal College in 1964. In 2000, approved by the Ministry of Education, Langfang Teachers College, Langfang City College of Education, and Langfang Teachers School merged to form Langfang Teachers College. In December 2004, with the approval of the Hebei Provincial Government, it merged with Hebei Vocational and Technical College to form a new Langfang Teachers College.
The school runs on two campuses, Langfang and Gu’an. It covers an area of nearly 1,800 acres, a construction area of about 450,000 square meters, a total fixed asset value of about 560 million yuan, a total value of teaching and scientific research equipment of about 185 million yuan, and a collection of about 1.437 million documents. Volume, about 1.237 million e-books. The school has 15 secondary colleges (departments), ideological and political theory teaching departments, continuing education colleges, 14 party and government departments, and 7 teaching aid units, forming general (special) subject education, higher vocational education, and continuing education. Education and other talent training systems. In 2013, it was identified as a dual-bachelor training unit, and in 2016 it was established as a master’s degree authorized project construction unit.

Langfang Normal University currently has nearly 20,000 full-time junior college students and more than 1,400 faculty members, of which nearly 1,000 are full-time teachers. About 42% are teachers with associate senior titles or above. 85%. 1 expert with special allowance from the State Council, 1 excellent expert from provincial administration, 2 experts from the provincial government with special allowances and outstanding contributions, 1 winner from Hebei Provincial Outstanding Youth Fund, 1 German “Humboldt Scholar”, and young Hebei top-notch 1 talent, 1 hundred innovative talents in Hebei universities, 24 “three, three and three talents”, 1 national outstanding teacher, 5 provincial excellent teachers, 1 provincial teaching teacher, 1 provincial excellent teaching team . 3 specially-appointed professors, including 1 winner of National Outstanding Youth Fund.

Langfang Normal University has continuously improved its ability to run schools, and currently has 102 undergraduate and college specialties (40 in 62 specialties), covering 9 disciplines including literature, history, education, law, science, engineering, economics, management, and art. Categories. Focus on building first-class liberal arts, strong sciences, practical engineering, and bright spots in the province. There are 1 national-level comprehensive reform pilot, 1 national-level specialty, 2 provincial education innovation highlands, 3 provincial-level comprehensive reform pilots, 4 provincial-level specialty, 4 provincial-level key development disciplines, 1 Provincial virtual simulation experimental teaching centers, 1 provincial off-campus practice teaching base, 5 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers. As the “Training Base for Primary and Middle School Teachers in Hebei Province”, the school has undertaken the “National Training Program for Primary and Middle School Teachers” and provincial and municipal training programs for many years. Adhering to the teacher culture tradition of “being a person, learning, and being a teacher”, the school promotes the school motto of “honesty, erudition, fortitude and fortitude,” and builds a positive university culture. In recent years, it has been awarded as the “National Advanced Unit for Social Practice in the Summer ‘Three Goes to the Countryside’ by the Central College of Vocational and Technical College Students” successively by the Central Propaganda Department, the Ministry of Education, the Youth League Central Committee, and the China Federation of Students’ Unions. “Advanced Community” was awarded the title “Advanced Unit for Mass Sports” by the State General Administration of Sports.
The school attaches great importance to scientific research. There are more than 50 scientific research institutes and 5 academic journals. “Journal of Langfang Teachers College” (Social Science Edition) is a national excellent social science newspaper, and “Friends of Chinese Teaching” is one of the top ten periodicals in Hebei Province. Since 2010, it has undertaken more than 1,500 scientific research projects at various levels, including 22 national projects such as the National Natural Science Fund and National Social Science Fund, and 245 provincial and ministerial projects. It has won 24 provincial and ministerial awards and 98 patents of various types. Academic papers have been collected by SCI, EI, SSCI, CSSCI more than 780 articles, nearly 180 monographs, translations and textbooks.

Langfang Normal University established the International Education Exchange Center, which has achieved further results in international exchange and cooperation. At present, it has carried out substantive project cooperation with more than 20 schools in more than 10 countries and regions. Progress has been made in studying in China, the number and quality of international students have continued to improve, and the country structure has become increasingly optimized. A breakthrough was made in the promotion of Chinese as a foreign language, and a Confucius Institute has been approved by Hanban. Significant progress has been made in the cooperation in running a school. The avionics maintenance (junior college) major jointly hosted with Malaysia has been approved. The European Aviation Authority (EASA) aircraft maintenance practice certificate is the only test center in Hebei Province officially settled in our school. A total of 94 teachers and 63 students were sent to study abroad (foreign) education and research institutions, which provided a strong support for school discipline construction and application-oriented transformation.

Langfang Normal University is guided by Xi Jinping’s thoughts of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, actively implements the party’s education policy, takes Lithuan people as its fundamental task, and serves the regional economic, cultural, educational, scientific and technological, and development needs as the mission of running a school and adapts to the national strategy. Development of new needs and new trends in world higher education development, with teacher education as the main body and non-teacher education as the two wings, strengthening the center of talent training, deepening the reform of the talent training model, promoting the coordinated development of school education and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, and promoting university culture It radiates the construction of local civilization, and strives to build the school into a multi-disciplinary, multi-level, open and distinctive high-level application-oriented normal university.



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