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Introduction to Kunming University

Kunming University (昆明学院, website) is a full-time ordinary college established in May 2004 with the approval of the Ministry of Education. It is based on the merger of the former Kunming Teachers College and Kunming University, and integrates Kunming’s quality education resources. The school follows the school philosophy of “ethics, truthfulness, erudition, and dedication”, implements the school motto of “being ethical, knowing and benefiting,” adhering to the correct political direction of running a school, adhering to virtues, and serving local economic and social development As our own responsibility, we are committed to improving the quality of education and teaching, and promoting the development of school connotation. In 2012, the school passed the undergraduate teaching qualification evaluation of the Ministry of Education in high quality; it was listed as a pilot university for applied overall transformation in Yunnan province in 2014; it was evaluated as the fourth national civilized unit in 2015, and passed the review in 2017 and continued to be retained; it became Yunnan province in 2017 Demonstration colleges for applied talent training; in 2018, it became the master’s degree awarding unit and the first director unit of the Yunnan Province Applied University Alliance. In addition, the school is a member of the National Alliance of Newly Established Undergraduate Universities, the National Association of Local College Teacher Education, and the Teacher Education Alliance of Higher Education in Yunnan Province.

Kunming University campus covers a total area of 2439.18 acres, of which Yangpu’s main campus covers 1817.73 acres and off-campus practice bases are 621.45 acres. The main campus has a planned building area of more than 600,000 square meters, with 500,000 square meters completed and a total investment of 2 billion Yuan, of which 340,400 square meters of teaching and administrative space, 15.7 square meters per student. The library holds 3.492 million books, of which 2.32 million are paper books, 1.172 million electronic books, and more than 100 paper books per student. The total value of teaching and scientific research equipment assets is 324,293,300 yuan, and the average value of teaching and scientific research equipment is 14,800 yuan.

Kunming University has 20 teaching units and 63 undergraduate majors, covering 11 disciplines including economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management, and art. Among them, one is a national specialty (Chinese language and literature) and 31 are provincial and ministerial-level majors. Four new undergraduate majors in visual communication design, data science and big data technology, secretarial science, and accounting have been added this year. The school actively participates in the National and Yunnan Province’s “Six Outstanding, Top One” 2.0 plan, and actively carries out the application of the “Double Ten Thousand Plan” application for first-class undergraduate majors. It recommends 16 undergraduate majors to participate in the first-rate undergraduate selection of the “Double Ten Thousand Plan” in Yunnan Province, of which Twelve majors, including preschool education and Chinese language and literature, were approved and recommended to participate in the national “Double Ten Thousand Plan” top-ranked undergraduate professional selection. In addition, in the normal professional certification work, the school has 9 teachers majors applying for the secondary professional certification, of which pre-school education certification applications have been accepted.

Kunming University recruits students from 25 provinces (municipalities, autonomous regions) across the country, and currently has 22,128 full-time students. With the basic goals of “excellent ideology and moral character, solid theoretical foundation, strong professional ability, and high comprehensive quality”, the company strives to train high-quality application-oriented talents for the local economy and society that “get up quickly, stay strong, and be innovative”. In the 2018-2019 school year, students participated in 136 competitions in various disciplines, and won a total of 120 national awards and 304 provincial and ministerial awards. Participating in various arts and sports events, 22 people won the championship, 12 people won the third place, 11 people won the second place, won 1 gold medal, 3 first prizes, 10 second prizes, and 42 third prizes. Innovation and entrepreneurship have been very effective. In the past three years, undergraduates have participated in 153 national innovation and entrepreneurship projects, 49 provincial and ministerial innovation and entrepreneurship projects, and 113 scientific research projects. More than 1,000 students have formed 101 innovation and entrepreneurship teams and successfully established enterprises. 15 He won 31 national first prizes, 55 second prizes, 162 third prizes, 4 provincial special prizes, 152 first prizes, 179 second prizes, and third prizes in the university student innovation and entrepreneurship competition. 327 awards. The quality of graduates has been affirmed. In the past three years, a total of 722 outstanding provincial graduates, the employment rate has remained above 97.92%, the professional counterpart rate has been above 80.24%, and the employment satisfaction has been above 94.28%. The school has been awarded the first prize of the target assessment of employment and entrepreneurship in universities in Yunnan for 11 consecutive years. The quality of talent training has been well received by students’ parents and social employers.

Kunming University currently has 1,459 faculty members, including 950 full-time teachers. 479 full-time teachers have senior titles, accounting for 50.42%, of which 108 are senior titles, accounting for 11.37%; 208 have doctoral degrees, accounting for 21.89%; dual teachers and dual abilities, and have engineering, industry background There are 242 teachers, accounting for 25.47%. Among the full-time teachers, there are 1 Yunling Teaching Master, 7 Yunnan University Teaching Masters, 1 Yunnan Excellent Teacher; 1 expert enjoying the “Special Allowance of the State Council”, 5 experts enjoying the “Special Allowance of the Yunnan Provincial Government”, and “Yunnan Province” 3 outstanding outstanding professional and technical talents; 4 young talents of the “Thousand Talents Plan” in Yunnan Province; 1 teaching master of the “Ten Thousand Talents Plan” in Yunnan Province, 7 top-notch talents and 1 industrial and technical leader; Yunnan 6 middle-aged and young academic and technical leaders and reserve talents in the province; 2 young talents, 5 top-notch talents, and 1 chief technician in the “Spring City Plan” of Kunming; 16 “Kunming outstanding professional and technical talents with outstanding contributions”; Kunming’s young and middle-aged academic and technical leaders and 23 reserve talents; 3 “Kunming academic experts”, 1 “Kunming City’s top ten master craftsman studios” chief master craftsman.

In the 2018-2019 academic year, the university obtained 79 vertical topics at various levels (including 7 national fund projects) and 5 horizontal topics; published 26 academic works, and published papers in three domestic and foreign journals that were included in the three major searches and CSSCI 111 papers and 124 patents, including 17 invention patents; 3 provincial and ministerial awards. Currently, there are 5 research institutes (academies, centers) set up by the province and the ministry, 1 provincial key humanities research base, 4 provincial key laboratories; 6 provincial and ministerial teaching teams, and provincial high-level research teams18 3 master degree authorization points and 7 provincial master degree authorization disciplines.

Kunming University relies on the Kunming Scientific Development Research Institute / Kunming Scientific Development Think Tank (Yunnan University Think Tank, China Think Tank Index Source Think Tank), Kunming Dianchi Lake (Lake) Pollution Prevention Cooperative Research Center, Kunming South Asia Southeast Asia Cooperation Strategy Research Institute, Kunming Internet of Things and Actively carry out social services on a number of provincial and municipal platforms such as the Engineering Research Center. In 2019, the river and lake ecological health assessment and restoration academician workstation jointly declared with Nanjing University was recognized. The “China-Pakistan Economic Corridor” Safety Report was published in full on the “Tsinghua National Strategic Research Report” and sent to the central and relevant departments abroad for reference; “Proposal on Promoting the Establishment of a Medical and Health Radiation Center Oriented to South and Southeast Asia” The main leaders of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government; “Kunming Population Development Plan (2011-2020)” won the third prize of the achievements in philosophy and social sciences of Yunnan Province, and the first prize of the outstanding results of scientific decision-making consultation in Kunming, which became important to promote population work in Kunming Guiding document; Dianchi (lake) river basin ecological construction and ecological culture digital information platform is the first environmental information platform in Kunming.

Kunming University continues to deepen exchanges and cooperation, and work together to build a quality education environment. Internationally, the school has signed 115 memorandums of cooperation and agreements with 74 institutions and educational institutions in 18 countries and regions, and has 11 international cooperation platforms such as the “China-SCO Youth Exchange Center”; There are 271 international undergraduate students. From 2012 to the present, more than 1,900 teachers and students from abroad (overseas) have visited the school for exchanges and learning; our school has sent more than 1,300 teachers and students from abroad for exchanges and studies. Domestically, it has signed cooperation agreements with a number of domestic first-class universities such as Nanjing University and Lanzhou University to cooperate in personnel training, scientific research cooperation, teacher training, etc .; and jointly established the “Lei Feng Class” on campus with the Lei Feng Class of the Lei Feng Group of the Shenyang Military Region Lei Feng’s spirit is integrated into the campus culture, creating a new model of Led Shuren. It is the first batch of universities in Yunnan Province to cultivate socialist core values, and the first batch of comprehensive reform pilot universities.


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