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Introduction to Jishou University

Jishou University (吉首大学, website) was founded in September 1958. It runs in Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture and Zhangjiajie City of Western Hunan Province. Its headquarters is located in Jishou City, the capital of Western Hunan Autonomous Prefecture. It is a comprehensive university of Hunan Province and the only comprehensive university in Wuling mountain area. The university is a University jointly built by the National People’s Committee and the people’s Government of Hunan Province, a University of the national “basic capacity building project of colleges and universities in the central and western regions”, a University of the “doctoral personnel training project for the special needs of the country”, a key Construction University of the regional development and poverty alleviation plan of Wuling mountain area, an excellent university of undergraduate teaching evaluation of the Ministry of education, and a graduate training process quality of Hunan Province Evaluate good schools. The university is a general university which recommends excellent graduates to study for master’s degree without examination. In 2018, it was approved as the national doctoral degree authorization unit, and Hunan Province enrolled universities in one batch.

School conditions: the school is located in an area with convenient transportation and beautiful scenery. It has world natural heritage – Wulingyuan natural scenic spot in Zhangjiajie, world cultural heritage – Yongshun Laosi City, China’s famous historical and cultural city – phoenix ancient city. The school is adjacent to Zhangjiajie Lotus Airport and Tongren Phoenix Airport. Five expressways and three railways meet around the campus. Zhangjiajie high speed railway and Xiangxi airport have been opened Construction. The campus has beautiful scenery, covering a total area of more than 2900 mu, a building area of nearly 600000 square meters, a total value of 330 million yuan of teaching and scientific research equipment, and more than 6 million volumes of various paper and electronic documents.

Discipline: the university has 35 first-class disciplines and 80 undergraduate majors, covering 12 disciplines. There are 5 provincial key disciplines (including 1 advantageous and characteristic key discipline), 1 doctoral talent training project for national special needs, 2 post doctoral research flow stations (ethnology and business management), 1 collaborative R & D Center for post doctoral research flow station, 15 master’s programs and 13 professional master’s programs in level 1 disciplines, 3 national characteristic programs and comprehensive undergraduate programs One reform pilot major, one excellent doctor education and training program, one excellent agricultural and forestry talents education and training program, and 12 provincial key, characteristic and comprehensive reform pilot majors.

Platform construction: 1 academician workstation, 1 national and local joint engineering laboratory, 1 national experimental teaching demonstration center, 1 National Engineering Practice Education Center, 3 Hunan University 2011 collaborative innovation centers, 3 Ministry, provincial research bases, demonstration centers, key laboratories, engineering laboratories, virtual simulation centers and innovation and entrepreneurship education bases for College students There are more than 70 waiting places. The school is also the Ministry of education’s “experimental park for international exchange of educational equipment”.

Faculty: there are nearly 1500 in-service staff, more than 1000 full-time teachers, more than 700 with senior titles, 27 doctoral supervisors, 407 master supervisors, and 70% of the total teachers have master’s degree or above. There are 16 experts of “special government allowance of the State Council”, 1 National candidate of “one hundred and ten million talents project in the new century”, 7 national candidates of “new century excellent talents support plan” of the Ministry of education, 1 cultural expert and “four one batch” talents (theoretical circle) of the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee, 1 excellent young and middle-aged expert of Ethnic Issues Research of the National People’s Committee of the people’s Republic of China, 2 candidates of “one hundred talents plan” of Hunan Province, 121 people of Hunan Province There are 20 candidates for talent project, 2 experts of Hunan provincial government special allowance, 1 young talent of Hunan Province, 1 national advanced educator, 2 May 1st Labor medals, 8 national excellent teachers, 5 Zeng Xianzi Education Fund winners, 2 Baosteel Education Fund winners, 2 national teaching teams, 3 provincial excellent teaching teams and 4 provincial science and technology innovation teams.

Talent training: there are more than 30000 students of various nationalities, including nearly 20000 students in college, more than 1000 doctoral, master’s and international students. Zhangjiajie College of Jishou University (three independent colleges) has more than 7200 full-time undergraduates. The school has national scholarship, excellent student scholarship and various special awards and grants. The school has built a “human education” system with the system of “curriculum leading, environment edifying, practice refining, and self shaping”, focusing on cultivating qualified talents with “humanistic spirit, scientific literacy, innovation ability, international vision, and practical style”. In recent years, the university has won 2 national teaching achievement awards and 26 provincial teaching achievement awards. Students have repeatedly won special awards and first prizes in various competitions and competitions such as China’s “Internet +” College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship competition, national “Challenge Cup” College Students’ extracurricular academic and technological works competition. In total, the university has won 426 national awards and 1589 provincial and ministerial awards. The employment rate of graduates remained above 93%. In the past 60 years, we have trained more than 300000 talents of all kinds at all levels, who are “able to go, stay, use and do well”.

Scientific research: in the past five years, it has undertaken more than 900 scientific research projects at or above the provincial and ministerial level, and won 29 national and provincial scientific research achievement awards. In the past five years, it has obtained 123 national self science fund projects, 85 social science fund projects and 2 major national social science fund bidding projects. Social science research focuses on regional economy, national culture and national history, and the research results of philosophy of difference, national anthropology, national traditional sports culture, Shen Congwen research, cultural and creative industry, tourism economy, etc. have great influence at home and abroad. The research of natural science focuses on the development, utilization and protection of the characteristic resources in Wuling mountain area, puts forward the theory of “three belts”, develops the variety and deep development of “Miliang No.1” kiwi fruit, and achieves a series of scientific research achievements in Eucommia, Pueraria, Ponkan vinegar, mineral products and metal materials processing.

Social service: the school adheres to the school running tenet of serving the local government and actively carries out cooperation in production, teaching and research. In recent years, more than 20 substantive production university research cooperation projects have been carried out with government departments, enterprises and institutions in Wuling mountain area. More than 70% of the national and provincial scientific research projects undertaken are practical problems urgently needed to be solved by local governments to study local characteristic resources. The school has successively released the blue book “report on the development of China’s serial special poverty areas”. The industrialization of research results of delicious kiwi fruit “Miliang No.1” has helped more than 200000 farmers in Western Hunan to get rid of poverty, and more than 10 high-tech enterprises have been hatched in the research results of mineral resources in Western Hunan.

Cultural heritage and Innovation: the school gives full play to its positive role in regional cultural heritage, innovation and guidance, and is known as the “highland” of ideology and culture and the “card” of city image in Western Hunan. It has undertaken a number of major projects, such as the “overall planning of the experimental area for the cultural and ecological protection of Tujia and Miao Nationalities in Wuling Mountain Area (Xiangxi),” Research on the ruins of Laosicheng “has promoted Yongshun Laosicheng to successfully apply for the world cultural heritage; it has planned and created a large-scale cultural performance” charming Xiangxi “, which ranks among the top 35 national cultural tourism performances, and a series of outstanding achievements have greatly promoted the people The cultural development and prosperity in ethnic areas. The university has built a unique “Xiangxi Ethnic Culture Expo Park” with six cultural venues (Huang Yongyu Art Museum, Shen Congwen Memorial, Wuling Mountain Biological Science Museum, Xiangxi Ethnic Culture Museum, ecological ethnology museum and Jishou University School History Museum).

Foreign exchange: it has the qualifications to recruit foreign students and students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. It has successively carried out cooperation and exchanges with more than 20 universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Ukraine, Sweden, India, Japan and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. International academic exchange activities such as visiting abroad, attending academic conferences and holding international conferences are frequent. Students can choose to go to the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, as well as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan of China for exchange, exchange and study. The school’s ethnic art troupe has been invited to perform in the United States, Hong Kong and other places, with wide influence.

Social reputation: the university has condensed the idea of running a “civilian University” (making Jishou University a university close to the common people, benefiting the common people, directly serving and leading the regional economic and social development), established the development strategy of “building a university based on culture, strengthening its disciplines and developing its own characteristics”, and actively explored the local universities with the characteristics of the times, local areas and its own characteristics The way of running a school. It has successively won the honorary titles of “national model collective of national unity and progress”, “national green model unit”, “National May 4th Red Flag Youth League Committee”, “Hunan civilized unit”, “Hunan safe University”, “Hunan advanced unit of college graduates’ employment” and so on. Zhu Rongji, Zeng Qinghong, Wei Jianxing, Jia Qinglin and Liu Yunshan, leaders of the party and the state, visited the University successively for guidance. Zhu Rongji, former premier of the State Council, highly praised “Jishou University is the pride of Hunan”. Zeng Qinghong, former vice president of the State Council, affirmed that “Jishou University has special value”. Jia Qinglin, former chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference, said happily when inspecting the University, “seeing Jishou University, we can see the hope of getting rid of poverty and becoming rich in Wuling Mountain Area”.

In the new era, Jishou University is seizing the development opportunity, vigorously promoting the transformation and development strategy, strengthening the connotation construction, and striving to build the university into a distinctive and high-level teaching and research-oriented local comprehensive university.




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