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Introduction to Jinzhong Vocational and Technical College

Jinzhong Vocational and Technical College (晋中职业技术学院, website) was established in 2004. It is a public full-time general vocational college approved by the Shanxi Provincial People’s Government and registered by the Ministry of Education. Since the establishment of the school, the school has insisted on building people, adhering to the school motto of “ethics, product learning, sophisticated skills, and good deeds”, and has vigorously promoted the “school-enterprise cooperation, work-study combination” talent training model and the “infiltration of Jinshang culture, school-enterprise culture” “Integration, foreign cultural exchange” cultural influence model, is committed to training knowledge-based, skilled, innovative technical and technical personnel.

Jinzhong Vocational and Technical College is the first batch of exemplary higher vocational colleges in Shanxi Province, a construction unit of high-quality higher vocational colleges in Shanxi Province, an advanced unit for personnel training in higher vocational colleges in Shanxi Province, a recipient of the Shanxi Provincial May 1st Labor Award, The public is satisfied with running schools in Shanxi Province, the national advanced unit of education in the coal industry, the national innovation and education base for higher vocational colleges, the Shanxi Province provincial poverty-stricken village rich leader cultivation base, and the Shanxi provincial new-type professional farmers cultivation demonstration base. In the “Cultivation of Innovative Talents Cultivation and Discipline Competition Evaluation in Chinese Universities” released by the Chinese Higher Education Society in 2019, the school ranked 169th among vocational colleges in the country and 4th among vocational colleges in Shanxi Province. The school is a vice-chairman unit of the Sino-German Vocational Education Alliance, a unit of the “Sydney Accord” Applied Research Higher Vocational Colleges, a “China-Germany Nuohao High-skilled Automobile Talent Training and Promotion Program” of the Ministry of Education, a cooperative vocational college, and a “High-end of the Ministry of Education” The “Ten Million Million Exchange Program for the Joint Training of Skilled and Applied Talents” is a Chinese project institution, a member unit of the China Education International Exchange Association, a standing director unit of the Vocational Education International Exchange Branch, and a vice chairman unit of the China Vocational Education Association for Foreign Cooperation. School influence 50 strong.

Jinzhong Vocational and Technical College has strong faculty and good recruitment and employment situation. There are more than 800 faculty members, more than 100 associate professors or above, nearly 10,000 students, and higher vocational enrollment has ranked among the top universities in the province for many years. In recent years, the employment rate data of graduates has been tracked by the third-party evaluation agency, McCos, which has been stable at more than 96.4%, and has accumulated nearly 40,000 graduates.

Jinzhong Vocational and Technical College has complete infrastructure. The total building area is 126,000 square meters, with 83 standard experimental training rooms and productive training workshops, 22 national-level on-campus practice bases, 79 off-campus practice bases; 592,800 books and 336,600 e-books . In the province’s higher vocational colleges, it is the first to adopt the teaching touch all-in-one machine to achieve class multimedia. The campus network realizes full coverage of 10G core, Gigabit backbone, 100M desktop, apartment, classroom, office area wired and wireless network. Running campus card.

Jinzhong Vocational and Technical College has 7 secondary colleges, including vehicle engineering, electronic information, mechanical and electrical engineering, economic management, energy engineering, bioengineering, and social and cultural tourism. It has 53 higher vocational majors, forming 10 professional clusters covering industrial and mining , Agriculture, finance, food, chemical industry, biology, computer and other fields, closely connected with the industrial cluster of Jinzhong City. The school currently has 2 central financial support majors, 5 provincial demonstration majors, 5 provincial key construction majors, 3 provincial top 100 backbone majors, 1 provincial characteristic major, and national internship training supported by the central finance. There are 3 bases, 7 provincial-level key construction training bases, 1 training and teaching base co-constructed by the campus, and 3 “school-in-plants” jointly built by the school and enterprise.

Jinzhong Vocational and Technical College hires nearly 100 senior engineers and senior technicians with practical experience as instructors for internship training. There are 1 provincial master skill studio and 7 famous teacher studios. In 2014, it was awarded “Shanxi Vocational Training Demonstration Base” by the Provincial Human Resources and Social Affairs Department. In 2012, the school was awarded the “National Skills Appraisal Institute” by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, and has obtained the qualification of national vocational skills appraisal. Students can obtain relevant skills certificates, computer grade certificates, English grade certificates, and post integration during the schooling. A total of 153 provincial or higher prizes were awarded in 2018; ranked 21st in the number of national vocational college skills competitions (regular competitions); the number of awards in the 12th Shanxi Vocational Colleges Skills Competition Ranked first in the province, and the results of various competitions ranked first in Shanxi Vocational Colleges.

Jinzhong Vocational and Technical College and Tianjin Binhai Xunteng Technology Group Co., Ltd. jointly established the Internet College, and signed a school-enterprise cooperation agreement with Beijing Jixiang Information Technology Group Co., Ltd. and Zhongchuang Power (Tianjin) Enterprise Incubator Co., Ltd., which opened up student employment The passage in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area has integrated the school into the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development strategy and opened up a new territory serving regional economic development. It has signed agreements with more than 1,000 companies such as Alibaba (China) Network Technology Co., Ltd. and Changchun FAW Automobile Co., Ltd. The cooperation agreement was reached to achieve a win-win situation in which work and school are alternated and student employment is mutually beneficial. It has signed school-enterprise cooperation projects with high-skilled technical talents and a number of companies such as the German Handicraft Industry Association, Sino-German Nuohao Education Group, and established the Sino-German Nuohaoban. Drone aircraft model interest class, China Aerospace Enabling Aviation class, Hangzhou “Shilan special class”, “Jingdong smart logistics class” and other order-titled classes, employment agreement is signed immediately after entering the class; with Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shandong, Jiangsu and other places More than 10 national key vocational colleges have established friendly cooperative relations; with Taiwan Hiking Technology The university signed a cooperation agreement to carry out teacher visits and student exchange programs. In 2019, it sent a second group of 20 teachers and students to study in Taiwan; actively responded to the national “Belt and Road” initiative, joined the China-ASEAN Vocational Education Cooperation Alliance, and cooperated with China and foreign countries. Institutions and vocational colleges signed the “China-ASEAN Vocational Education Cooperation Alliance Guiyang Consensus” and reached preliminary cooperation intentions with relevant institutions in Indonesia, Laos and other countries. In 2018, 20 teachers and students were sent to Thailand for study tours with Pattaya, Thailand. Technical College and Yalong Intelligent Equipment Group Co., Ltd. cooperated to build Jinzhong Vocational and Technical College of Thailand Silk Road College; formed strategic partnerships with Rose Hill College of Australia, Venier College of Canada, and Far East University of Thailand to achieve international cooperation in running schools New breakthrough.

Jinzhong Vocational and Technical College is close to Taiyuan, the provincial capital, and is only 20 minutes away from Taiyuan Wusu Airport and Taiyuan South Railway Station. The road is smooth and convenient. Adjacent to the Jinzhong Shehuo Park covering an area of 185,000 square meters, it is a back garden for students’ recreation and fitness. The school is located in the core area of the “one core, one circle” urban system framework in Shanxi Province, the Great Taiyuan Economic Circle, and the Shanxi Comprehensive Transformation and Reform Demonstration Zone. It is accompanied by nearly a thousand enterprises, with huge demand for talents and the advantages of “school in the district”. It provides unique conditions for school-enterprise cooperation, student internship employment and resource sharing. At the end of 2018, the Jinzhong Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government attached great importance to the development of the school and allocated 1,500 mu of land for the construction of the new campus of the Jinzhong Vocational and Technical College. This project has been included in Jinzhong’s 2019 key projects.


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