Jinshan Vocational Technical College

Jinshan Vocational Technical College

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Introduction to Jinshan Vocational Technical College

Jinshan Vocational Technical College (金山职业技术学院, website) is a full-time general higher vocational college approved by the Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government and filed by the Ministry of Education. The college is invested by state-owned enterprises and is run by the public.

Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, where the college is located, has a developed economy and beautiful scenery. It is the first batch of “National Ecological Demonstration Zones”, “China’s Engineering Electric Island” and “Provincial New Industrialized Industrial Demonstration Base”. The college has 4 departments and 25 majors. The planned area of the college is 1,000 acres, 400 acres will be built in the first phase, 67 on-campus experimental training rooms, and more than 120 off-campus training bases. The campus layout is reasonable and complete. The college has been rated as “Civilized Unit”, “Green Civilized Unit” by Yangzhong City, and “Excellent Test Place in Jiangsu Province for National Level 4 and 6 Tests of College English” and “Jiangsu Province Education” by the Provincial Department of Education. “Working collective” was rated as “Jiangsu Province Safe and Civilized Campus” and “Jiangsu Province Safe Campus” by the Provincial Department of Education, the Provincial Comprehensive Management Office, and the Provincial Public Security Department.

Jinshan Vocational Technical College is invested by state-owned enterprises, publicly-run and privately-assisted, and has strong strengths. In line with the school’s purpose of running the school, “investors benefit from the students”, the college investors take the world’s students to accept higher education as the goal, and actively innovate the management system and school Mechanism, run schools strictly in accordance with the laws of education, and do not seek any economic returns, and take the lead in adhering to public welfare schools in similar institutions to ensure that students complete their studies smoothly.

Jinshan Vocational Technical College has also established friendly schools with universities such as Kyoto University of Information Science and Technology, and Chubu University in South Korea to create “green channels” for students to study abroad after graduation. The college has established schools with more than 30 large-scale enterprises such as Nantong Fourth Construction Group, Wuxi Little Swan Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Changfa Group, Daquan Group, CLP Group, Jiangsu Huineng Electric Co., Ltd., Feils Jinling Hotel, and SAIC Group. Enterprise-business cooperation, schools and enterprises jointly formulate talent training programs, adopt a flexible work-alternative talent training model, and learn at school can quickly adapt to market needs. Students graduate with paid internships before graduation and directly enter corporate technical backbones or management positions after graduation. , Graduates have been widely praised by employers for their diligence, pragmatic business and outstanding performance.

Jinshan Vocational Technical College currently has more than 30 student associations such as college student art troupes, calligraphy associations, taekwondo associations, roller skating clubs and drama clubs. Due to the clear theme, novel style and remarkable results of the student activities of the college, it attracted the attention of CCTV, Jiangsu Satellite TV and other media. The patriotic series of theme activities organized by the students of our college were reported twice by CCTV News.


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