Jinken College of Technology

Jinken College of Technology


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Introduction to Jinken College of Technology

Jinken College of Technology (金肯职业技术学院, website) is a provincial full-time higher vocational college invested and established by Ms. Bao Liping, in 1998 and approved by the Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government and filed by the Ministry of Education. The college has successively won honorary titles such as “National Advanced Social Organization”, “Jiangsu Province Level 5A Social Organization”, “Jiangsu Province Safe Campus”, “Jiangsu Province ’s First National Defense Education Demonstration School” and other honorary titles. Vocational colleges foster construction units. In 2013, it successfully passed the evaluation of talent training in national vocational colleges.

Jinken College of Technology practises the school motto of “self-improvement, integrity, innovation, dedication”, promotes the excellent school style of “willing to learn and teach strictly, and open to stone”, adhering to the school philosophy of “carefully cultivate students as their own children” Focusing on local economic, social development, and industrial transformation and upgrading, we will actively adapt to the needs of high-quality and highly-skilled personnel in the production, construction, service, and management frontlines, continue to deepen education and teaching reforms, and fully cultivate “knowledge and action in one” Talent. Now it has 32 majors in automotive, machinery, construction and civil engineering, electronic information, economic management, humanities and social sciences, and digital arts. Management, management, and literature majors coordinated development “professional layout. There are 1 provincial key professional group of construction engineering technology, 1 provincial speciality in mechanical manufacturing and automation, 1 provincial NC higher vocational training base, 1 provincial experimental base for talent training model innovation, and construction The engineering technology major has become the first phase of the project construction project of Jiangsu Province ’s college brand professional construction project; it has 6 college-level key professional groups, 6 college-level brand majors; 8 school-level training centers, and more than 30 skill teaching modules Practical training room, more than 70 off-campus employment bases; 2 provincial-level quality teaching materials, 12 college-level quality courses; Jinken National Vocational Skills Appraisal Office, Nanjing High-skilled Talent Training Base, CNC, mechanical More than 100 vocational skills training and certification qualifications in 17 occupations in six categories, including automotive, electronics, information, and services.

Jinken College of Technology currently has more than 350 full-time and part-time teachers, of which nearly 33% are teachers with senior professional titles, 59% have teachers with a graduate degree or master’s degree, and 78% have dual-teacher teachers. The college adheres to the education policy of “combining professional skills education with humanistic quality cultivation”, continuously deepens the integration of production and education, and implements the reform of school-enterprise cooperation and talent training model based on the “school-enterprise dual-subject cultivation dual main line”, and has established various The dual-subject talent training modes, such as “leading by two teachers, collaborative education”, “unification of factories and offices, alternate learning,” “embedding of courses, integration of dual certificates,” etc., have improved the ability of students to compete for jobs and achieved graduation. The employment rate and quality of graduates are high, and the employment rate of graduates has remained above 98% for many years.

Jinken College of Technology is located in Nanjing, an ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, a famous historical and cultural city. It is backed by the beautiful Tongshan Mountain, backed by mountains and rivers, and the pavilions are reflected in the lake of Chuntao. The air and garden-like campus have created an ideal environment for students to study and live. The college has obvious location advantages. It is adjacent to the Lukou Airport New City. The subway line S9 and multiple bus lines arrive at “Tongshan Station (Jinken College Station)”, and the transportation is very convenient.


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