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Introduction to Jinan Vocational College

Jinan Vocational College (济南职业学院, website) is a full-time higher vocational college hosted by the Jinan Municipal Government. It is a model vocational college in Shandong Province, a national backbone vocational college, and the first batch of high-quality vocational colleges in Shandong Province. Established in 2004, the school was formed by the merger of three adult colleges: the former Jinan College of Education, Jinan Mechanical Workers University, and Jinan Workers University of Science and Technology. The school has a 66-year history of running higher education and a 20-year history of running higher vocational education, and has trained more than 100,000 graduates. The school enrolls students in 10 provinces (regions) across the country, and currently has more than 12,500 regular full-time vocational students.

Jinan Vocational College adapts to the development of Jinan’s regional economy, and establishes the School of Mechanical Manufacturing, the School of Electronic Engineering, the School of Computers, the School of Finance and Economics, the School of Business and Economics, the School of Tourism Management, the School of Cultural Communication and Art Management, the School of Preschool Education, the Sino-German Institute of Technology, and the School of Entrepreneurship , 11 second-level colleges of the School of International Exchange and 2 teaching departments of the Department of Ideological, Political Education and Research, and the Department of Public Teaching. Established 35 majors such as mechatronics technology, applied electronics technology, logistics management, and tourism management, which are closely related to Jinan’s economic development, and formed professional clusters focusing on equipment manufacturing, electronic information, finance and commerce, and tourism. It has sent a large number of professionals for the economic and social development of Jinan City and “building four centers and building a modern spring city”.

Jinan Vocational College adheres to the cultivation of socialist core values and practices, and strives to build a three-wide education work pattern. It takes ideological and political courses as the main channel, and various courses work together to strengthen humane quality education, promote practical education, and External moral principles and social norms are internalized into teachers and students ‘own moral convictions and codes of conduct, and they have cultivated “three products” technical and technical talents with noble morality, excellent quality, and elegant taste, which has improved teachers’ moral standards and consciousness . Implement the “3hé” (nuclear-co-harmonious) characteristic culture, and cultivate the “three products” technical and technical talents. Nuclear: Focusing on the “core mission” of Lideshu people, practicing “core values”, training students for “core literacy”, allowing students to learn to be “human beings”, and creating cultural brands such as “good young people” and “self-help volunteers” . Cooperation: follow the rules of higher vocational education with the integration of production and education, school-enterprise cooperation, and work-study integration, strengthen the cultivation of craftsmanship, let students learn to “do things”, hire high-level talents from German companies as masters of dual education in schools, and the school and Jinan Second Machine Tool Group The experience of modern apprenticeship is published in the entire page of People’s Daily. Harmony: To achieve the goal of mutual aid and harmonious development of students, teachers, and schools. Focusing on ideological and political education, connotation construction, beautiful campuses, charming campuses, and the “three gardens” of the happy homeland, the environment has been promoted to promote other work, which has comprehensively improved the quality and level of schooling, and improved the precision and precision of work. The degree of standardization enhances the cohesion and happiness of teachers and students. The school insists on cultivating students’ core literacy with the core values of socialism, and unites the strength of the whole school through “integration and unity” to build a comprehensive, free, development, and high-quality humanistic environment, and to achieve an ecosystem of students, teachers, schools, and society. The goal of smooth and harmonious development inside and outside.

Jinan Vocational College is in a leading position in the country. In accordance with the “five-in-one” construction idea, the school has built a practical teaching base system that integrates five functions such as teaching practice, skill appraisal, social training, innovation and entrepreneurship, and teacher training. In conjunction with Jinan No.2 Machine Tool Group, Hisense Group, Zhongchuang Software and other well-known domestic enterprises, the Jinan Vocational College School-Enterprise Cooperation Council, 13 secondary college school-enterprise cooperation committees have been established, and 6 have been established in Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou and other places. School-enterprise cooperation liaison workstation; Jinan Municipal Comprehensive Public Training Center and Shandong Tourism Talent Training Base settled in the school. Schindler (China) Elevator Group invested in elevator training equipment, and jointly established elevator employees in Luyu District, skill training bases, and elevator training bases in the hospital. The school and the enterprise jointly built 167 training rooms on campus, the area of the training area is 35180.69 square meters, the total number of equipment is 8,721 sets (243 large sets of equipment), the total value of the equipment is 88,649,900 yuan; and 523 companies have established long-term cooperative relationships and completed 267 off-campus internship training bases. The college invested 10 million yuan, and combined social resources to build a campus information platform based on high-performance server clusters and 10 Gigabit campus bandwidth. The backbone and exit bandwidth of the campus network reached 10,000 Mbps and 4000 Mbps, 7,029 network information points, and management information. The total system data is 12,500GB, which realizes wired and wireless dual-pass, and establishes a networked learning and working environment covering the entire school. Due to the good information construction foundation, the school undertook the on-site finals of the national vocational college informatization competition, hosted a series of provincial and national vocational skills competitions, and was highly praised by the Ministry of Education and the enthusiastic praise of participating teachers.

Jinan Vocational College builds high-level teachers and implements innovative development. The proportion of full-time teachers with master’s degrees and above is 63.13%, the quality ratio of dual teachers is 97.61%, and the ratio of senior titles is 32.36%. 2 National Excellent Teachers, 1 National Huang Yanpei Vocational Education Outstanding Teacher Award, 7 Provincial Teaching Teachers, 1 Shandong Province Outstanding Contribution Expert, 2 Shandong Outstanding Teacher Awards, 2 Outstanding Teacher Awards, There are 2 provincial youth skilled teachers and 7 provincial teaching teams. In the practice of education and teaching, we have obtained the first batch of pilot units of the Ministry of Education’s modern apprenticeship system, the central financial support for the construction of national backbone majors, the central financial support for the construction of professional service industry capacity improvement projects, the national teaching resource library project, and national and provincial excellent courses. , National Excellent Resource Sharing Course, National Teaching Achievement Second Prize, Provincial Vocational Education Teaching Achievement Award, 83 Provincial and Ministerial Level Projects, 107 Social Service and Enterprise Technology Research and Development Projects, 900 Papers Published, Chief Editor of the National Ten 13 “two five” planning textbooks, more than 20 national vocational college skills competitions, 56 provincial vocational college skills competitions, more than 460 vocational skills competitions at all levels, Shandong province comprehensive quality competition Awards, the first prize of the first national internet competition and a series of educational and teaching achievements. The “2016-2017 Annual Report on the Impact of Innovation and Development of Chinese Higher Vocational Colleges” shows that during 2012-2015, the school ranked among the top in the province’s higher vocational colleges with a total of 56 invention patents, utility model patents and design patents. .

Jinan Vocational College combines the needs of industrial adjustment and professional direction setting, and the school-enterprise joint reform of the project-based curriculum system has realized “integration of teaching”. The school adheres to the school-running system and mechanism of industry-education integration and school-enterprise cooperation. It has established the Jinan Vocational College School-Enterprise Cooperation Council and the secondary school-enterprise school-enterprise cooperation council. Schools and enterprises have been established in Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Qingdao, Weifang and other places. Liaison workstation, innovated and implemented the “council + workstation” school-enterprise cooperation model, led the establishment of two vocational education groups in Jinan, equipment manufacturing and information technology, and established the “Shandong Province Tourism Talent Training Base” in cooperation with the Shandong Tourism Bureau. In cooperation with Suzhou Industrial Park, a “Suzhou High-tech Zone Talent Training Base” was established. The school cooperated with Jinan No. 2 Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. to launch a national-level modern apprenticeship reform pilot. It was listed on the CCTV six-episode large-scale documentary “Five-Year Plan”, and was published in the “People’s Daily” with the “How to” Apprentice “the Modern Apprenticeship System.” Reporting on the topic caused strong repercussions throughout the country.

Jinan Vocational College established the Entrepreneurship Academy, with entrepreneurship training as the lead, entrepreneurship apprenticeship and entrepreneurial practice as the means, and the purpose of creating enterprises as a dual-innovation talent training system. Through the multi-party cooperation platform of “Political, Administrative, and Enterprise Schools”, we have jointly discovered and promoted passion. Undergraduate students with entrepreneurial dreams, under the one-to-one guidance of outstanding young entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial mentors, truly engage in entrepreneurial practice and grow into talents. The school has now become the vice president unit of the National Higher Vocational College Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Cooperative Association. It has been awarded the National Advanced Unit of Innovation and Entrepreneurship for two consecutive years. And management), in 2016 was approved by the Communist Youth League Shandong Provincial Committee as the first batch of provincial youth creative space, and was identified as the second batch of maker homes by the Provincial Association of Science and Technology.

Jinan Vocational College deepened international cooperation. In 2011, Jinan Vocational College introduced the advanced German “dual system” vocational education model to the campus, and jointly established the Sino-German cooperation “dual system” career with the German Industrial and Commercial Congress Shanghai Representative Office (“AHK Shanghai”) and German and Swedish enterprises. Technical training Jinan project (AHK-Jinan project for short). In 7 years, from the scientific and rigorous cooperation of Sino-German “dual system” cooperation, to the demonstration and guidance of “dual education masters”, the deepening of cooperation between AHK-Jinan Sino-German North China Vocational Training Base, and the establishment of a modern apprenticeship system Cultivation system, Jinan Vocational College has explored the “Jinan Model” of cultivating “big country craftsmen”, and has embarked on a modern higher vocational education cultivating way of cultivating high-quality, composite “smart talents.” The school has also co-organized the “China-Australia” class of hotel management, computer information management, financial management and “China-Canada” class of pre-school education with the Western Polytechnic Institute of Canada and Maid Victoria College, and introduced TAFE training packages and Australian, Canadian General Competency Standards, Curriculum Standards, Teaching Resources, Excellent Teachers. Students can obtain professional qualification certificates recognized by the Australian and Canadian sides after graduation. Currently, 3000 students have graduated. Serving the “Belt and Road”, 30 vocational college teachers in Mozambique went to schools to receive professional training in equipment manufacturing, and carried out vocational skills training for foreign teachers to export the school’s advanced vocational education concepts.

Jinan Vocational College has won the National Advanced Unit of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Higher Vocational Colleges, National Vocational College Employment Competitiveness Demonstration School, National Vocational Teacher Training Base for Professional Key Teachers in Higher Vocational Schools, National Higher Vocational Education “School-Enterprise Integration” Innovation Presidium units of the coalition, demonstration schools of integrated school-enterprise education in Shandong Province, national demonstration units of conservation-oriented public institutions, outstanding universities of moral education in Shandong province, civilized campuses of universities in Shandong province, advanced units of ideological and political education in universities in Shandong province, economy in Shandong province A series of honorary titles, such as model universities and colleges, and advanced units in national vocational education, have been rated as provincial civilized units for 10 consecutive years.


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