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Jilin Engineering Normal University

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Introduction to Jilin Engineering Normal University

Jilin Engineering Normal University (吉林工程技术师范学院, website) is located in Changchun, the capital of Jilin Province. It is the first full-time undergraduate normal university in the country approved by the State Council to train professional teachers for vocational education. Full-time undergraduate vocational normal college. The school was formerly the Jilin Provincial Labor Department Technical School, which was established in 1959; the Jilin Technical Teachers College was established under the approval of the State Council in 1979, under the former State Administration of Labor; in 1983, it was placed under the management of Jilin Province and renamed the Jilin Vocational Teachers College; In February, Jilin Province Economic and Trade School was merged into the school; in February 2002, it was renamed as Jilin Engineering and Technology Teachers College with the approval of the Ministry of Education; in August 2015, Jilin Province International Business School was merged into the school.

Jilin Engineering Normal University is a national key construction vocational education teacher training base determined by the Ministry of Education, is the lead unit for the construction of the provincial vocational teacher security system determined by the People’s Government of Jilin Province, and is the chairman school of the Jilin Provincial Undergraduate University Transformation Development Alliance, 2019. It was rated as a model university of transformation and development in Jilin Province in the year.

The University currently has four campuses: Triumph Campus, Changde Campus, High-tech Campus and Tailai Campus. The school covers an area of 830,000 square meters and a building area of 310,000 square meters. The total value of teaching and scientific research equipment is 257,758,400 yuan. There are 15,497 students at school, including 12,837 full-time college students and 2,660 adult college students. There are 17 colleges, 1 teaching and research department, 3 interdisciplinary research institutes, 16 science and technology research centers, and 12 research centers (institute).

Jilin Engineering Normal University has been approved by the provincial “dual features” project evaluation of 6 high-level disciplines with special characteristics of Jilin Province, 1 Science and Technology Innovation Center of Jilin Province, 1 Engineering Laboratory of Jilin Province, and a demonstration of mass entrepreneurial innovation in Jilin Province 1 base, 3 research bases in key areas of social sciences in Jilin Province, 1 Key Laboratory of Digital Publishing in Jilin Province, 3 Engineering Research Centers of Universities in Jilin Province, 3 Key Laboratory of Universities in Jilin Province, and Humanities and Social Sciences in Jilin Province There are 2 research bases, 1 Jilin Province characteristic new type university think tank, and 1 Jilin Province Science and Technology Innovation Think Tank base.

Jilin Engineering Normal University currently has 51 undergraduate majors, 12 higher vocational college majors, 2 national-level specialty majors, 1 national-level comprehensive reform pilot major, 8 provincial-level specialty majors, and provincial-level specialty high-level majors 4 , 4 first-class majors at provincial undergraduate colleges, 3 brand specialty construction sites, 3 pilot majors of Jilin Province outstanding engineer education and training plan, 1 reform project of the national secondary vocational school outstanding teacher training plan, and innovative experiments of provincial talent training models Three districts.

Jilin Engineering Normal University currently has 4 national quality resource sharing courses, 1 provincial quality resource sharing course, 12 provincial quality courses, 54 provincial excellent courses, 4 provincial online open certification courses, and online open construction. 8 courses, 1 provincial ideological and political demonstration course, 1 provincial school-enterprise cooperation demonstration course, 2 provincial innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration courses, 4 provincial gold courses.

The university has won 4 second prizes of national teaching achievement awards, 14 of the 7th Jilin Provincial Teaching Achievement Award, 14 of the 8th Jilin Provincial Education and Teaching Achievement Award, and has undertaken nearly 500 teaching and research projects at or above the provincial level. Strengthen the practice teaching and base construction, and do a good job of the “double certificate” assessment. The pass rate of students’ professional qualification certificates is more than 90%. At present, the skills appraisal types cover 33 undergraduate majors. Strengthen school-enterprise cooperation and educate people, with 347 stable off-campus practice teaching bases, including 1 national-level college students ‘off-campus practice education base, 3 provincial-level college students’ off-campus practice education bases, and provincial “dual teacher and dual-energy” training bases5 Each. The school has been identified by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Sciences as a national vocational skill appraisal pilot school, and has been identified by the National Language Commission as a national model school for standardized language and script. There are 4 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers and 1 provincial engineering innovation training center.

In the past 5 years, the university has undertaken a total of 1475 scientific research projects, including 13 national-level projects; 319 scientific research projects at the provincial or ministerial level or above; 111 awards of various types at various levels, of which 60 were at the provincial or ministerial level; 424 articles, including SCI, EI, CSSCI, CPCI-S, etc .; 74 published works; 972 authorized patents, and 464 computer software copyrights registered.

The university has 768 full-time teachers, the proportion of dual-teacher teachers has reached more than 60%, the number of doctoral teachers has reached 26%, there are nearly one hundred vocational teachers, and a total of 23 part-time doctoral and master supervisors. The School Teacher Education Development Center was approved to be the construction unit of Jilin Provincial Teacher Teaching Development Demonstration Center. It has obtained 2 teacher team building projects from the Ministry of Education, 5 teacher resource development resources development projects, 1 outstanding teacher training plan projects, and national-level majors. 1 comprehensive reform project, 4 national education science planning projects, 2 national new engineering projects, 53 production-education collaborative education programs of the Ministry of Education; 7 existing teaching teams in Jilin Province and 2 innovation teams in colleges and universities in Jilin Province; There are 19 high-level talents including experts who enjoy special allowances from the State Council, senior experts from Jilin Province, young and middle-aged professional and technical talents with outstanding contributions, top-notch innovative talents, and famous teaching teachers in Jilin Province.

Jilin Engineering Normal University actively carries out international exchanges and cooperation between universities, and has conducted inter-school exchanges with universities in the United States, Russia, Australia, France, South Korea, Canada, Japan, Singapore, New Zealand, Thailand and other countries and Taiwan Foreign experts and scholars come to the school to give lectures, and select some teachers and students to study abroad, study abroad, and participate in various academic activities. In 2014, our school and Sehan University in South Korea jointly hosted an undergraduate program for animation undergraduate education, which was approved by the Ministry of Education. In 2018, our school and Kyungil University in Korea hosted a joint undergraduate program for electrical engineering and automation undergraduate programs. The school sends outstanding teachers and students to South Korea, New Zealand, and Taiwan for short-term exchange studies, while expanding channels to introduce German, American, New Zealand, and Korean excellent teachers to teach at our school. Between 2018 and 2019, the school has sent 35 teachers to South Korea and 15 teachers to Thailand for PhD. Our school has signed with more than 20 overseas universities, including Cheongju University in South Korea, Gule University in Thailand, Waikato Institute of Technology in New Zealand, Auckland Business School in New Zealand, Risen Group in Canada, Fisher College in the United States, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, etc. Education cooperation agreement, carrying out exchange projects such as cooperative school running, teacher-student exchange, and staff visits.


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