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Jiangyin Polytechnic College


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Introduction to Jiangyin Polytechnic College

Jiangyin Polytechnic College (江阴职业技术学院, website) is the only publicly-run college in Jiangyin, a well-known and economically developed city in the south of the Yangtze River.

Located in a garden city, Jiangyin Polytechnic College has a beautiful environment, unique European architecture, and a small garden-like bridge in China. The college covers an area of 695 acres, with a building area of nearly 210,000 square meters, and the total value of various teaching and scientific research equipment is nearly 90 million yuan. There are the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, the Department of Electronic Information Engineering, the Department of Environmental and Materials Engineering, the Department of Computer Science, the Department of Art Design, the Department of Economic Management, the Department of International Trade, the Ministry of Basic Affairs, the Ministry of Physical Education, the Marxist College, and the College of Continuing Education. At present, there are nearly 6,000 students, 481 faculty members, 351 full-time teachers, including 6 doctors, 13 professors, 14 school-level teachers, and 7 people have been selected as the training targets for the “Jiangsu Province 333 High-level Talent Training Project”. Three were selected as the training targets for young and middle-aged academic leaders of the “Jiangsu Qinglan Project”, and 15 were selected as the training targets of the outstanding young backbone teachers of “Jiangsu Qinglan Project”. There are 166 full-time teachers with senior professional titles, 184 backbone teachers, and 261 “double-qualified” teachers.

Piling back the strong enterprise groups in Jiangyin and the surrounding areas, the college is committed to creating three centers: “front-line talent training center”, “skilled talent training center” and “technical innovation service center”. Majors, among which the majors of electrical automation technology and modern textile technology are the major support construction majors of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance; the majors of machinery manufacturing and automation technology, software and service outsourcing majors are the major construction majors of Jiangsu Province; electrical automation technology, computers The majors in network technology, clothing design and technology are high-level backbone professionals in higher vocational education in Jiangsu Province, the majors in modern textile technology are specialties in Jiangsu Province, and the majors in numerical control technology and mechatronics technology have been approved as key majors in adult higher education in Jiangsu Province and Characteristic specialty of adult higher education in Jiangsu Province. As a standing director unit of Jiangsu Higher Education Society and a deputy director unit of Jiangsu Higher Vocational Education Research Association, the college also has “central financial support for” NC Technology “vocational education training base”, “Jiangsu Province information fusion software engineering technology research and development Center “,” Jiangsu Clothing Training Base “,” Jiangsu International Service Outsourcing Talent Training Base “,” Jiangsu Software and Service Outsourcing Training Base “and” Jiangsu Industrial Interconnection and Advanced Intellectual Manufacturing and Education Integration Training Platform ” “, Etc., directly serve the local economic transformation and social development.

Based on the economic construction and social development of Jiangyin and the Yangtze River Delta, from the height of students’ life-long development, the college vividly proposed “based on Jiangyin and rooted in enterprises to cultivate local production and management with the potential of” modern team leader “, Managers’ talent training goals. Around this goal, the college has explored a talent training model of “two-dimensional interaction and dual-track parallelism”. “Two-dimensional interaction” refers to the harmonious interaction and professional penetration of professional ethics education and professional teaching. Not only must professional ethics education be carried out through community activities, democratic management, social practices, etc., but also professional ethics education must be infiltrated into students’ professional ethics education and practice according to different professional requirements and industry norms. “Dual-track parallel” means that the college and the enterprise jointly complete talent training. The college has implemented modern apprenticeships with well-known listed companies such as Hailan Group, Changdian Technology, and Xingcheng Special Steel. The college, industry, and enterprise jointly formulate a talent training plan, and through the preparation of targeted project-based textbooks and the implementation of the teaching mode of “combination of work and study, post practice”, etc., the modern team leader talent training is completed in the in-depth cooperation between schools and enterprises. In recent years, 30 students have won first prizes in national professional skills, robotics, creative design and other competitions **. In provincial professional skills, robotics, creative design, provincial games, dragon and lion dance, Football and other competitions ** have 273 awards.

Jiangyin Polytechnic College is based on the locality, proactively serves the society, assists the economic transformation and development, vigorously develops continuing education, and actively builds an overpass for lifelong education. It has formed continuing education for 8,000 registered students of adult higher education and annual training of over 8,000 The scale of running a school has increasingly become a “learning center” for the citizens of Jiangyin, a “training center” for enterprises and institutions, a “training center” for service outsourcing talents, and an “examination center” for Jiangyin informatization. With Jiangyin Open University, Jiangyin Community Training College, and Jiangyin Citizen Lifelong Learning Network settled in the college, a new era of lifelong learning for Jiangyin citizens that everyone can learn from time to time and everywhere can be opened by the college. A whole new page.

Strong economic strength and an open culture have made Jiangyin a land of employment and entrepreneurship for many students. The employment rate of college graduates has remained above 98% for 5 consecutive years, of which about 70% of graduates have employed in southern Jiangsu and other regions of Jiangsu, and more than 60% of graduates have become modern team leaders or more in about 3 years, and 3% The left and right graduates started their own businesses and became bosses of large and small companies. For more than 40 years, the college has trained and transported more than 50,000 practical talents with the potential of “modern team leader” for local economic construction and social development, which has provided strong talent support for the construction of Jiangyin, Fumei, and Hi-tech.

During the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period, Jiangyin Polytechnic College will continue to uphold the college spirit of “Unity, Hard work, Perseverance, Perseverance, and Striving for First-class”, continue to deepen the “modern team leader” type talent training model, and continue to strengthen the content construction and brand Construction and characteristic construction, enhance the core competitiveness and sustainable development of the college, and strive to build the college into a local vocational college with local characteristics, distinctive personality, well-known in the country, and provincial.


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