Jiangxi Wuyuan Tea Vocational College

Jiangxi Wuyuan Tea Vocational College


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Introduction to Jiangxi Wuyuan Tea Vocational College

Jiangxi Wuyuan Tea Vocational College (江西婺源茶业职业学院, website) is the only nationally-run university with a tea as part of its name in the country. It is located in the most beautiful village, book town, and tea town of Wuyuan in China.

Jiangxi Wuyuan Tea Vocational College implements the strategy of “Strengthening Talents with Talents”, takes the cultivation of “craftsmanship” as its responsibility, focuses on vocational skills education, and cultivates social practical talents. College graduates have been recognized by society and employers for their dedication, solid foundation, and outstanding skills. The graduates not only have high employment quality, “professionalism in the three industries, employment in first-tier cities”, but also in short supply, and the employment rate of qualified graduates reaches 100%. The college has been awarded the Advanced Unit for Employment of Graduates from Jiangxi Province and National Universities for 8 consecutive years.

The College has achieved fruitful results in industry, university and research. It has won numerous awards in national skills competitions and professional competitions organized by domestic industry organizations.

The College is particularly strong in tea-related majors, and the National Tea Professional Qualifications Institute is located in the college. In 2013, the college co-operated with Jiangxi Agricultural University and established undergraduate programs in tea and tourism. There are now more than 120 undergraduates studying in the college. The college also cooperates with international organizations such as the Hong Kong Tea Ceremony Association to train a large number of professional talents in the tea industry for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

The College has a good reputation for education and extensive social influence. It has attracted in-depth reports and extensive attention from many media such as China Central Television, Jiangxi TV and so on.

Jiangxi Wuyuan Tea Vocational College strives to build the college into a “tea industry talent base, a cradle of modern service elites”, and build the college into a distinctive high-level ordinary college.


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