Jiangxi Vocational Technical College of Industry Trade

Jiangxi Vocational Technical College of Industry Trade


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Introduction to Jiangxi Vocational Technical College of Industry Trade

Jiangxi Vocational Technical College of Industry Trade (江西工业贸易职业技术学院, website) was founded in 1964. It was formerly known as the Grain School of Jiangxi Province. In 1998, it was renamed as Jiangxi Provincial Industrial Trade School upon approval by the provincial government. The full-time public college-level vocational colleges are affiliated to the Grain and Materials Reserve Bureau of Jiangxi Province. There are “National Vocational Skills Appraisal Office” and “Graduation-specific Vocational Skills Appraisal Station”. It is a model higher vocational college in Jiangxi Province and the first batch of high-skilled talent training demonstration bases in Jiangxi Province.

Jiangxi Vocational Technical College of Industry Trade is located in the Red Campus High Campus Area of Honggutan, Nanchang, Jiangxi Province. It covers a total area of 534 acres, a building area of 178,200 square meters, and a construction investment of more than 400 million yuan. , Student dormitory 66,300 square meters, other construction area 22,100 square meters. The school has two departments: grain engineering department, mechanical and electrical engineering department, information engineering department, architecture and art department, economic and trade department, tourism business department, public teaching department, and ideological and political department. , Construction engineering technology, logistics management, hotel management and other 52 majors. There are nearly 10,000 students and more than 500 faculty members.

In recent years, Jiangxi Vocational Technical College of Industry Trade has actively carried out school-enterprise cooperation, deepened the reform of the personnel training model, and its comprehensive strength has been greatly improved. The college has 10 training bases and skills training centers with financial support from higher levels; provincial characteristics 6 majors; 2 provincial-level talent training model innovation experimental zones; 1 national teaching achievement second prize; 23 provincial-level excellent courses and provincial-level excellent resource-sharing courses; 2 provincial-level excellent teams and 1 national outstanding teacher There are 2 star teachers in national grain colleges, 3 famous teachers at the provincial level, 14 backbone teachers at the provincial level, 1 winner of the May 1 Labor Medal in Jiangxi Province, and 1 pacesetter in Jiangxi Province.

Jiangxi Vocational Technical College of Industry Trade has been running schools for more than 50 years. It has adhered to the principle of service, employment-oriented, and the core of improving teaching quality. Model “, has trained a large number of technical and technical talents oriented to production, service, management, and frontline for the society. The school conditions, quality, and level of education have been affirmed by the society and relevant departments. They have successively obtained” National Advanced Units in Moral Education “and” Advanced Unit of Vocational Education in Jiangxi Province “,” Safe and Civilized Campus of Jiangxi Province “,” Jiangxi Province’s First Demonstration Base for Training High-skilled Talents “,” Advanced Unit for Graduate Employment in Jiangxi Province “,” National Talent Contribution Unit for Outstanding Contribution ” , “National Grain Industry Skilled Personnel Training Outstanding Contribution Award Unit”, “National Secretary Unit of Grain and Oil Processing Specialty Education and Teaching Steering Committee”, “Model National Grain Industry Vocational Education Group Member Unit” and other titles.


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