Jiangxi Vocational College of Science and Technology

Jiangxi Vocational College of Science and Technology


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Introduction to Jiangxi Vocational College of Science and Technology

Jiangxi Vocational College of Science and Technology (江西科技职业学院, website) is a modernization approved by the People’s Government of Jiangxi Province and filed by the Ministry of Education (National Standard Code 13419). , Multi-disciplinary, comprehensive private general colleges and universities.

Jiangxi Vocational College of Science and Technology is located in Nanchang, one of the world’s top ten dynamic cities. The campus covers an area of more than 500 acres and a building area of more than 300,000 square meters. The campus is lined with trees, flowers and plants, and the environment is pleasant; modern buildings of various styles complement each other’s human landscape; teaching, living, sports, and fitness facilities should be complete, and it is a good place for reading and self-cultivation!

For more than 30 years, the school has always adhered to the philosophy of “run schools according to law, run schools by experts, and revitalize schools by talents.” Well-known experts in education, teaching and management at home and abroad serve as the backbone of management and teaching.
In accordance with the school’s requirements for “characteristics, specialties and specialties,” the school has mechanical and electrical engineering branches, information engineering branches, construction engineering branches, art branches, economic management branches, nursing branches, education branches, and more than 30 markets. Popular majors. Among them: nursing, preschool education, computer applications, electrical automation technology, IoT application technology, flight attendant, applied electronics, numerical control, mechatronics, construction engineering, automotive inspection and maintenance technology, logistics management, accounting, art design and other professional directions Has a strong employment competitiveness.

In the process of running the school, Jiangxi Vocational College of Science and Technology created more than 50 technologies such as e-commerce, architecture, computers, numerical control, communications, nursing, piano, dance, multimedia, voice, automation, automotive, materials, laser processing, CAD, etc. Experiments, training (rooms) and bases with high gold content to cultivate their skills in operation and job adaptability. At the same time, the college has established a complete “order-style” and “dual-certificate” employment guarantee and delivery system with hundreds of top 100 enterprises and institutions in the country, which has led to the employment rate of all graduates of our college topped the list for many years. Won the honorary title of “Advanced Collective for Graduate Employment in General Colleges and Universities in Jiangxi Province”!


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