Jiangxi Industry Polytechnic College

Jiangxi Industry Polytechnic College


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Introduction to Jiangxi Industry Polytechnic College

Jiangxi Industry Polytechnic College (江西工业职业技术学院, website) is the first independent full-time comprehensive higher vocational college in Jiangxi Province established by the Ministry of Education in 1999 and approved by the Ministry of Education. Established in 1954, the school has experienced development stages such as adjustment, upgrading, merger, and change of name. It has a history of more than 60 years and has played an important role in the overall layout of higher vocational education in Jiangxi Province and the country.

Jiangxi Industry Polytechnic College is located in Nanchang. It has three campuses (Yaohu Campus, Qingshan Lake Campus, and Hi-tech Campus), covering an area of 460,000 square meters. All campuses have complete living services and sports facilities, especially the Yaohu Campus is located in the Changdong High Campus of Nanchang City, next to the beautiful Aixi Lake and Yaohu Lake. It has beautiful surroundings, fresh air and convenient transportation. Ideal place to live.

Jiangxi Industry Polytechnic College has strong teachers, a reasonable team structure, and rich teaching experience. The school has a total of 704 faculty and staff, of which 502 are full-time teachers, 41 are professors, and 24.3% are teachers with associate titles or higher; 50% are teachers with postgraduate or master’s degrees; and full-time teachers are dual-qualified Accounted for 41.54%. The school now has 2 provincial-level excellent teaching teams (textile, mechanical and electrical majors), 1 provincial discipline leader, 3 provincial teaching teachers and 13 provincial middle-aged and young teachers; in the past 3 years, the school has undertaken 26 This provincial project has 5 provincial-level excellent courses and 30 college-level online courses. The school has two secondary colleges, including the Textile and Clothing College, the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, the School of Electronics and Information Engineering, the School of Architecture and Art, and the School of Economics and Management. There are more than 10,000 students of various types with 42 majors, of which 5 majors including dyeing and finishing technology, fashion design, textile decorative art design, computer network technology, and business English are exemplary majors of higher vocational colleges in Jiangxi Province; dyeing and finishing technology The two majors of modern and textile technology are characteristic majors of colleges and universities in Jiangxi Province; the four majors of mechatronics, software technology, food nutrition and testing, and clothing design are major construction majors for provincial vocational demonstrations. Numerical control technology, accounting computerization, Twelve majors such as e-commerce, logistics management, textile inspection and trade, and interior art design are college-level teaching reform majors. In recent years, there have been nearly 20 majors in our school and large-scale enterprises in Changzhu-Min area have opened school-enterprise cooperation, production-education integration special classes, and jointly cultivate practical skills talents that meet the needs of enterprise employment.

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Jiangxi Industry Polytechnic College has a total fixed asset value of 554.5 million yuan; a total value of 97.206 million yuan in teaching instruments and equipment, an average value of 89.866 yuan; the library has 756,400 volumes of various books and 6,144 GB of electronic books, with an average of 69 volumes per student. There are 131 experimental training sites on campus, and 111 off-campus training bases with various large enterprises. There are two construction projects supported by the central government, two innovation training areas for talent training models in Jiangxi Province, two professional skills training centers, and one Jiangxi Province comprehensive training base. The school has a national vocational skills appraisal office and the Jiangxi Provincial Institute of Textiles, Clothing, Footwear and Hats.

Jiangxi Industry Polytechnic College adheres to the direction of running higher vocational education. The level of school running has been increasing year by year, and the quality of talent training has been significantly improved. More than 30 provinces and municipalities have been awarded such as “Jiangxi Province Advanced Unit of Vocational Education”, “Jiangxi Province Advanced Unit for Graduate Employment Work”, “Jiangxi Province Advanced Unit for Safety and Stability Work” and “Nanchang Spiritual Civilization Unit” Hall-level honorary title. Many outstanding graduates have emerged, including supermodels in the world, Asian queen Li Bing, and Jiangxi Satellite TV host Yazhi. Many students have achieved excellent results in various competitions at all levels inside and outside the province, fully showing the vocational skills of our students. Charisma, highlights the school’s characteristics of running a school, and produced a good social influence.

Jiangxi Industry Polytechnic College fully implements the party’s education policy, adheres to the guidance of Xi Jinping’s new era of socialist ideas with Chinese characteristics, takes Lide as the root, serves development as its purpose, and promotes employment-oriented school-oriented guiding ideology; “Traditional, industry-based, connotative development, and distinctive characteristics” is the school running philosophy. It implements the school motto of “orderly warp and weft, dual skills and virtues.” Technical and technical personnel strive to make the school a “cradle of light textile talents, a center for vocational training, and a base for technical services” and play a leading role in accelerating the development of higher vocational education in our province.


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