Jiangsu College of Finance and Accounting

Jiangsu College of Finance and Accounting


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Introduction to Jiangsu College of Finance and Accounting

Jiangsu College of Finance and Accounting (江苏财会职业学院, website), is a full-time ordinary college under the Finance Department of Jiangsu Province. It is located in Lianyungang, the east bridgehead of the New Asia-Europe Continental Bridge, and is located on the west foot of the beautiful Huaguo Mountain. It is an important base for the training of financial and accounting personnel.

Jiangsu Finance and Accounting Vocational College, formerly known as Lianyungang Accounting Vocational School, was founded on September 2, 1964. During the half-century schooling process, it has gone through “Lianyungang City Accounting School” (1965), “Lianyungang City Finance and Economics School” (1973), “July 21 University of Finance and Economics” (1976), “Lianyungang Finance and Economics School” (1982), “Jiangsu Lianyungang Finance and Economics School” (1986), “Jiangsu Lianyungang Finance and Economics Higher Vocational Technical School” (“Jiangsu United Vocational and Technical College Lianyungang Finance and Economics Branch”, 2004) and other development stages, the school was renamed in 2015 For Jiangsu Finance and Accounting Vocational College.

Jiangsu College of Finance and Accounting has trained more than 30,000 highly-skilled and skilled professionals at all levels for the country’s economic construction and social development, and has won a good reputation in the society. The school has won the National Advanced Unit in Financial Education, the Advanced Unit in Vocational Education in Jiangsu Province, the Advanced Unit in Moral Education in Jiangsu Province, the Civilized Campus in Jiangsu Province, the Safe Campus in Jiangsu Province, the Price Integrity Unit in Jiangsu Province, the Advanced Group for Information Technology Construction in Jiangsu Province, Advanced units in the logistics industry of higher vocational colleges.

In December 2012, the school as a whole moved into a new campus located at the foot of Huaguo Mountain and on the shore of Dasheng Lake, giving the campus a completely new look. The new campus covers an area of 576 acres, with mountains and rivers interdependent, picturesque and beautiful environment. With modern teaching facilities and first-class training venues, the classrooms are equipped with multimedia interactive teaching equipment, and the training room construction has been improved day by day. It has covered every professional group, and now has securities trading, logistics, ERP practice, tax matters, and computer networks. , E-commerce and dozens of training places. There are standard track and field stadiums, cultural and art centers, and multiple indoor and outdoor stadiums. The digital campus was initially completed. Library operations are all intelligently managed by RFID. There are 366,000 paper books, and Wanfang, HowNet, Chaoxing, Baidu Wenku and other well-known domestic electronic resource databases have been introduced. The school’s connotation construction has been further improved, and various work has achieved outstanding results. Since then, the college has entered a new stage of historical development.

Jiangsu College of Finance and Accounting has 5 teaching departments, 2 teaching departments, and 15 administrative departments. There are 278 faculty members, including 251 full-time teachers, 78 with senior professional titles, and 99 “dual-teacher” teachers; 158 teachers with postgraduate degrees and degrees; 8 young and middle-aged teachers for provincial education, and Lianyungang The city has 521 engineering talents.

Jiangsu College of Finance and Accounting is based on the purpose of serving students, is oriented towards promoting employment, and focuses on improving the quality of personnel training. Nineteen majors in chain operation management, marketing, customs declaration and international freight, international trade practice, e-commerce, software technology, big data technology and applications, mobile commerce, taxation, auditing, government procurement management, and social work. The school continuously adjusts and optimizes the professional structure, based on the characteristics of the accounting industry and the port economy regional characteristics. Based on the five major professional groups, the school adheres to the principle of coordinated development of comprehensive construction and key construction. Development, actively transform and support the growth of emerging majors in information technology such as the Internet, big data and artificial intelligence, and use these advanced technologies to transform traditional majors such as marketing and logistics management. The school’s professional setting reflects the characteristics of the accounting industry and the port region’s economic characteristics. It has formed an accounting professional group as the leader, a financial and financial professional group, a public economic and management professional group as the main body, and an economic and trade professional group, and information Supported by a professional group, a professional group system in which industry and regional brand characteristics and advantages coexist.

Jiangsu College of Finance and Accounting has a graduate employment rate of over 98% for many years. The school has a national skills appraisal office, which organizes a variety of skills certificate assessments to help students with smooth employment. In order to meet the desire of graduates to continue their studies, the school has also opened a variety of ways for students to further their studies. The Central University of Finance and Economics and the Nanjing Audit College have been set up to run colleges and universities. Professional students can read through the self-study books.

The school attaches importance to Sino-foreign cooperation and exchanges. Negotiate cooperation projects with Beijing Normal University, University of South Australia, and Singapore’s SHRM Hotel Management College. Signed a letter of intent for cooperation with Taiwan Zhili University and Xingwu University of Science and Technology and carried out academic exchange activities such as mutual visits between teachers and students. Jointly run the “4.5 + 2.5” / “2.5 + 2.5” model with the Korean National University of Korea and Hanba University. The credits are recognized by both sides, and undergraduate diplomas recognized by China and South Korea are awarded. Signed strategic cooperation agreement with Jiangsu Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Lianyungang Finance Bureau and Huaihai Institute of Technology.


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