Jiangsu Aviation Technical College

Jiangsu Aviation Technical College


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Introduction to Jiangsu Aviation Technical College

Jiangsu Aviation Technical College (江苏航空职业技术学院, website) is a public full-time ordinary college established with the approval of the People’s Government of Jiangsu Province and filed by the Ministry of Education. It is the only vocational college in aviation in Jiangsu Province. The college closely focuses on the development of the aviation industry and systematically builds specialty groups such as aeronautical engineering and aviation flight (service). It is the deputy director unit of the National Aviation Industry Vocational Education and Teaching Steering Committee and the director unit of the UAV Applied Technology Professional Teaching Steering Committee.

Jiangsu Aviation Technical College hires academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering to serve as tutors for aircraft, aero-engine, large aircraft, and aviation materials, and aviation-related entrepreneurs in the province as tutors for entrepreneurship and employment. The college attaches great importance to strengthening the construction of internal and external training bases, improving the conditions for practical teaching, and achieving the three-in-one “teaching, learning, and education”. The school has a graphic information center, a Boeing 737-300 large aircraft training platform and basic experimental training center, a modern manufacturing training center, an aviation maintenance training center, a drone collaborative innovation training center, and an aviation service training center. In addition, the university signed contracts with aviation-related central enterprises, civil aviation, general aviation, and Zhenjiang Aerospace Industrial Park to set up training bases in various branches of aviation, fully satisfying students’ theoretical and practical learning needs.


The college is located in the historical and cultural town of Jiang, located in the Yangtze River Delta economic belt. It is an economic sector in southern China. It is an important city in Ningzhenyang metropolitan area. It takes less than 20 minutes by high-speed rail to Nanjing. The college occupies an area of more than 700 acres, and the first phase has a building area of nearly 150,000 square meters. The campus is built in Zhenjiang Aerospace Industry Park, leaning on Laoshan in the north and Ruihu in the east, adjacent to the aviation education town, Jingjing campus, with a beautiful environment. First-class education, teaching and living conditions.

Jiangsu Aviation Technical College promotes the 6S management philosophy and etiquette standards of aviation services, focuses on the training of aviation professional literacy of students, and provides students with high-quality and comprehensive study and living guidance while rigorously studying and standardizing management. It has established a variety of scholarships and scholarships to reward outstanding students. The comprehensive development of moral education, physical education, art and labor has helped students in need to resolve their worries.

Jiangsu Aviation Technical College has signed cooperation with China Commercial Aircraft Co., Ltd., China Aviation Development Beijing Aeronautical Materials Research Institute and other aviation-related central enterprises and many well-known domestic airlines, aviation manufacturing and maintenance companies, Zhenjiang Aerospace Industrial Park and related high-quality enterprises Training protocols, multi-channels help mechanics to grow into talent. Opened special channel and special transfer channel with famous universities such as Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and established a college-undergraduate linkage application-oriented talent training system.


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