Jianghuai College of Anhui University

Jianghuai College of Anhui University


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Introduction to Jianghuai College of Anhui University

Jianghuai College of Anhui University (安徽大学江淮学院, website) is approved by the Ministry of Education and is sponsored by Anhui University. The college gives full play to the advantages of Anhui University in running a school and the vitality of running a private mechanism, adheres to the training objective of “consolidating the foundation, focusing on competence, highlighting applications, and developing sentiment”, and gradually builds the college into a comprehensive application of “first-class in the province and well-known in the country” Undergraduate colleges. The college is located in Hefei, one of the four national science and education bases.

Jianghuai College of Anhui University has two campuses, Shihe Road and Sizhou Road. The campus has complete teaching and living facilities, which can provide students with a good learning and living environment. The college continuously optimizes its professional structure around the needs of social development. The application has been approved for 31 majors, covering engineering, literature, economics, law, management, arts and other disciplines, and a professional system based on applied disciplines and multi-disciplinary coordinated development is gradually established. In order to meet the development situation of higher education and the needs of social development, the college has continued to deepen the teaching reform, formulated the “3 + 1” teaching plan, and established a personalized training model: completing the basic knowledge study in the first three years, and letting students design themselves in the last year. Personalized training. For students who are preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination, tutoring courses such as intensive English classes and professional knowledge improvement classes are provided, and a series of incentive measures are adopted to help the students enter the postgraduate entrance examination. For students who are preparing for employment, professional skills training, qualification certification and training programs are linked to develop “Graduation certificate + degree certificate + skills certificate” trinity training plan, opening qualification training courses, increasing practical internship courses, establishing college students’ entrepreneurship practice bases in the hospital, and signing practical internships and employment and entrepreneurship agreements with a number of enterprises and institutions, in order to Improving students’ employment competitiveness and social adaptability; for students who intend to go abroad, the college actively organizes summer camps abroad, study and exchange students abroad, and signs cooperation memoranda of understanding with multiple schools in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Jianghuai College of Anhui University not only pays attention to the professional training of students, but also attaches great importance to improving students’ moral cultivation. Under the guidance of the concept of “strengthening emotional intelligence education and optimizing the environment for educating people”, we will integrate emotional intelligence education into management and teaching, and convey the love and charity among teachers and students, so that students will be in a warm and harmonious campus. Here, happy learning, happy life, harmonious development, and growing into talent. In recent years, the college has achieved a series of achievements: the pass rate of TEM4 for English majors has been around 75% year-round, which is 37% higher than that of national independent colleges; in the China University Student Computer Design Competition, national and provincial college students Students in our college have won many awards in high-level competitions such as English competitions, mathematical modeling competitions, electronic design competitions, and career planning competitions. Each year, many students are admitted to universities including the University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei University of Technology, and Anhui University. Graduate students from key universities continue their advanced studies; due to the outstanding achievements in student funding, since the implementation of the People ’s Livelihood Engineering Assessment in Anhui Province in 2008, our college has won the honorary title of “Excellent Unit for Students’ Livelihood Engineering Assessment in the People ’s Livelihood Engineering College ”; The society welcomes it and maintains a high employment rate every year. Among the independent colleges in the province, our college is the only one that has won the honorary title of “Advanced Collective for Graduate Employment in Anhui Province” for three consecutive years in 2009, 2010, and 2011; In 2012, he won the “Leadership List for Graduate Employment in Anhui Province” “Independent Colleges honorary title. In addition, the college also won the honorary title of the pilot unit of the grassroots organization building of the Communist Youth League and the “National Advanced Independent College”.


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