Jianghai Polytechnic College

Jianghai Polytechnic College


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Introduction to Jianghai Polytechnic College

Jianghai Polytechnic College (江海职业技术学院, website) is located on the ancient river bank of Yangzhou, a famous historical and cultural city in China. In 1999, it was approved for construction by the Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government. Higher Vocational Colleges.

The campus covers an area of 1040 acres. The building reflects the traditional style of Chinese gardens. The building with elegant roofs and elegant eaves is elegant and pleasing to the eye. The green area of the whole hospital is 200,000 square meters, and it is planted with peach, plum, maple, plum, cinnamon, bamboo, pomegranate, begonia, etc. The flower garden, evergreen, blooming in all seasons, reveals wonderful river and sea seals; vines, wisteria, rose, honeysuckle, gourd and other vines promenade, drawing a series of thoughts on the sea; many artificial lakes have a total surface of 30,000 square meters, surrounding the lake Landscapes such as bridges, corridors, pavilions, and terraces are built around the island to display cultural heritage; stone landscapes such as Taihu stone, Huangshan stone, Lingzhu stone, granite, etc., tell the humanistic feelings; array of art sculptures, and many directors of science and technology, art, and culture The corridor reveals the atmosphere of the campus innovation and forms a distinctive campus environment culture. The central area of the university student apartment also has an ecological park of 20,000 square meters. The beautiful campus has created an excellent reading environment for students.

Jianghai Polytechnic College has 396 teachers. Among the full-time teachers, there are 74 people with titles of associate high school or above, 179 teachers with “dual teacher quality”; 118 people have graduate degrees and master’s degrees. Some of them are experts from various teaching committees of the State, Ministry, and Province, some are experts who enjoy special allowances from the State Council, and leaders of key disciplines. Each specialty has a professional steering committee composed of nearly 200 experts, professors, and senior engineers, economists, craftsmen, and gardeners from the enterprise. High-quality teachers provide guarantee for the school’s quality and academic research.

Based on social needs and serving the local economy, the school offers 25 majors, including information engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, civil engineering, business management, economics and trade, foreign languages, and applied arts. , A professional system for the coordinated development of economics and management. Constantly optimize the professional structure, adjust professional directions in a timely manner, and have distinctive characteristics of various specialties. There are 1 provincial-level specialty and 1 provincial key professional group construction site that includes 5 majors, 2 provincial-level quality teaching materials, and 3 provinces. Project excellent teaching materials.

Jianghai Polytechnic College has a total building area of 224,500 square meters, including 138,000 square meters of teaching rooms. There are well-equipped teaching buildings, experimental training buildings, mechanical training factories, computer centers, training centers, voice rooms, multimedia classrooms, libraries, gyms, sports fields, etc .; teaching equipment and experimental training equipment worth 52.66 million yuan 450,000 volumes of paper books in the library; a lecture hall, a multi-purpose hall, a university student activity center, etc .; 28 standardized student apartments with four persons and one room, and nearly 70% of the student apartments are air-conditioned.

Jianghai Polytechnic College has extensively carried out cooperation and exchanges with universities and colleges at home and abroad, and improved the level of school running. The college cooperates with Yangzhou National Economic and Technological Development Zone, Yangzhou General Chamber of Commerce, Yangzhou Training Institute of State Administration of Taxation, becoming a talent training base for Yangzhou Development Zone, human resources and technology base of Yangzhou Chamber of Commerce, Yangzhou Training Institute of State Administration of Taxation The second campus. Hold engineering or school-enterprise cooperation classes with large enterprises and groups inside and outside the province. Attract domestic and regional well-known enterprises to build a school-enterprise cooperative experimental training base on campus. Extensive cooperation and exchanges with universities in South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and other countries (regions), as well as well-known domestic universities such as Hohai University, Dalian University of Foreign Studies, Yangzhou University; and sister colleges with the United States Highland College, Cooperate in teaching and other aspects; have good cooperative relations with the Confucius Institute in Taiwan and Kainan University; exchange student exchanges with South Korea; more than 300 students have studied undergraduates from Jianghai to South Korea. Students with outstanding grades can also participate in the “Special Transfer Book” selection, and nearly 1,600 have been transferred to undergraduate colleges. Nearly 1,750 people have completed undergraduate studies before taking undergraduate studies in other undergraduate colleges. A variety of learning platforms have been established for students who wish to continue their studies.


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