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Introduction to Ji’an College

Ji’an College (吉安职业技术学院, website) is located at Ji’an South Avenue, Jizhou District, Ji’an City. It is a public institution that integrates agriculture, commerce, medicine, art, and teacher education and is approved by the People’s Government of Jiangxi Province. Colleges and universities, officially enrolled in September 2014. The school is located and constructed according to the plan of “Shanshui Campus and Luling Academy”, covering an area of 1098 mu, with a construction area of about 400,000 square meters, and a total investment of nearly 1.3 billion yuan. Currently, there are 29 majors including electronic information engineering technology, garden technology, and tourism management. There are currently more than 14,700 students (including secondary vocational students).

The Ji’an Municipal Government signed an in-depth cooperation school running agreement with Shenzhen Vocational and Technical College on April 1, 2014, and created a new model of “cross-region cooperation, excellent capital sharing”, “special districts with old districts, and prestigious schools assisting general schools” in higher vocational colleges. Shenzhen Vocational College selects a management team and expert team to fully open various resources to support the high-quality leap-forward development of Ji’an Vocational College.

Ji’an College includes 10 colleges of mechanical and electrical engineering, modern agricultural and forestry engineering, college of architecture and environmental engineering, college of economics and management, college of tourism, college of medical care, teacher’s college, college of Marxism, college of innovation and entrepreneurship, and art college The second-level college has 4 secondary vocational schools, including Ji’an Normal School, Jinggangshan Applied Science and Technology School, Ji’an Senior Technical School, and Ji’an Literary School. At present, there are 645 teachers, including 173 senior titles, 427 masters and above, and 41% dual-teacher teachers. It also employs more than 130 part-time teachers such as corporate executives, technical backbones and skilled craftsmen. There are 430 experimental and practical training centers inside and outside the school, with practical training equipment valued at 118 million yuan, nearly 930,000 books and materials, and a digital library management system. It is steadily advancing a smart campus centered on big data. Construction.

Ji’an College accelerates the improvement of school running. Intensive professional development cooperation with Shenzhen Vocational College, strengthening the training of dual-qualified teachers and “dual-qualified” teachers, vigorously promoting teaching reforms, highlighting links such as experimentation, practical training, and comprehensive professional practice, and strengthening curriculum construction. Closely meet the needs of economic and social development, highlight advanced concepts such as “school-enterprise cooperation, and integration of production and education”, and explore innovative vocational education personnel training models such as the modern apprenticeship system and dual-subject collaborative education among schools and enterprises. Deepen school-enterprise cooperation. School-enterprise jointly build internal and external training bases, independent colleges, and specialty programs, and achieve mutually beneficial win-win results in personnel training, skills training, and technical research. The school currently has 68 associations and 5,788 registered volunteers. The “three complete education” project has been implemented in depth, and a pattern of cultivating students from classroom time, campus time, and society time and space has been formed.


Ji’an College’s school development is developing rapidly, and it is striving to make steady progress towards the goal of “first-class in the province and well-known in the country”. There are 256 scientific research projects above the city hall level, of which 94 are above the provincial and ministerial levels; 537 papers have been published, and 45 patents have been held. Provincial social science planning, cultural and art planning, and education science planning projects totaled 30, among which the number of social science planning projects in 2018 ranked first among the higher vocational colleges in the province, and the cultural and art planning and education science planning projects in 2019 It ranks first and third in the province’s vocational colleges. Teachers and students have received 336 provincial or higher awards, including 62 national awards. In 2018, we organized students to participate in 3 national vocational college skills competitions, and won 1 first prize and 2 third prizes. Among them, the “embedded technology application development” event won the first prize of the group, which achieved the vocational colleges in Jiangxi Province. Zero breakthrough in the national first prize in this event. In 2017, the school successfully passed the special supervision and evaluation of innovation and entrepreneurship education in colleges and universities in Jiangxi Province. The situational dance drama “Ten Free Red Army” created by the school shined at the 7th National Vocational College “Cultural Education” high-end forum, and was invited to participate in the 2018 National Vocational College jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Culture and other departments The Skill Contest won the first prize of the Chinese Outstanding Traditional Culture and Art Performance Competition; the dance drama “Jinggang · Jinggang” co-authored with brother colleges and universities won the 2018 Chinese Dance Highest Award “Lotus Award” and toured the campus as a classic show in Jiangxi’s elegant art . In 2016, the school successfully hosted the sixth National Vocational College “Cultural Education” High-end Forum; in 2019, the school successfully hosted the first National Vocational College Red Culture Research and Promotion High-end Forum and was elected as the National Vocational College Red Culture Research and Education Alliance Chairman Unit.


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