Hunan Vocational College of Science and Technology

Hunan Vocational College of Science and Technology


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Introduction to Hunan Vocational College of Science and Technology

Hunan Vocational College of Science and Technology (湖南科技职业学院, website) is headed by the Hunan Provincial Department of Education and sponsored by the Hunan Vocational Education Society of China. It is a public higher vocational college jointly established by the Hunan Provincial People’s Government and the Chinese Vocational Education Society, with a history of more than 60 years. The school upholds the school motto of “Honesty, Honesty and Dedication”, adheres to the school philosophy of “establishing schools with high quality, strengthening schools with talents, opening schools, and innovating schools”, and has cultivated a large number of high-quality technical and technical personnel, and has achieved many Scientific and technological innovation and social service achievements. The school is a national model backbone higher vocational college, a Hunan model higher vocational college, and the only college in Hunan province that has been approved as a national model software vocational and technical college. Apprenticeship pilot unit. The school has won the China Software Industry Development Promotion Organization, the National Huang Yanpei Vocational Education Excellent School, the National Advanced Unit of Higher Vocational College Scientific Research Work, the Hunan Huang Yanpei Vocational Education Excellent School, the Hunan Civilized Unit, and the Hunan Higher Education Graduate Employment Leadership Project Units and other honorary titles.

Hunan Vocational College of Science and Technology is located in Changsha, the provincial capital of Hunan, and is divided into Yuhua Campus and Muyun Campus. The school covers an area of nearly 1,000 acres, and is currently requisitioning 652 acres of land in the Economic and Technological Development Zone (Provincial Industrial Park) of Tianxin District to build a new campus. The school is based in Hunan, connecting the light industry and strategic emerging industries, adhering to both academic education and social training, and recruits students from 22 provinces (cities, districts) across the country. There are currently more than 13,000 students at school. There are 8 secondary colleges including Software College, Artificial Intelligence College, Art Design College (Xiang Porcelain College), School of Intelligent Equipment Technology, Business School, School of Pharmacy, School of Humanities and Music, School of Continuing Education (College of Rural Rejuvenation), etc. A professional system with obvious advantages, focusing on the three characteristic professional groups of light industry information technology, light industry design art, and light industry intelligent equipment technology, supported by two professional groups of light industry business services and biomedicine.

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Hunan Vocational College of Science and Technology currently has 691 faculty members, including 458 full-time teachers, 31 full-time teachers, 190 associate professors, senior engineers, senior arts and craftsmen, 1 national model teacher, and provincial-level professional leaders There are 8 people, 1 provincial discipline leader, and 21 young provincial backbone teachers. There are five provincial professional teaching teams of software technology, interior art design, numerical control technology, visual communication design and production, and polymer material processing technology.

Hunan Vocational College of Science and Technology currently has 1 national training base (computer application and software technology training base), 4 national quality courses (3D space art design, public space design, leather shoe technology, software modeling technology), 4 national quality resource sharing courses (3D space art design, public space design, leather shoes technology, software modeling technology), 6 provincial quality courses (Java programming, leather shoes technology, interior design, network security technology, analog electronics technology , Clothing product design), 6 provincial famous teacher space project courses (Android application development technology, microcontroller technology and applications, software testing, computer networking, JAVA core technology, NC programming and processing), 4 Hunan Province online courses (Android Application development technology (foundation), home space design, single-chip technology and application, JAVA core technology), 2 provincial demonstration specialty programs (software technology, interior art design), 1 provincial specialty program (visual communication design and production) ), 6 provincial boutique specialty (leather art design, high score Sub-material processing technology, software technology, environmental art design, digital media art design, computer application technology), 4 provincial key internship training bases (art design, software technology, mechatronics technology, computer network technology major), 1 Hunan Province middle and high vocational transition project (software technology major). The school has a total of 150 on-campus training rooms, and 262 off-campus internship bases have been established in cooperation with companies above the industry in each major, which fully meets the needs of student productive training and internships.

Hunan Vocational College of Science and Technology actively carries out industry-education integration and school-enterprise cooperation. The school led the formation of Hunan Light Industry Vocational Education Group. The school is a standing director unit of the China Light Industry Federation, a deputy director unit of the Intelligent Application and Service Branch of the China Software Industry Association, a vice chairman unit of the National Light Industry and Household Vocational Education Group, and a (China) machinery industry advanced equipment manufacturing vocational education group director unit. , Hunan Province Leather Industry Association Deputy Chairman and Secretary-General Unit, Secretary-General Unit of Hunan Provincial Internet of Things Society, Changsha Mobile Internet Industry Alliance Executive Deputy Chairman Unit. School and Hunan Light Industry Industrial Park, Changsha Software Park, Tianxin Economic and Technological Development Zone, Fuling Ceramic Industrial Park, Shaodong Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Research Institute, Huawei, Chuangbo Longzhi, Shanghai Mingjiang, Shenzhen Lianshuo, Sifang Lishui, Dalian Neusoft More than 200 well-known enterprise parks, such as Jiaxing Smart Industrial Park, run schools in cooperation, and have built a lot of off-campus training bases in industrial parks in the province, the Yangtze River Delta, and the Pearl River Delta, creating good conditions for student internship training and employment.

Hunan Vocational College of Science and Technology is the forefront of the number and quality of teaching and research achievements in the province’s higher vocational colleges. School teachers have undertaken more than 260 national and provincial ministerial projects, more than 150 horizontal application projects, and obtained 90 patents. They have won 1 second prize for national teaching achievements, 3 first prizes for provincial teaching achievements, and 2 second prizes. 3 prizes, 8 third prizes, 1 second prize of provincial philosophical and social science achievements, 2 third prizes of provincial scientific and technological achievements, 2 provincial social science achievement appraisals; more than 2500 papers published by teachers, of which 67 articles were included in SCI, CSCD, and EI; 73 monographs and 376 textbooks were published. The school has established the “Hunan Provincial Urban Comprehensive Corridor Informatization Engineering Technology Research Center” and the Cyberspace Security Center. The school took the lead in cooperating with other universities and industry enterprises to apply for the construction of the “Interior Art Design Specialty Teaching Resource Bank”, and was successfully selected into the National Vocational Education Professional Resource Database Alternative Database.

Hunan Vocational College of Science and Technology has actively carried out international cooperation, and has cooperated with more than ten universities in many countries and regions, including Anglia Ruskin University in the UK, University of Shinawatra in Thailand, and Griffith University in Australia. Organized more than 100 teachers to go to the United States, Canada, France, Germany, India, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan and other foreign institutions for further training and training, and more than 60 graduates went to the United Kingdom, France, India, Ireland, Thailand, etc. Cooperative colleges and universities for further study. The school is the National Teacher Training Base of the United States Shin Shin Educational Foundation determined by the Office of Foreign Affairs and Overseas Chinese Affairs of the Hunan Provincial People’s Government. In recent years, it has trained more than 1,500 key teachers of English and information technology in Shin Shin Elementary School.

Hunan Vocational College of Science and Technology takes full advantage of resources, proactively serves local economic and social development, and actively implements “education and poverty alleviation”. It is the provincial training base of the “Yulu Plan” determined by Hunan Provincial Poverty Alleviation Office. People’s provincial training base and China Vocational Education Cooperative National Warmth Project Farmer Transfer Training Base. In recent years, the school has trained more than 60,000 corporate employees and various types of social personnel, including free training of 8,380 village-level leaders in poverty-stricken areas, and 2,800 leaders in poverty-stricken villages to become wealthy entrepreneurs. And development has made a positive contribution and produced good social benefits. The school has successively won honorable titles such as “National Advanced Unit for Young Farmers’ Employment Transfer”, “National Advanced Unit for Implementing Warmth Engineering” and “Hunan Provincial Poverty Alleviation Office’s“ Yulu Plan ”Demonstration Base”.


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