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Introduction to Hunan University of Technology and Business

Hunan University of Technology and Business (HUTB, Jobs) is located in the historical and cultural city of Changsha, Yuelu in the south, and Xiangjiang in the East. The university is a provincial full-time general university focusing on economics and management, covering economics, management, engineering, science, law, literature, arts and other disciplines. The university is a group of undergraduate colleges and universities in Hunan Province, an excellent university for undergraduate teaching evaluation of the Ministry of education, a project construction unit for awarding doctor’s degree, an application-oriented undergraduate university for the “13th five year plan” national industry education integration development project, and the first in China We approved the top 100 “demonstration universities for deepening innovation and entrepreneurship education reform”, the National University practice and education innovation and entrepreneurship base, and the top 50 universities with typical experience in innovation and entrepreneurship. In 1999, postgraduate training began. In 2018 and 2019, six first-class disciplines were selected into the “China’s best discipline ranking” issued by Shanghai soft science and Technology Co., Ltd., among which management science and engineering ranked in the top 10% in China, ranking first and second in Universities in the province respectively.

Founded in 1949, the school covers an area of 1432.08 mu, with a building area of more than 570000 square meters. There are more than 180 million yuan of teaching and scientific research equipment and nearly 2 million books in the library. There are 14 teaching colleges (departments), 78 scientific research institutions and Beijin college, the first independent college approved by the Ministry of education. There are more than 17000 ordinary full-time students in school. There are 4 authorized points for doctoral degree, 8 authorized points for master’s degree of first-class discipline, 8 authorized points for master’s degree, 2 provincial “double first-class” disciplines, 2 provincial key laboratories, 2 provincial 2011 collaborative innovation centers, 1 provincial engineering research center, 1 provincial professional characteristic think tank, 1 Provincial International science and technology innovation cooperation base, 1 provincial academician, expert and worker Work station: 11 provincial social science research bases, 1 provincial university industry university research cooperation demonstration base, 1 provincial education science research base, and 1 provincial university science and technology innovation team. There are 52 undergraduate majors, including 2 “first class specialty construction sites”, 1 “second class specialty construction sites”, 1 national level specialty comprehensive reform pilot project, 5 provincial specialty comprehensive reform pilot projects, 5 provincial key specialties, 2 provincial funded construction specialties and 9 provincial characteristic specialties. It has won one second prize of national teaching achievement, one construction project of “talent training model innovation experimental area” of the Ministry of education, two national excellent courses, one national excellent resource sharing course, ten provincial excellent courses, ten provincial excellent online open courses, 18 provincial practical teaching platforms, eight provincial excellent teaching practice bases, four provincial teaching teams, four general teaching teams of Hunan Province Through the university enterprise cooperation talent training demonstration base, 3 provincial innovation training centers for college students. In 2016, we launched a pilot project of comprehensive cooperation with Hunan Xiangjiang new area.

The school has 1464 faculty members and 1030 full-time teachers, including 140 with senior titles, 268 with Deputy titles, 294 with doctoral degrees, 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, 1 member of the National Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference, 1 member of the Committee of the National Natural Science Foundation of the people’s Republic of China, 1 member of the business administration discipline evaluation group of the degree committee of the State Council, and 1 member of the Social Science Committee of the Ministry of education One member, one member of the management department of the science and Technology Commission of the Ministry of education, one vice chairman of Hunan Association of science and technology, three national excellent teachers, one national advanced individual of teachers’ ethics, one national “March 8th red flag bearer”, one chief professor of the innovation research group of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, one chief professor of the Yangtze River scholars’ innovation team, and Fudan management outstanding contribution award Among them, 1 was awarded the national fund for DistinguiThe universityd Young Scholars, 1 was the first outstanding social scientist of China, 1 was the leading talent of philosophy and Social Sciences in the “ten thousand talents plan”, 1 was selected as the national cultural expert and “four talents in one batch”, 1 was selected as the first and second level national level talent project, 1 was elected as the vice chairman of the Higher Education Steering Committee of the Ministry of education, and 1 was elected as the higher education institution of the Ministry of education There are 3 members of the Teaching Steering Committee, 11 experts who enjoy the special government allowance of the State Council, 2 candidates for the “new century excellent talents support plan” of the Ministry of education, 1 first distinguiThe universityd professor of the “Furong scholars plan” and won the “Furong scholars” contribution award, 1 outstanding sociological expert of Hunan Province, 1 young scholar of the “hundred talents plan” of Hunan Province, 121 talents workers of Hunan Province in the new century There are 29 candidates for Cheng, 1 for the “five talents in one batch” of the publicity and culture system of Hunan Province, 1 for the “support plan for young and middle-aged outstanding talents in Ideological and political education”, 1 for the “Huxiang young talents” support plan of Hunan Province, 3 for famous teachers of Hunan Province, 1 for the “Xu Teli Education Award” of Hunan Province, and 10 for the training of discipline leaders of general colleges and universities of Hunan Province, There are 78 young backbone teachers in Colleges and universities in Hunan Province.

Since 2013, it has undertaken 1707 scientific research projects at all levels, including 125 national level projects, including 1 major project of National Natural Science Fund, 1 major research plan integration project of National Natural Science Fund, 2 major projects of Humanities and social sciences of the Ministry of education, 8 key projects of National Social Science Fund, 1 major project of national soft science, 24 projects of Humanities and social sciences of the Ministry of education There are 14 major projects funded by the provincial social science foundation. The number of national level and provincial and ministerial level subjects ranks first among the general colleges and universities of Hunan Province. It has won one first, second and third prizes respectively for excellent achievements in scientific research (HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES) of institutions of higher learning of the Ministry of education, among which the first prize fills the gap in Hunan Province.

The school adheres to the school motto of “sincerity to faith, practice as new”, adheres to the cultivation of morality, people-oriented education, teaching as the center, and adheres to the cultivation of application-oriented senior professionals with solid foundation, high comprehensive quality, strong practical ability, market awareness and innovative spirit. Xiao Xia, one of the most beautiful Hunan women, has been a widow of a soldier who has been on an expedition in Rizhao for 18 years. Xu Shoubao, a good man in Hunan, and six other students have been selected as “top ten Education figures of 2017” in Hunan Province. For 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, the annual employment rate has been stable at over 97% in recent years, making due contributions to local economic construction and social development. The university has establiThe universityd cooperation and inter University communication with more than 20 universities and scientific research institutions in the United States, Britain, France, Ireland, the Netherlands and other countries.


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