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Hunan University of Medicine


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Introduction to Hunan University of Medicine

Hunan University of Medicine (湖南医药学院, website) started in the Changsha Red Cross Nursing Training Center in 1912. In 1924, the Changsha Renshu School of Nursing was officially established. In 1961, it moved from Changsha to Anjiang to establish the Qianyang District Health School. In 1984, it moved to Huaihua and changed its name to Huaihua District Health School. In March 2000, it was upgraded to Huaihua Medical College. In May 2014, it was upgraded and renamed Hunan Medical College with the approval of the Ministry of Education.

The school covers an area of 1418 acres, with a building area of 268,000 square meters. The total value of existing teaching and research equipment is 93.42 million yuan. The library has 770,000 paper books, 578 Chinese and foreign paper periodicals, and 1.57 million electronic books.

Hunan University of Medicine has a medical school, a school of pharmacy, a school of nursing, a school of rehabilitation medicine and health care, a laboratory of medicine, a school of stomatology, a school of medical humanities and management, a college of Marxism, a college of international education, a computer science teaching and research department, and physical education. Department of Teaching and Research, College of Continuing Education.

The school is the national clinical practice examination base for practicing physicians. There are 1 national level A comprehensive affiliated hospital (clinical college) and 7 non-affiliated hospitals (clinical college). Among them, the First Affiliated Hospital covers an area of 179,000 square meters, with 1,200 hospital beds. It has three provincial clinical key specialty departments of cardiovascular medicine, respiratory medicine, and nursing. It is a national new drug clinical trial institution and a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in Hunan Province. Training base. The non-directly affiliated hospitals include 5 national tertiary first-class general hospitals, one national tertiary first-class Chinese medicine hospital, and one national tertiary specialist hospital, with 10,400 beds.

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Hunan University of Medicine’s school headquarters currently has 610 employees on the job, including 399 full-time teachers. There are 53 teachers with high professional titles such as professors, 140 teachers with associate high titles including associate professors, 34 doctoral degree teachers and 323 master degree teachers. 2 experts who enjoy special government allowances, 1 doctoral tutor, 5 master tutors, 1 provincial teaching team, 1 provincial discipline leader, 1 provincial teaching teacher, and 17 young provincial backbone teachers, 1 provincial excellent teacher.

The school currently has 2 disciplines of medicine and management, and offers 13 undergraduate majors such as clinical medicine and nursing. There are 1 provincial key major, 2 provincial specialty majors, 2 provincial comprehensive reform pilot majors, 1 national resource sharing (excellent) course, 5 provincial excellent courses, and 2 provincial online open courses. 2 virtual simulation experiment teaching centers.

In the 95 years of running the school, Hunan University of Medicine has sent nearly 100,000 medical and health personnel to the society, and in particular, has trained a large number of application-oriented high-quality medical and health personnel for the Wuling Mountain Area. The school has won honors such as “National Advanced Unit in Health System”, “National Advanced Unit in Student Status Management”, “National May Fourth Red Banner Youth League Committee”, “Hunan Provincial Civilization Model Unit”, “Hunan Provincial Employment Pioneering Demonstration School”, “Hunan Provincial Advanced Unit for Practical Teaching Management” .


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