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Introduction to Hunan University of Humanities, Science and Technology

Hunan University of Humanities, Science and Technology (HUHST) is a comprehensive public university approved by the Ministry of education. The former is Lianyuan normal college class established in September 1978, which has gone through the development stages of Lianyuan branch of Hunan Normal University and Loudi normal college. From 1986 to 2007, Loudi Teachers’ College, Loudi normal school, Lianshao Mining Group technical school, Loudi Agricultural Science Institute and other units were integrated as a whole.

In 2004, the University was upgraded to an undergraduate college and renamed Hunan University of Humanities, Science and Technology. In 2011, the University obtained the pilot qualification for postgraduate training of master’s degree in agricultural extension “serving the special needs of the country”. In 2012, the University passed the undergraduate teaching qualification assessment of the Ministry of education. In 2017, it became the project establishment and construction unit for awarding master’s degree in Hunan Province, and in 2018, it became the “double first-class” high-level application specialty in Hunan Province School of color.

In the past 40 years, it has provided nearly 100000 talents including Li Kenli, Qing Fengling, a Yangtze River scholar, Qing Xinlin, an expert in the 1000 person plan of the Central Organization Department, and Fu Shenglong, chairman of Dahan group.

The campus covers an area of about 584753m2, with a building area of 481399m2. There are 14 secondary colleges, 55 full-time undergraduate majors and 1 professional master’s degree. The school enrolls students from 30 provinces, cities and autonomous regions. It has 16925 full-time students. In 2012, it began to enroll foreign students. It has established good cooperative relations with 44 schools in the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, Thailand and other countries and regions.

The university has five provincial “double first-class” application characteristic disciplines, including applied economics, Marxist theory, plant protection, computer science and technology, material science and engineering; nine national, provincial characteristic specialties, comprehensive reform pilot specialties, and eight provincial first-class undergraduate specialty construction points. There are 10 scientific research platforms, such as provincial 2011 Collaborative Innovation Center, provincial key laboratory, provincial philosophy and social science research base, etc.; there are university students dragon lion training base of the Ministry of education, provincial demonstration laboratory, practical teaching demonstration center, University Students Innovation Training Center, school enterprise cooperation talents training demonstration base, innovation and entrepreneurship education base, incubation demonstration base, maker space, etc There are 31 national and provincial practice platforms, 2 Ministry of education football and high-level Orienteering teams.

The school has 1211 staff, including 853 full-time teachers, 97 with senior titles, 301 with deputy senior titles and 165 with doctors. There are 6 experts who enjoy special allowances from the State Council and the provincial government, 1 national excellent teacher, and 53 candidates for various talent projects such as Hunan new century 121 talent project and provincial discipline leaders. There are 4 provincial teaching and research teams.

Since 2016, students have won more than 634 provincial-level awards in all kinds of innovation and entrepreneurship competitions such as “Internet +”, Challenge Cup, youth building, National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest and mathematical modeling. Among them, 267 have been awarded first prize at the provincial level, and 35 have been awarded the first prize in the country. The school has Hunan Zhengyang university students’ Entrepreneurship foundation, the first university students’ Entrepreneurship foundation in the province, established a provincial Zhengyang university students’ Entrepreneurship incubation base, and took the lead in establishing an innovation and entrepreneurship College of entity nature among the universities in the province. In 2013, the school was rated as the Hunan University Students’ employment and entrepreneurship demonstration school, and the 2014 graduates’ independent entrepreneurship rate ranked first in the universities in the province. In 2016, our university was recognized as the first batch of innovation and entrepreneurship incubation demonstration base for college students in Hunan Province. In 2017, our university became the director of China University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Alliance. In recent years, the employment rate of graduates has remained above 90%.

Since 2016, teachers of the University have presided over 278 research, teaching and research projects at or above the provincial level; published 211 papers collected by SSCI and SCI, 67 papers collected by CSSCI, and 45 works published; won 17 awards for research and teaching achievements at or above the provincial level; won 149 invention patents, 490 utility models, appearances, software copyrights, etc., with an annual research fund of more than 30 million yuan.

The university has successively won the titles of Hunan provincial civilized pacesetter unit, excellent unit of Hunan Province’s number one project for employment of college graduates, advanced unit of national college students’ social practice activities, advanced unit of Ideological and Political Education Research of Hunan Province’s general colleges and universities, May 4th Red Banner Youth League Committee of Hunan Province, advanced unit of building national civilized campus, advanced unit of comprehensive management of Hunan Province, and safe Hunan Province Unit, top ten safety schools in Hunan Province (only 3 universities in the province) and other honorary titles. Since the promotion, there has not been an abnormal death of students. The achievements of the construction of Ping An University have won the second prize of the Ministry of education, and it is the only school that has won the prize of the second National University. The school is a demonstration school of running a school according to law in Hunan Province, a demonstration school of employment and entrepreneurship for college students in Hunan Province, and a director University of China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Alliance. It is known as the “vigorous, popular, energetic, promising and loving undergraduate college” (2012 qualified evaluation expert language).

Facing the future, the university will focus on the goal of “building an application-oriented university with distinctive characteristics”, implement the spirit of the national provincial education conference and the National Undergraduate Education Conference in the new era, always adhere to the party’s leadership of all the work of the University, unite and lead the whole school’s teachers and students, adhere to the school motto of “seeking close to achieve long-term success, and supporting roots to achieve real results”, and carry forward the “talent to The school ethos of “Shangai, benevolence and Manyuan” is to focus on the integration of production and education, connotation development and characteristic development, strengthen the brand of innovation and entrepreneurship, civilized campus and safe campus, and strive to build the school into a high-level application-oriented university with profound humanistic background, strong scientific and technological strength and certain influence in similar colleges and universities across the country through long-term efforts.


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