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Introduction to Hunan University of Chinese Medicine

Hunan University of Chinese Medicine traces its history from Hunan Chinese Medicine Specialty School established in 1934 and Hunan TCM Vocational School established in 1953. From 1960 up to a few years after 2000, it is known as Hunan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The current Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine was officially created and approved by the State Ministry of Education in 2006 when this TCM College had successfully merged with the former Hunan University of Science & Technology and the Hunan Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (research-focused). The University as it stands now is primarily a teaching-oriented medical school, but also involved heavily in TCM research, providing health-care services to the province, and is one of the leading TCM universities in China. HUCM covers an area of 928,671 square meters. Now it has two campuses and the main campus is built at the foot of the South slope of Yuelu Mountain near the Xiang River, which is a nice place to study in and pursue dreams. Boasting 18 schools,24 undergraduate degree programs, covering fields of Medicine, Science, Engineering, Management and Arts, 16 affiliated hospitals and 5 school-run enterprises, HUCM has now 27 doctoral degree programs, 56 master degree programs, and 2 post-doctorate mobile stations. There are more than 20,000 students and over 30,00 faculties in the university.

The university has cultivated more than 70,000 graduates working in the Chinese Medical field with their footprints around the world. The university is among the first accredited medical schools to recruit foreign students and students from HK, Macao, Taiwan. It is also a base of international cooperation in Chinese Medicine at the ministry level. It has cultivated more than 1000 degree students from more than 20 countries or regions.


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Hunan University of Chinese Medicine Celebrates Teacher’s Day with Foreign Teachers.

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About the City

Changsha (Panorama) City is the provincial capital of Hunan Province. It is the political, economic, cultural, transportation, science and technology, finance and information center of Hunan Province. It is located in the north of the eastern part of Hunan Province. Changsha is the transportation centre of central China. On November 26, the China Happy City Forum was held in Guangzhou. The 12th “Happiest Cities in China” rankings were released. Changsha City was on the list. This is Changsha City’s 11th “Happiest Cities” award. Changsha County was selected as the “2018 Happiest County-level City in China”.


  • Population:8 million
  • Feature: Spicy food; Historical City
  • Pros: Low living cost; International Airport; Railway transportation hub; Capital of Hunan province;
  • Cons: Hot summer;


  • 4 hours to Hangzhou by rail
  • 5 hours to Beijing by rail
  • 5 hours to Shanghai by rail
  • 2 hours 30 mins to Guangzhou by rail


Hunan Cuisine, also known as ‘ Xiang’ Cuisine is renowned as one of the Eight Cuisines of China. It is features a fine and delicate appearance together with a hot and spicy flavor. The chefs cut the vegetables into fascinating shapes and patterns and use them to create a handsome assortment of cold dishes. Each dish tells its own story.


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