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Introduction to Hunan University of Arts and Science

The higher education of Hunan University of Arts and Science started from the Changde normal college established in 1958, which has successively gathered the discipline and professional advantages of Changde college, Changde branch of Hunan Agricultural College, Changde Education College, Changde urban and rural construction vocational and technical school and Changde art school. It was upgraded in 1999, and became more famous in 2003. It has developed into a comprehensive college Strong full-time public undergraduate colleges. In 2016, the University was identified as the national “application-oriented undergraduate Planning University of industry education integration project”, in 2017, it was identified as the newly added master’s degree awarding project construction unit by the Department of education of Hunan Province, and in 2018, it was recognized as the “double first-class” high-level application characteristic College of Hunan Province.

The school covers an area of 2200 mu, with a total building area of 492000 m2; the library has 1.605 million paper books and 2.05 million electronic books; the total value of teaching and scientific research instruments and equipment is 257.7 million yuan. The university has 16 teaching colleges, 1 independent college and 60 undergraduate majors, covering ten disciplines of liberal arts, science, engineering, agriculture, history, law, economics, management, teaching and art. The university enrolls students from 31 provinces (cities, autonomous regions) and has more than 24000 full-time undergraduates.

There are more than 1400 teachers and workers in the school, including 1059 full-time teachers, including 1 National candidate for the “one million talents project”, 1 National candidate for the first level of the “one hundred thousand talents project” of the Ministry of communications, 2 members of the Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education, 1 support plan for the “new century talents” of the Ministry of education, 4 experts enjoying the special government allowance of the State Council, and the state One leader in science and technology entrepreneurship, one national excellent science and technology worker, one National May 1st Labor Medal winner, 15 “new century 121 talent project” in Hunan Province (including 2 first level candidates), 5 provincial discipline leaders, 121 teachers with senior titles, 13 distinguished professors (honorary Dean), 325 doctors, 4 part-time doctoral supervisors, and master’s degree 52 tutors.

The university has one national college students’ cultural quality education base, one national school enterprise cooperative talents training base, a national Linux technology training and promotion center jointly issued by the Ministry of science and technology and the Ministry of education, seven application characteristic disciplines in Hunan Province, four national characteristic and teaching reform pilot majors, six provincial characteristic majors, one national excellent course, 14 provincial excellent courses, and one national excellent course There are 1 teaching team, 2 scientific and technological innovation teams of provincial colleges and universities, and 2 “2011 collaborative innovation centers” of provincial colleges and universities. The University also has more than 100 teaching and scientific research platforms (including provincial-level and above) such as provincial key laboratories, provincial social science research bases, provincial production university research cooperation demonstration bases, academician workstations, postdoctoral workstations.

The employment of school graduates has its own characteristics and remarkable achievements. In recent years, the initial employment rate of graduates has always been in the forefront of similar colleges and universities in Hunan Province, and has been rated as “top engineering excellent unit of employment of college graduates in Hunan Province”; the school has been awarded the title of “Hunan University Employment and entrepreneurship demonstration school” by the Department of education of Hunan Province, and the title of “2015 national typical experience University of graduate employment” by the Ministry of education.

The school adheres to the school local school enterprise cooperation and promotes the development of local industries. In recent years, more than 200 government departments and large (medium-sized) enterprises have signed cooperation agreements with Changde Municipal People’s government, county (city) governments under its jurisdiction, relevant departments directly under the city, Inspur Group, South China photoelectric group, CRRC automobile group, Great Lakes Co., Ltd., Taizi chemical industry, etc. to carry out all-round and in-depth cooperation in talent training, product research and development, technical research and other fields. Through good cooperation, it not only improves the technological innovation and product R & D ability of local enterprises, creates more than 50 billion yuan of economic benefits for enterprises, but also gains a lot of external resources for the development of schools.

After 60 years of development, the school has condensed the school motto of “erudition, wisdom and truth-seeking”, and formed the school ethos of “upholding kindness, knowledge and practice, patriotism and love for school lovers”. At present, the university is steadily moving forward in accordance with the goal of building a “local, open and international” domestic first-class comprehensive application technology university.


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