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Introduction to Hunan Normal University

Hunan Normal University (湖南师范大学, website), founded in 1938, is located in Changsha, a famous historical and cultural city. It is a national “211 Project” key construction university, a national “double first-class” construction university, a key joint construction “double first-class” construction university between the Ministry of education and Hunan Province, an excellent university for undergraduate teaching evaluation of the Ministry of education, and a “world-class discipline construction university” in Hunan Province. The school has 7 campuses, covering an area of more than 2744 Mu and a building area of more than 1.25 million square meters. The main campus nestles in the foothills in the West and Xiangjiang River in the East. It has beautiful scenery and is one of the “400 best” greening units in China.

The university has 24 colleges and 81 undergraduate majors. Undergraduate and postgraduate education covers 11 disciplines, including philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, medicine, management and art. The school has 6 national key disciplines, including ethics, English language and literature, Chinese modern history, developmental biology, theoretical physics, and basic mathematics. The main discipline of “language and culture” is foreign language and literature, which is selected as the “world-class” construction discipline. Five disciplines, including pedagogy, mathematics, philosophy, Chinese language and literature, and biology, are selected as the “domestic first-class” construction discipline in Hunan Province It has 15 disciplines, including law, Marxist theory, sports, journalism and communication, physics, chemistry, geography, music and dance, fine arts, politics, psychology, Chinese history, ecology, theoretical economics and statistics, which have been selected as the “first-class cultivation discipline in China” in Hunan Province; 2 disciplines, including chemistry and clinical medicine, have been selected as the top 1% of ESI; 21 doctorates One authorized first level discipline, one authorized degree category of doctor of education, 37 authorized first level disciplines of master’s degree, 24 authorized degree categories of master’s degree, and 18 post doctoral research flow stations; it has a collaborative innovation center jointly built by the Ministry of ethics and culture of socialism with Chinese characteristics, a Research Center of ethics and culture of Hunan Normal University, a key research base of Humanities and social sciences of the Ministry of education Key research center of sports social science of General Administration of sports of the people’s Republic of China; national base for talent cultivation and scientific research of basic disciplines of Chinese language and literature and history, national base for talent cultivation of life science and technology, national base for cultural quality education of college students, Hunan Normal University Center for basic education curriculum research of Ministry of education, national red classic art education demonstration base 16 national talent training and scientific research bases (centers), including the national excellent legal talent education and training base, the national excellent middle school teacher training plan implementation college, the national excellent doctor education and training program pilot college, the Chinese excellent traditional culture heritage base (huaguxi), and the sports aesthetic education infiltration action plan of the Ministry of education, are selected into universities; the center has the provincial and ministerial joint construction of freshwater National Key Laboratory of fish development biology, two national and local joint engineering laboratories for the fine utilization of new petrochemical materials and resources, and the creation of animal polypeptide drugs, two national key laboratory cultivation bases jointly established by the Ministry of education, four provincial and Ministry Key Laboratories jointly established by the Ministry of education, with the Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of education for polyploid fish breeding and breeding technology, and the genetic breeding center of carp and crucian carp of the Ministry of agriculture; It has one “2011 Collaborative Innovation Center” jointly built by the Ministry and the province, three “2011 collaborative innovation centers” in Hunan Province, two top-notch student training bases in basic disciplines in Hunan Province, including Bioscience and Chinese language and literature, 13 key laboratories in Hunan Province, one engineering technology research center in Hunan Province, one international scientific and technological innovation cooperation base in Hunan Province, two engineering laboratories in Hunan Province, and five Hunan Province It is one of the first batch of provincial key think tanks in Hunan Province, with three provincial professional think tanks, including the Institute of moral culture, the Research Center for cultural exchange and communication along the belt and road, the Research Center for the rule of law in ecological environment protection, eight social science research bases in Hunan Province, and five philosophy and Social Sciences in Colleges and universities in Hunan Province Key research bases, 2 social science popularization bases in Hunan Province; 9 national characteristic specialty construction sites, 27 first-class undergraduate specialty construction sites in Hunan Province, 4 national talent training model innovation experimental areas, 1 national online excellent open course, 10 national excellent courses, 9 national excellent resource sharing courses, 6 University video open courses, National Bilingual Education There are 3 learning demonstration courses, 9 national teaching achievement awards, 4 national experimental teaching demonstration centers, 1 National virtual simulation experimental teaching project, and 2 National off campus practical education bases for college students. It is the project implementation unit of “national innovative experiment plan for college students”, the demonstration University of “deepening innovation and entrepreneurship education reform in China”, and the backbone of Ideological and political work of the Ministry of education The recruitment unit of the special plan for vocational doctoral degree is the training and training center of the ideological and political work team of the Ministry of education and the network ideological and political work center of the Ministry of Education (Hunan).

The school has more than 1900 full-time teachers. Among them, there are 3 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (including 2 academicians of double employment), 3 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (including 1 academician of double employment), 5 members of the discipline evaluation group of the State Council, 8 candidates for the “Yangtze River scholars Award Program”, 4 national teaching teams, 2 innovation teams of the “Yangtze River scholars and innovation team development plan” of the Ministry of education, and 1 teacher team of the first batch of “Huang Danian style” in China There are 10 candidates for the national “one million talents project”, 77 people who enjoy the special government allowance of the State Council, 6 young and middle-aged experts who have made outstanding contributions, 10 people who have won the National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars, 5 people who are the leaders of philosophy and Social Sciences in the national “ten thousand talents plan”, 1 person who is the leader of scientific and technological innovation in the “ten thousand talents plan”, a famous cultural expert of the Central Propaganda Department and the “four one batch” talent project Five candidates, one of the top young talents of the national “ten thousand talents plan”, five winners of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, five national famous teachers, 35 sponsors of the “new (cross) century excellent talents support plan” of the Ministry of education, one candidate for the “accounting masters training project” of the Ministry of finance, two young and middle-aged leading talents in science and technology innovation of the Ministry of science and technology of Hunan Province There are 2 leading talents, 14 candidates for Hunan Province’s “Lotus scholars” award program, 26 special experts for Hunan Province’s “Hundred Talents Program”, 76 candidates for Hunan Province’s “new century 121 talent project”, 37 candidates for Hunan Province’s “discipline leaders of general institutions of higher learning”, 1 candidate for Hunan Province’s “social science experts with outstanding contributions”, 12 candidates for Hunan Province’s “outstanding social science experts”, and 12 candidates for Hunan Province’s “Lake” There are 22 candidates for the “young talents support program” and 26 for the “high level talents gathering project” in Hunan Province.

The university has successively established cooperation and exchange relations with 187 universities and institutions in 45 countries and regions, carried out personnel exchange, teaching and scientific research cooperation, and jointly built Confucius Institute with Russia’s Kazan Federal University, South Korea’s University of Yuanguang, and the University of South Utah in the United States; with Russia’s lower Novgorod national Glinka Conservatory of music, the University of Central Lancashire in the United Kingdom, and the University of Delaware in the United States Learn to carry out Sino foreign cooperative education projects. The school has the Ministry of education to study in China demonstration base, the Ministry of education to study abroad training and research center and the State Council Overseas Chinese education base. Three national and regional research centers, including the US research center, have entered the filing list of national and regional research centers of the Ministry of education. The school library has a collection of more than 4 million books, including more than 220000 ancient books and 113 various literature databases. The school hosts 14 kinds of academic journals, including 7 national core Chinese journals; the school press is the “national top 100 book publishing units” and the national first-class press.

Since its establishment, the school has delivered more than 500000 graduates to the country, trained a large number of international students and students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, with alumni all over the world. There are more than 40000 students in the school, including more than 10000 postgraduates and nearly 1200 long-term and short-term international students.

Facing the future, Hunan Normal University will always adhere to the school motto of “benevolence, love, precision and diligence”, take morality as the basic task, base on Hunan, serve the whole country and face the world, firmly promote the development of connotation, innovation, characteristics, sustainable development and harmonious development of the school, and strive to build a high water with distinctive characteristics of teacher education, first-class domestic and international influence Ping University.


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