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Introduction to Hunan Institute of Technology

Hunan Institute of Technology (湖南工学院, website) is located in Hengyang, the second largest city in Hunan Province. It was a provincial public undergraduate institution upgraded by the merger of Hunan Building Materials College and Hunan University Hengyang Branch with the approval of the Ministry of Education in 2007. Hunan Industry in March 2010 The University of Science and Technology is integrated as a whole, and it is the youngest undergraduate institution in the country to implement the “Excellent Engineer Education and Training Plan”, and it is the construction unit awarded by Hunan Province for master degree. The school is based in Hunan and focuses on industrial enterprises. It serves regional economic construction and social development. It is based on work, with the coordinated development of multiple disciplines such as engineering, science, management, economics, literature, and art. An undergraduate college that trains high-quality application-oriented professionals with basic skills, technical skills, strong ability, and innovative spirit and social responsibility.

Hunan Institute of Technology has three campuses covering an area of 1358 acres, and the building area of the school is 568,900 square meters. The total value of teaching and scientific research equipment is 190 million yuan, and the library has over 1.49 million paper books.

The school currently has 18,716 full-time students. There are 1,191 faculty members, of whom 87 are senior professional titles (77 professors), 289 are associate high professional titles (222 associate professors), 104 are doctors, and 700 are masters. There are 6 experts who enjoy special allowances from the State Council government, 1 expert from Hunan Provincial Government special allowances, 4 people from the first and second levels of the Hunan New Century “121 Talent Project”, 4 people from the third level, and a group of Hunan Province Academician Expert Advisory Committee Expert, Ministry of Education ideological and political education middle-aged and young talents support plan training object, national outstanding teachers, outstanding teachers in Hunan Province, provincial discipline leaders and other honored high-level teachers.

The Hunan Institute of Technology has 12 second-level teaching colleges (departments), 21 party and government management institutions, 3 party and mass organizations, 8 directly affiliated units, and 44 undergraduate majors (including a Chinese-foreign cooperative education program). There are 4 provincial specialty disciplines (key construction disciplines), 1 specialty specialty of the Ministry of Education, 3 pilot specialty programs of the Ministry of Education’s “Excellence Plan”, 4 provincial specialty specialty and key funding construction specialty, and 5 provincial comprehensive reform pilot specialty. . The school safety engineering major passed the engineering education certification of the Higher Education Teaching Certification Center of the Ministry of Education in 2018. Machinery design and manufacturing and automation were approved as national first-class undergraduate professional construction sites; inorganic non-metallic material engineering, polymer materials and engineering, safety engineering, automation, accounting, and business management were approved as first-class professional construction sites in Hunan Province.

The school has comprehensively deepened the teaching reform and is committed to implementing the undergraduate teaching quality project. There are 125 off-campus internship bases at school level, 56 laboratories of various types, and an average experimental equipment value of more than 10,000 yuan; 1 off-campus practice education base for national college students, and 1 demonstration base for innovation and entrepreneurship in provincial colleges and universities. 4 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Centers, 1 Beidou Zhongchuang Space Cluster (Hunan) Hunan Institute of Technology Subspace, 5 Provincial Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Bases, 11 Provincial Excellent Practice Teaching Bases, 1 Provincial Virtual Simulation Experiment Center; Provincial 3 basic course demonstration laboratories, 3 provincial practical teaching demonstration centers, 4 provincial school-enterprise cooperation talent training demonstration bases, 1 provincial school-ground cooperation demonstration bases, 2 provincial innovation training centers; provincial excellent teaching and research offices Four, three provincial teaching teams; one national excellent course, nine provincial excellent courses. There are 5 provincial excellent online open courses, 6 provincial-level online and offline mixed first-class courses, and 5 offline first-class courses.

The Hunan Institute of Technology continuously strengthens discipline construction and scientific research, and has close cooperation between industry, university and research. There are 17 research institutes (institute), 1 national and local joint engineering laboratory, 9 provincial scientific research platforms, 2 provincial education scientific research bases, and 2 provincial science and technology innovation teams. Since the promotion, the university teachers have undertaken 1,771 scientific research projects of various levels and levels, and received 55 scientific research awards above the department or bureau level. They have published 2012 academic papers in core journals, of which 411 were included in SCI, EI, SSCI, and ISTP. He has authorized 483 patents and published 107 academic monographs. He has won more than 200 provincial-level teaching research and reform projects and 25 provincial-level teaching achievement awards.

The school takes the council, alumni association, and foundation as the platform, and focuses on “cooperation between schools and enterprises, integration of production and education”. It cooperates with a number of nuclear power plants such as CGNPC, Daya Bay, Lingao, Suzhou Thermal Institute, Dynasty Furniture, Hangzhou Quansheng Electromechanical, Shanghai Hengqi Education, Xin Openg Group, Xiangjiao Liquor, Shenzhen Liande Equipment, Lead Industrial, Hengyang Yunji, etc., cooperate in professional construction, curriculum construction, faculty construction, industry-university-research cooperation, science and technology We have carried out fruitful cooperation in service, innovation and entrepreneurship, internship training, teaching evaluation, and establishment of award funds.

The Hunan Institute of Technology actively carries out international exchanges and cooperation, and has established cooperative relations with more than 30 universities in more than 10 countries including the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Japan, South Korea, and Malaysia. The school has the qualifications for enrolling international students in China, and the electrical engineering and its automation, which are co-organized with the University of Sunderland in the UK, are Chinese-foreign cooperative education projects approved by the Ministry of Education.


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