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Hunan First Normal University


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Introduction to Hunan First Normal University

Hunan First Normal University (湖南第一师范学院, website), formerly known as Changsha Chengnan College founded by Zhang Ye, a well-known physicist in the Southern Song Dynasty, in 1161, was established as the Hunan Normal University in 1903, and held modern teacher education. Provincial First Normal School, upgraded to undergraduate in 2008, is the birthplace of Huxiang culture and one of the cradles of modern Chinese normal education. It is also one of the sources of the Chinese Communist movement and the new democratic revolution. And one of the birthplaces of Sinicization of Marxism.

Hunan First Normal University has a glorious revolutionary tradition. A group of national pillars such as Mao Zedong, He Shuheng, Cai Hesen, Li Weihan, Ren Bishi, and Zhang Guoji were trained, and more than 280 revolutionary martyrs such as Duan Dechang, Liu Chouxi, Yuan Guoping, Guo Liang, Luo Xueyi, and Fang Weixia emerged. A generation of great men Mao Zedong studied here, worked for eight spring and autumn, and engaged in a series of revolutionary activities such as the founding of the Communist Party of China here, realizing the transformation from young students to professional revolutionaries, from radical democrats to great Marxists. change.

Hunan First Normal University has two campuses, Chengnan College and Dongfanghong, covering an area of 1346 mu. There are 1,155 faculty members, 19,556 students, and 31 undergraduate majors covering eight disciplines including education, literature, science, engineering, management, economics, law, and art.

Since the founding of New China, party and state leaders have been very concerned about the construction and development of schools. Mao Zedong praised “a division is a good school”, wrote the name of the “first normal school” by hand, and wrote the inscription “Be the people’s sir, first be the people’s student” as the school motto. Xu Teli visited the school 6 times, and wrote the inscription “practical and realistic, don’t take it for granted” as the school spirit. In recent years, party and state leaders Li Zhanshu, Chen Xi, Yang Jiechi, etc. came to inspect the school.

Since Hunan First Normal University was established 116 years ago, it has adhered to the principle of “cultivating primary school teachers, training primary school teachers, studying primary school education, and serving local development”. The school structure of outstanding teacher education and healthy and coordinated development of normal and non-teacher majors has been enjoyed, and it enjoys a good social reputation. The two outstanding rural primary school teacher training reform and innovation achievements won the National Higher Education Teaching Achievement Award in 2018 and the Hunan Province Higher Education Teaching Achievement Award in 2019; Marxist theory, pedagogy, mathematics, and art The subject was selected as the first-class applied characteristic subject in Hunan Province, and the ideological and political theory teacher team was selected by the Ministry of Education as the first batch of “National Huang Danian Teacher Team”.

Hunan First Normal University is now a national key cultural relics protection unit, a national patriotic education demonstration base, a national red tourism classic scenic spot, a national social science popularization base, a national primary and secondary school student research and practice base, a national educational system reform pilot unit, and a national outstanding elementary school teacher Cultivation plan undertaking unit, Hunan Province “model demonstration point of building socialist core values”, civilized colleges and universities in Hunan Province.


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