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Huishang Vocational College


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Introduction to Huishang Vocational College

Huishang Vocational College (徽商职业学院, website) is located in the Zipeng Mountain Scenic Area in Hefei, Anhui Province. It is a public full-time general public institution that mainly trains high-quality technical and technical professionals in modern logistics, commerce, and other fields. Higher vocational colleges are affiliated to the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Anhui Province. In October 2012, the college successfully passed the assessment of the talent training level of higher vocational colleges in Anhui Province. Has half a century of school history. Awarded the title of “The First Batch of National Vocational Education Training Bases for Vocational Education” by the China Business Federation, the title of “The First Batch of National Vocational Education Training Bases for Vocational Education” by the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, and the China Logistics and Purchasing Federation Second prize for scientific and technological progress and Anhui Province Outstanding Contribution to Logistics Development. In 2014, he won the second prize of National Teaching Achievement Award.

Huishang Vocational College faces the modern service industry, serves the Wanjiang city belt and undertakes the industry transfer demonstration zone, adheres to the road of “win-win cooperation between schools and enterprises, coexistence of production and education, and continuous innovation and development”, and strives to serve local economic and social development. Cultivate high-quality technical and technical talents that match the positions of the modern logistics industry. With a focus on the construction of a coordinated development system focusing on the construction of a modern logistics professional group, business and accounting support, and information technology as a service platform, focus on the construction of a modern logistics training center. The chain operation training center and the Internet of Things training center and Huishang · Lecheng “School Midfield” strive to create a characteristic higher vocational college that leads the modern logistics service industry.

Huishang Vocational College attaches great importance to the reform and innovation of talent training models, vigorously promotes the standardization of education and teaching and the integration of production and education, and constantly strives for progress in development, common ground in games, differences in harmony, and win-win situations. There are 5 teaching departments and 24 specialties. Among them, “Logistics Management”, “Financial Information Management”, “Internet of Things Application Technology”, “Marketing” and other specialties are the provincial specialty construction sites; “Logistics Management”, “Accounting”, “Accounting Computerization”, The “e-commerce” major is a provincial comprehensive reform pilot project; the “logistics management” and “chain operation management” majors have been approved by the “central financial support for the development of professional service industries in higher vocational schools” projects.

Huishang Vocational College has established 36 in-school practical training bases. It has advanced domestic and Anhui first-class modern logistics training center, full-featured business training center, intelligent information-based accounting training center, and IoT training center close to the enterprise. Relying on the Provincial State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, the college is oriented to the modern service industry, and has established good relationships with top 100 domestic logistics enterprises such as Sinotrans Co., Ltd., China Shipping Group Logistics Co., Ltd., Ande Logistics Co., Ltd., and Baogong Logistics Enterprise Group, as well as large provincial enterprises The cooperative relationship has built order classes such as Sinotrans Logistics Class, Ander Logistics Class, Chaoyang Logistics Class, and Lecheng Class; together with Anhui Lecheng Co., Ltd., it has built a real school campus. Training base-LeCheng Weichao; jointly established a “software technology class” with the School of Software, University of Science and Technology of China, and HKUST Xunfei, mainly for high-tech enterprises such as HKUST Xunfei, to train high-quality technical and skilled professionals.

Huishang Vocational College has established 69 off-campus internship training bases. It is a leading enterprise in Anhui Province, including Anhui Huishang Group Co., Ltd., Anhui Salt Industry Corporation, Anhui Water Resources Materials Co., Ltd., Tongling Nonferrous Metals Group Copper Crown Logistics Co., Ltd. Training Base. It has professional qualifications as a professional training center for logistics divisions. It is an ERP and other qualification certification training examination sites. It is an Anhui teaching site for China University of Geosciences (Beijing) Modern Distance Learning Center.

Huishang Vocational College adheres to the student-centered, service-oriented, market-oriented, employment-oriented goals, adheres to the school-oriented philosophy of “based on virtue, pays attention to practice, promotes talents, and develops with characteristics”, and insists that “all for students For the sake of all students, for all students “, the school pursues the spirit of” industry, innovation, harmony and integrity “, upholds the school motto of” emphasizing morality, promoting business, and striving to learn, “insisting on the quality of education above all else Quality awareness, build Huishang education brand, and make unremitting efforts to cultivate more new “Huishang” talents.


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