Hubei University of Automotive Technology

Hubei University of Automotive Technology


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Introduction to Hubei University of Automotive Technology

Hubei University of Automotive Technology (HUAT, 湖北汽车工业学院, website) was founded in 1972 with Mr. Meng Shaonong, the former member of the Chinese Academy of Science appointed as its first president. It has been the only one undergraduate university with automobile industry as the name of a university in China.

Because of the advantages in automobile engineering, we were reputed to be the Cradle of Automobile Engineers. In 2007, we passed the assessment conducted by Ministry of education with excellent scores for undergraduate teaching and in 2008 we were allowed to officially start preparations for graduate enrollment. In 2011, we were approved by Ministry of education to become the first pioneer universities for excellent engineer cultivation. In the same year, the government of Hubei Province signed an agreement with DFM Corporation to jointly invest on HUAT.

HUAT is located in the picturesque city of Shiyan, covering a area of about five hundred and fifty thousand square meters. It is an ideal place for study and research. With information network available to all the dormitories, a library with large number of books, journals and digital information stored there and well-spaced teaching and lab buildings scattered the whole campus, we strive to form a convenient community for teachers and students here.

We give priority to engineering in the education of undergraduates and graduates, especially in automobile, mechanics, materials and electronics, but other disciplines such as management, economics, humanity, science and law develop harmoniously and smoothly as well. We have established close relationship with more than 90 companies and enterprises which can be used as bases for research, teaching and education. We also have more than 160 practice bases out of the campus.

Our faculty is collaborative, adaptable and interdisciplinary to create new knowledge, while maintaining a solid grounding in fundamentals. We deliver innovative research-based education to our students so that they become whole-brain engineers. The close relationship between HUAT and DFM Corporation and other modern, fast-developing enterprises provides a stable platform for our students to testify and to apply what they have learned. With their comprehensive knowledge and strong sense of innovation, graduates from HUAT have been welcomed by companies and enterprises. So far we have had more than 30,000 graduates who are contributing to social development since 1972, the majority of whom have become backbone and pillars of Chinese automotive industry.

Hubei University of Automotive Technology pays significant attention to international cooperation and have established cooperative relationship with universities in Germany, America, Canada and Japan. We employ a certain number of foreign experts and teachers to give lectures, conduct academic researches and teach in HUAT every year.

Adhering to the motto of “truth and innovation”, we are endeavoring to shape ourselves into a technical and engineering university famous domestically and internationally for its uniqueness, open and comprehensiveness and strive to promote overall strength for a promising and brilliant future.


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