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Introduction to Huainan Normal University

Huainan Normal University (website), situated in the city of Huainan, was founded in 1958 and authorized by Ministry of Education in March 2000 to offer undergraduate programs. Reclining against Bagong Mountain and overlooking the Huaihe River, it boasts a picturesque view and rich cultural heritage. Named by Huainan People’s Government as a garden university, it has won the honorary title of “Model Unit in Anhui Province” for five successive years.

In 2007, HNNU passed the undergraduate education assessment by Ministry of Education at B level. Two years later,it was selected as a candidate university to offer postgraduate programs. HNNU occupies an area of 81.07 hectares, and has a floor area of 480000 square meters. It is also home to 130 million RMB worth teaching and research facilities, a library collection of 1.9 million books, 21 university-stationed experiment& teaching centers and over 160 off-campus practice & education bases.

At present, HNNU has an enrolment of more than 19,000 full-time students and a full-time teaching contingent of over 900. Among its faculty, there are over 270 with senior professional titles, over 600 with a doctorate or master’s degree, 3 “National Excellent Teachers”, 12 “Provincial Excellent Teachers”, 8 “Provincial Famous University Teachers” and 19 “Rising Teaching Stars in Universities”. Currently, HNNU is composed of 15 schools and a continuing education college, offering 60 undergraduate programs. It also has 2 provincial-level key disciplines, one provincial-level key laboratory, 2 ministry–level technological innovation and service platforms.

HNNU has focused on teaching, adhered to the educational philosophy of cultivating application-oriented talents and thoroughly carried out its undergraduate teaching project. Up to now, HNNU boasts 1 national-level distinctive program, 8 provincial-level distinctive programs, 16 provincial-level pilot programs for comprehensive reform, 7 experimental zones of talent training mode innovation (Top Talent Cultivation Program), 7 provincial-level demonstration centers for practice and training, 6 provincial-level teaching teams, 30 provincial-level quality courses, resource-sharing courses classic video open-courses as well as MOOCS online courses, and 30provincial-level awards for teaching achievements. Since 2008, more than 2200 students have received awards in races at provincial level and above, among which over 100 are national ones. HNNU graduates have earned wide recognition and praises from employers across the country. The university has won many kinds of honorary titles like “ Anhui Provincial Advanced Unit for Employment Work”, “Model Unit for Employment Work among Anhui Universities”, “ Model University for Innovation & Business Startup Education in Anhui Province” and “ Enterprise Incubation Base for University Students in Anhui Province(AA)”.

HNNU always opens up to the outside world and has engaged in exchanges and cooperation with higher learning institutions in U.K., U.S.A., Germany, South Korea and Australia, etc. HNNU has also launched academic exchanges and educational cooperation with famous domestic universities like University of Science and Technology of China. HNNU has joined hands with Wooster University (U. K.) and Northeastern State University (U.S.A.) to offer programs of “International Economics and Trade”, “ Business English” and “Food Quality and Safety” respectively.

Embracing the development strategy of “survival through quality progress, growth by talent introduction, rejuvenation after service improvement and fame for distinctive characters”, HNNU follows the school motto of “Illustrious Virtue, Utmost Goodness, Extensive Learning and Earnest Practice”and carries forward the university spirit of “preciseness, diligence, practicality and innovation”. The university holds on to the intensive development centering on quality enhancement, highlights its distinctive features and cultivates the high-caliber application-oriented talents to serve progress of local basic education and regional economic and social development. HNNU is now on a fast track to a regional high-level application-oriented university.


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About Huainan

Huainan (Panorama), a beautiful city in the middle of Anhui Province, is located on the dividing line of China North-South climate and the upper-middle reach of the Huai River. It boasts a long history. Due to the finding of the fossil named “Huainan Insect”, the history of Huainan can be traced back to as early as 800 million years. The “Bagongshan Geological Park” within its territory is well known for rich mineral resources and abundant historic relics and thus enjoys a high status in scientific research and archeological study. In the past,Huainan was also the capital city of Huainan Kingdom. Liu’an, the King of Huainan in Han dynasty invited scholars to Bagongshan Mountain to complete the academic masterpiece entitledHuainanzi, which, for the first time defined the complete 24 solar terms. Moreover, the popular food “bean curd” was also invented here. Later, the Jin dynasty witnessed a noted campaign called Feishui Battle, in which the weaker side ultimately conquered the stronger side. Huainan once again went down into the historical annals for this famous victory.

The city boasts an excellent transportation network. The Xinqiao International Airport is within one-hour drive from the city center; two high-speed railway stations have played a significant role connecting the city with the outside world. Huainan lies between natural verdant mountains and emerald waters, with three dominant mountains facing one another, namely, Shangyao, Shungeng and Bagong Mountains. The Huai River is one of the largest rivers in China. Welcome to Huainan, an old yet vigorous city in East China.

– To Downtown: 10 mins by bus
– To Xinqiao International Airport: 60 mins by car
– To Nanjing: 1h30mins by high speed rail.
– To Shanghai: 3h30mins by high speed rail.


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