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Introduction to Heze University

Heze University (菏泽学院, website) is located in the “Peony Capital of China”-Heze City, Shandong Province. It is a full-time general undergraduate university co-constructed by provinces and municipalities, focusing on provincial management. The school’s predecessor was the Second Normal School of Jiluyu District, which was founded in early 1949; in August 1949, it was named the Plain Provincial Heze Normal School; in December 1952, it was renamed the Shandong Heze First Normal School; in 1958 In January 2002, with the approval of the Shandong Provincial People’s Committee, it was converted into a Heze Teachers College; in January 2002, with the approval of the Shandong Provincial People’s Government, the former Heze Teachers College, Heze Education College, Heze TV University, Heze Teachers College, and Heze Agricultural School merged. Preparation for the establishment of Heze College; In May 2004, the Ministry of Education officially approved Heze College as an ordinary undergraduate college; in 2012, it was placed under the direct management of the province and successfully passed the assessment of the undergraduate teaching work of the Ministry of Education; in 2018, it successfully passed the review and evaluation of the undergraduate teaching work of the Ministry of Education . Over 60 years since its establishment, it has trained 160,000 qualified graduates for the country and society, and has made due contributions to promoting local economic and social development.

Since the establishment of Heze University, under the strong leadership of higher party committees, governments, and education authorities, the school’s teachers and students have adhered to the school motto of “morality, learning, seeking truth, and innovation. development of. The school currently has 4 campuses, covering an area of 1436 acres, a building area of 571,100 square meters, a total value of 160 million yuan for teaching and scientific research equipment, a collection of 2,114,400 paper books, more than 800 periodicals, and 2.48 million electronic books. 34 databases. There are currently 63 undergraduate majors, involving ten majors in literature, history, economics, law, science, engineering, agriculture, education, management, and art. It recruits students from 28 provinces and autonomous regions and has 22,317 full-time college students. Approved as a national-level construction park “Shandong Heze National Rural Industrial Integration Development Demonstration Park” (cooperation), with 3 key disciplines in Shandong Province, 1 engineering laboratory, 1 engineering technology research center, and 1 intangible cultural heritage research base 1. A Chinese excellent traditional culture inheritance base 1. A talent training model innovation experiment area 1. An experimental teaching demonstration center 1. A key laboratory of a university in Shandong Province 1. A humanities and social science research base 1. A collaborative industrial innovation center One, five high-level application-oriented professional groups in Shandong Province, six specialty specialties, two Zhuo Gong plan majors, one professional comprehensive reform pilot project, 22 Shandong fine courses, one bilingual teaching demonstration course. There are 1,531 faculty members, 1,047 full-time teachers, 624 full-time teachers with master’s and doctoral degrees, and 390 full-time teachers with senior titles. Among the teachers are 1 national outstanding science and technology worker, 1 expert who enjoys the special allowance from the State Council, 1 member of the university biology curriculum teaching steering committee of the Ministry of Education, 3 middle-aged and young experts with outstanding contributions in Shandong Province, and chief of key disciplines of universities There are 2 experts, 1 member of the Undergraduate Education and Teaching Steering Committee, 10 teaching teachers in Shandong universities, and 3 outstanding teaching teams. “Haizhi experts” 37.

After several generations of unremitting efforts, Heze University has initially achieved the coordinated development of scale, quality, structure, and benefits, and has achieved outstanding results. It is now the only undergraduate college jointly established by the Shandong Provincial Department of Education and the local government. The school planning, construction and development center has been identified as the “AI + smart learning” joint artificial intelligence college project pilot school, which has successively won provincial civilized units, provincial garden-style units, advanced teaching management units in universities in Shandong province, advanced units in teacher education in Shandong province, Shandong University Ideological and Political Work Innovation Award, Shandong Province Teachers’ Moral Construction Advanced Collective, Shandong University Campus Civilization Construction Advanced Unit, Shandong University Safe Campus, Shandong University Green Management Advanced Unit and many other honors and awards.

Heze University is guided by Xi Jinping’s thoughts of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, firmly grasps the fundamental tasks of Lideshu people, fully implements the party’s education policy, adheres to the new development concept, and follows the “355” three-step development strategy to improve school running Quality is the core, with development-oriented characteristics as the guidance, training high-level application-oriented talents as the main goal, firmly following the connotative high-quality development path, deepening comprehensive reforms, advancing the integration of production and education, comprehensively improving the level and level of running schools, A distinctive high-level application-oriented university is moving forward.


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