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Introduction to Hengyang Normal University

Hengyang Normal University (衡阳师范学院, website) is approved by the Ministry of education and directly under Hunan Province. The school is located in Hengyang, the hometown of Wang Chuanshan (Wang Fuzhi), the famous historical and cultural city of Cai Lun’s hometown, and the excellent tourist city of China. It has a superior geographical location. It is surrounded by Beijing Guangzhou railway, Wuhan Guangzhou high speed railway, Hunan Guangxi high speed railway, Beijing Zhuhai high speed, Hengzao high speed, hengshao high speed and Hengyan high speed. It is 2km away from the East Hengyang station of high speed railway Nanyue airport is 20km. The history of running the school began with the establishment of Hunan Guanli South Road normal school in 1904. Over the past hundred years, it has cultivated a large number of outstanding talents for the country. Yun Daiying, Zhang Qiuren, Jiang Xianyun, Huang Jingyuan, Huang Kecheng, Jiang Hua, Tao Zhu, Zhang Jingwu, Zhang Pinghua, Zhang Jichun, Zeng Xisheng, Tang Tianji, Zhou Li, Sheng ronghua, Yang Min, Wang Ying, fan Xiang, etc. are outstanding representatives of our alumni 。

In the new era, schools seize the opportunity and enter the fast lane of development. In March 1999, with the approval of the Ministry of education, Hengyang Normal College and Hengyang Education College merged to form Hengyang Normal College. In February 2001, the third normal school of Hunan Province was incorporated. In 2006, the University passed the undergraduate teaching evaluation of the Ministry of education with 17 A’s good scores. In May 2018, the academic degree committee of the State Council approved the University as a master’s degree awarding unit. In October 2018, the school was selected as “double first-class” high-level application characteristic College of Hunan Province. In December 2018, the University passed the examination and evaluation of undergraduate teaching by the Ministry of education. In June 2019, the Department of education of Hunan Province approved the school to adjust to one enrollment.

The campus environment of the school is beautiful. It is a “garden type unit” and “civilized university” in Hunan Province. The East and West campuses cover an area of 2166 mu. At present, there are 20 colleges, 53 undergraduate majors, 1 master’s degree authorization point of first level discipline, 3 master’s degree authorization points, and more than 22000 full-time students in school. They are enrolled in 30 provinces (municipalities directly under the central government, autonomous regions) across the country.

Based on the professional construction and led by the discipline construction, the university has continuously strengthened the discipline and specialty construction, forming a discipline and specialty structure with coordinated development of multiple disciplines. It has 8 provincial “double first-class” application characteristic disciplines, 1 national and local joint engineering laboratory, 1 international natural and cultural heritage space technology sub center of UNESCO, 1 provincial Collaborative Innovation Center, 3 provincial key laboratories, 1 provincial engineering laboratory, 1 provincial university key laboratory, 2 academician (expert) workstations, 1 provincial application basic research Base, 1 provincial production university research cooperation demonstration base, 3 provincial social science research bases, 4 provincial social science popularization bases. It has 1 national level and 5 provincial characteristic majors, 1 national level and 5 provincial comprehensive reform pilot majors, 2 provincial key construction majors, 10 provincial first-class professional points, 1 Ministry of education ZTE ICT industry education integration innovation base, 1 Ministry of education Phoenix Satellite TV Phoenix education university digital media industry education integration innovation application demonstration base, 1 Ministry of education university students off campus practice Education base, 2 provincial basic course demonstration laboratories, 2 provincial virtual simulation experiment teaching centers, 2 provincial practice teaching demonstration centers, 3 provincial university student innovation training centers, 3 provincial school enterprise cooperation talent training demonstration bases, 5 provincial school enterprise cooperation innovation and entrepreneurship education bases, 3 provincial innovation and entrepreneurship education centers, 32 provincial excellent open courses, 9 provincial innovation and entrepreneurship education centers Excellent practice base, 4 provincial excellent teaching and research offices.

The school has made great efforts to strengthen the construction of teaching staff with remarkable results. At present, there are 1283 on-the-job teachers and workers, including more than 130 senior professional and technical positions (15 secondary professors), more than 240 teachers with doctor’s degrees, and more than 60 people who are studying for doctor’s degrees, and more than 900 teachers with master’s degree or above. There are 2 provincial university science and technology innovation teams, 2 provincial natural science fund innovation research groups, and 4 provincial teaching teams. There are more than 100 experts enjoying the special allowance of the State Council, national excellent educators, national excellent teachers, national excellent ideological and political educators in Colleges and universities, excellent talents in the new century of the Ministry of education, provincial “Hibiscus scholars” lecture professors, provincial 121 talents in the new century, provincial famous teachers, provincial excellent social science experts, provincial discipline leaders, etc. There are 182 academicians, experts at home and abroad, and 9 provincial and overseas famous teachers and talents introduction experts.

The University vigorously strengthens the scientific research work, and the scientific research strength increases year by year. Since 2015, the teachers of the school have presided over more than 800 scientific research and teaching research projects at or above the provincial level (including 58 national level scientific research projects such as major projects of National Social Science Foundation); presided over one comprehensive reform project of “new engineering” of the Ministry of education; published more than 3000 teaching research and scientific research papers; published more than 230 monographs, translations and textbooks; won more than 100 scientific research awards and teaching achievement awards at all levels (including There are 3 first prizes of teaching achievements in China and Hunan Province, 1 first prize of the 13th excellent social science achievement award in Hunan Province, and more than 160 invention patents (1 American invention patent). Actively promote the combination of production, learning, research and use, and serve the local economic and social development with remarkable results. Journal of Hengyang Normal University was awarded as the fifth national excellent social science journal, the second “excellent characteristic science and technology journal” of the Ministry of education, the excellent theoretical journal funded by Hunan Province, and the column “Chuanshan research” was awarded the title column construction project of the Ministry of education.

The school has actively carried out international academic exchanges and cooperation in running schools, and has recruited a number of foreign students. It has established good cooperative relations with 24 universities in 11 countries and regions, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, South Korea, Taiwan, etc. in recent years, it has obtained more than 40 national funds for studying abroad, overseas famous teachers in Hunan Province and provincial programs for introducing talents. Teachers go to foreign universities for training, students go to the United States for social practice during summer vacation, students participate in international exchange student programs of overseas universities, etc Cooperative education projects are being actively carried out.

The school always adheres to the principle of quality, focuses on training excellent teachers for basic education and vocational and technical education, and trains high-quality applied talents for local economic and social development. The university is the chairman unit of the Teacher Education Alliance of local colleges and Universities under the Chinese Association of higher education, a member unit of the National Application Technology University (College) alliance, and a member unit of the national innovation and entrepreneurship practice alliance of college students. It actively promotes collaborative training, integration of production and education, and school enterprise cooperation, and vigorously implements “one normal major connects with one provincial model middle school, one non normal major connects with one domestic first-class enterprise With the transformation and development strategy of “industry”, 37 projects have been approved as collaborative education projects of educational production and learning, and more than 200 units have established in-depth cooperative relations with local and Municipal Education Bureau, mingyoute middle school, ZTE, Phoenix Satellite TV, Shenzhen tongtuo technology company, Hunan Haili chemical industry, Hengyang Jiantao Chemical Co., Ltd., northern optoelectronics, etc., with the continuous improvement of students’ innovation and entrepreneurship ability. In the past three years, students have won more than 1000 prizes in the Olympic Games, Asian Games, innovation and entrepreneurship competitions and various disciplines competitions, 32 patents and more than 1200 postgraduates. The first employment rate of fresh graduates has been maintained at more than 90%, and the quality of school running has been highly praised by all sectors of society.

The school adheres to the school motto of “virtue, erudition, ambition and practice”, continuously promotes the all-round development of all undertakings of the school, and constantly expands its influence in running the school. It has successively obtained the national primary and secondary school backbone teacher training plan implementation unit, the national rural principal assistance project implementation unit, the national environmental education demonstration school, the national advanced unit of College Students’ social practice activities, the national advanced League general branch, the national model staff home unit, the “top” Engineering excellent unit of College Students’ employment work in Hunan Province, the Hunan employment and entrepreneurship demonstration school Hunan college students incubation base demonstration school, Hunan advanced unit of college enrollment, Hunan advanced unit of anti-corruption construction, Hunan advanced unit of Ideological and political work, Hunan advanced unit of comprehensive social security management and other honorary titles.

At present, the university is actively promoting connotation development, transformation development and characteristic development, and striving to build a local high-level application-oriented university with distinctive teacher education characteristics.


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