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Henan University of Technology

Henan University of Technology Henan University of Technology
Henan University of Technology Henan University of Technology


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Introduction to Henan University of Technology

Henan University of Technology (河南工业大学, website)?is located in Zhengzhou City, the capital of Henan Province, and is a university jointly built by Henan Provincial People’s Government and the State Grain Bureau; it was founded in 1956 and successively affiliated with the State Ministry of Grain, the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Domestic Trade; undergraduate education was launched in 1959, master’s education in 1981, doctoral education in 2013. D. degree in 2013. In 2017, the university was granted the qualification of master’s degree exemption, and in 2018, the university was approved as a doctoral degree granting unit; in 1998, the university was transferred to Henan Province, and in 2010, Henan Provincial People’s Government and the State Grain Bureau signed a contract to build Henan University of Technology.

Through the efforts of generations of industrialists, the university has developed into a multidisciplinary university with engineering as the main subject, covering science, economics, management, law, literature, art and agriculture, etc. It not only has a complete three-level talent cultivation system of bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees, but also has been successfully selected as the second unit of the national “2011 It is also the second unit to be selected as one of the first batch of “2011 Collaborative Innovation Program” of the state, and is a university under the construction of “Basic Capacity Building Project of Central and Western Universities” and “Excellent Engineer Education and Training Program” of the Ministry of Education. It has made its due contribution in the process of promoting the economic and social development of the industry, region and the country and realizing the revitalization of education, and has made excellent achievements in talent cultivation, scientific research and social services.


Faculty of Henan University of Technology

There are 1914 full-time teachers, 934 teachers with associate senior titles and above, 1000 teachers with doctoral degrees, 572 master’s degree supervisors and 74 doctoral degree supervisors, and a large number of academic leaders such as double-appointed academicians, Changjiang scholars, national outstanding youth science fund recipients, national candidates of the “Hundred Million Talents Project”, State Council Specially Paid Experts, New Century Talents of the Ministry of Education, Zhongyuan scholars and Henan teaching masters, etc. There are 26 high-level teaching and research teams at provincial level and above.

Since the establishment of the university, a large number of famous experts and scholars have emerged, such as Chen Qizong, Lu Xiyu, Zhang Genwang, Zhou Naiyu, Wangeven and Zhang Guoxian, who have made great contributions and social influence in the fields of grain and abrasives industry. He has set an example for his successors.

Among the current teachers, there are well-known experts such as Professor Bian Ke, Chairman of the Cereals and Pulses Branch of the International Organization for Standardization Food Technical Committee, Professor Wang Fengcheng, Chairman of the International Association of Cereal Science and Technology, Professor Wang Yan, a three-time Olympic track and field judge, and a number of experts and professors serving as academic experts of the China Cereals and Oils Association, China Grain Engineering Construction Committee, National Abrasives Standardization Technical Committee, China Heat Treatment Society, Chinese Chemical Society In their respective professional fields and teaching positions, they are exemplary in their dedication and dedication to teaching and educating others.


Disciplines and specialties

The university has long been committed to the basic theory and engineering technology research in the field of post-production grain, and has built a complete discipline system integrating storage and transportation, processing, equipment, information and management; it has the most complete grain, oil and food discipline group and strong superhard material discipline group in China; three disciplines of agricultural science, engineering and chemistry are in the top 1% of ESI (Essential Science Indicators) worldwide. (ESI) in agricultural science, engineering and chemistry. There are 3 post-doctoral stations, 22 colleges, 74 undergraduate majors, 3 first-level disciplines authorized for doctoral degrees, 21 first-level disciplines authorized for master’s degrees, 13 master’s degree authorization categories, 24 provincial first-level key disciplines, and the discipline group of “post-production safety and processing of grain” has been selected as the first batch of advantageous and characteristic disciplines in Henan Province. The “Food Science and Engineering” and other 5 national specialties, “Grain Engineering” and other 3 national comprehensive reform pilot majors, “Food Science and Engineering, Grain Engineering Food Science and Engineering” and “Grain Engineering”, “Food Science and Engineering” and “Computer Science and Technology”, 16 provincial famous and characteristic majors, and 6 double-degree majors; 8 majors such as “Mechanical Design and Manufacturing and Automation” were selected as the first batch of national Eight majors including “Mechanical Design and Manufacturing and Automation” have been selected as the first batch of national first-class undergraduate majors, and 29 majors including “Economics” have been selected as the first-class undergraduate majors in Henan Province, and the university has the right to apply for master’s degree and master’s degree for university teachers.


Talent Cultivation

The school is open to the whole country; it is a national university for independent admission of international students, and has the qualification of “Chinese Government Scholarship”, “Chinese Government Silk Road Scholarship” and “Henan Provincial Government Scholarship”. The university is a national master’s degree candidate exemption university and an excellent unit in the evaluation of undergraduate teaching level of general higher education institutions; it has a national experimental teaching demonstration center of food science, a national “innovation experimental zone for cultivating applied talents in grain, oil and food engineering” and a national “experimental zone for cultivating applied talents in grain, oil and food engineering”. Experimental Zone” and “Henan University of Technology-Henan Zhonghe Pure Powder Industry Co.

There are more than 35,000 full-time students, including more than 1,600 postgraduates and 200 foreign students; there are nearly 10,000 students in continuing education; more than 210,000 qualified graduates have been delivered to the country, and more than half of the management elites and technical backbones in the grain industry have come from the university, which is known as the “Whampoa Military Academy” of the grain industry. “.

In the past five years, students have won 621 national awards and 1,312 provincial and ministerial awards in various competitions; the passing rate of national master’s thesis sampling has been 100% for years; the national “Challenge Cup” competition has led Henan for nine consecutive years; the university has been awarded “National Advanced Group for Graduate Employment” by the Ministry of Education for two consecutive times. The quality of talent cultivation is highly recognized and evaluated by the society.


Scientific Research

The university has a strong scientific research team, which has long been committed to the basic theory and engineering technology research in the field of post-production grain, and has built up a scientific research system and characteristics integrating storage and transportation, processing, equipment, information and management; actively serving the national strategic needs and the economic and social development of the industry and the local area, the university has made great efforts in grain storage and transportation, warehouse and plant construction, grain economy and logistics management, grain deep processing and comprehensive utilization, grain In 1978, the National Science and Technology Conference and 1986 National Science and Technology Research Award Conference won four national awards; in recent years, it has won 10 National Science and Technology Progress Awards (including one first-class award, seven second-class awards and two third-class awards). In recent years, it has won 10 National Science and Technology Progress Awards (including 1 first prize, 7 second prizes and 2 third prizes), 2 National Teaching Achievement Second Prizes and 1 First Prize of China Standard Innovation Contribution; in 2017, it entered the Top 100 Universities in China for Science and Technology Innovation Competitiveness.

There are 33 provincial and national research platforms, such as National Engineering Laboratory of Wheat and Corn Deep Processing, National Engineering Laboratory of Grain Storage and Transportation, Provincial and Ministerial Key Laboratory of Grain Information Processing and Control of the Ministry of Education, Engineering Research Center of Grain Storage and Safety of the Ministry of Education, China Grain Logistics Research and Training Center, National Soybean Improvement Center Institute of Deep Processing (Zhengzhou), etc.; the China Grain Museum Pre-Bo Museum has been built. It is the national training base of grain industry in Zhengzhou; there are 15 local-level science and technology platforms, such as the first academician workstation in Henan universities, logistics research center, grain economy research center and superhard materials and products engineering technology research center; there are also 54 university-level academic research institutions and more than 100 teaching, research, practice and training platforms, such as Geotechnical Engineering Research Institute and Logistics Research Institute on campus.


Running conditions

The university covers a total area of 1,938,000 square meters, with a total building area of 1,062,000 square meters; it has three campuses: Lotus Street Campus, Songshan Road Campus and Zhongyuan Road Campus; it has built high-standard teaching buildings and modern student apartments; it is the demonstration unit of “Digital Campus”, “Smart Campus” and “Intelligent Campus” of Henan University. It is the pilot unit of “Smart Campus” and “Network Learning Space” construction in Henan Province.

It has built various basic laboratories, professional laboratories, engineering training centers, experimental teaching demonstration centers, virtual experimental teaching centers, undergraduate experimental teaching centers and engineering training centers in food engineering, construction engineering, physics, chemistry, mechanics, electricity and electronics, mechanical fundamentals, etc.; equipped with a large number of advanced experimental instruments and equipment, the total value of teaching and research instruments and equipment is 689 million yuan, with more than 100,000 yuan The university library is the “National Literature and Information Center of Cereals and Oils” approved by the former Ministry of Commerce, with a collection of more than 2,704,000 books and two special databases on cereals and oils, superhard materials and abrasives; the Journal of Henan University of Technology (Natural Science Edition) is a national Chinese core journal and a Chinese science and technology core journal. The advanced and complete teaching and research facilities and the elegant and pleasant campus environment provide a solid foundation for teaching, research, management and living services.


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