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Henan University of Engineering


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Introduction to Henan University of Engineering

Henan University of Engineering (河南工程学院, website) is located in Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan Province. It is a provincial public undergraduate college established with the approval of the Ministry of Education. “Demonstration Base for Digital Media Production and Education Innovation Application in Universities” of the Ministry of Education, member units of the National Alliance of Applied Technology Universities, and member units of the National Alliance of Newly Established Universities.

Henan University of Engineering was formed in 2007 by the merger of the former Zhengzhou Economic Management Cadre College and the former Henan Textile College. The former Zhengzhou Economic Management Cadre College was founded in 1956 and was directly under the former Ministry of Coal; the former Henan Textile College was founded in 1954. Its school history can be traced back to the Henan Provincial Government Secondary Industrial School established in 1910. The famous anti-Japanese general, General Yang Jingyu, is an outstanding alumni of the school.

Henan University of Engineering has three campuses including Longhu Campus, Tongbai Road Campus and Nanyang Road Campus, covering an area of more than 2600 acres and a construction area of 1.06 million square meters. The total value of the equipment is 294 million yuan, the building area of the library is 35,000 square meters, the library holds 2.31 million volumes of paper books, and 680,000 types of electronic books. The gymnasium, indoor swimming pool, stadium and student activity center are all well-equipped.

Henan University of Engineering currently has 22 teaching units with more than 28,000 full-time students and 55 undergraduate majors, covering six university disciplines including engineering, science, economics, management, literature, and art. There are 37 national and provincial undergraduate teaching quality engineering projects, including 2 national specialties and comprehensive reform pilot specialties, 1 national virtual simulation experiment teaching project, 2 national college students’ off-site practical education bases, and provincial key points. There are 4 disciplines, 13 specialty specialties at the provincial level and 13 majors for comprehensive reform pilots. Adhering to open schools and strengthening international exchanges and cooperation, we have established cooperative relationships with more than 20 foreign universities and research institutions such as the University of Canberra, the University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, and Cleveland State University in the United States. Jointly launched PhD training programs with Sarawak University in Malaysia, overseas internship and employment projects with Malaysia and Singapore along the “Belt and Road” countries, and joint master training with Zhengzhou University and China University of Mining and Technology. Focusing on the cultivation of students’ innovation and entrepreneurship, in the past three years, students have won more than 500 provincial-level awards in discipline competitions such as the National University Student Mathematical Modeling Contest, the National University Student Electronic Design Competition, and the National University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

Henan University of Engineering currently has 1,520 faculty members and 1,317 full-time teachers, including 120 senior professional titles and 461 deputy senior professional titles. Among the teaching team, there are 324 teachers with doctorate degrees and 740 teachers with master degrees. At present, there are 1 national talented person in the national plan, 1 national-level candidate for the 10 million project, 1 Central Plains scholar, 1 person who enjoys the special government allowance of the State Council, 17 national and provincial outstanding teachers, and the provincial government special allowance. There are 13 outstanding experts and provincial academic and technical leaders, more than 100 provincial teaching teachers, outstanding scientific and technological innovation talents, and young provincial backbone teachers. There are more than 100 guest professors and distinguished professors including academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Yangtze River scholars.

Henan University of Engineering has 1 Ministry of Education innovation team, 6 Henan university science and technology innovation teams, 8 school-level innovation teams, 1 provincial key laboratory of electronic ceramic materials and applications, new textile product development, and textile big data There are 6 provincial engineering laboratories such as key technologies, 5 provincial engineering technology research centers such as intelligent control and robotics, coating production line simulation and testing, etc. It is an excellent postdoctoral research and development base in Henan Province. The school has participated in “Henan Province Collaborative Innovation Center for New Urban Construction Technology”, “Henan Province Collaborative Innovation Center for Coal Safety Production” and “Henan Province Collaborative Innovation Center for Textile New Product Production”. In recent years, it has undertaken more than 650 scientific research projects at or above the provincial level, including 2 national 973 preliminary research projects, 1 national social science fund major project, 1 national natural science fund key project, national natural science fund general project, and youth There are more than 50 projects, joint fund projects, emergency management special projects, and national social science fund projects; more than 60 provincial and ministerial-level scientific research achievement awards have been awarded, including 2 national science and technology progress awards and 2 Ministry of Education science and technology progress awards. 1 item, Henan Science and Technology Progress First Prize.

Henan University of Engineering and Zhumadian City Government, Zhengzhou Airport Port District, Zhengzhou High-tech Development Zone, Henan Coal Industry Association, Henan Textile Industry Association, Henan Energy Chemical Group, China Pingmei Shenma Group, Henan Yufa Group, Henan ZTE Consulting Group, Henan Yongze Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., Henan Yuanda Prefabricated Building Co., Ltd. and other local governments, industry associations, industry leaders, and local high-growth enterprises have established close government-industry-research-strategic partnerships to build There are 278 off-campus internship training bases.


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