Henan University of Animal Husbandry and Economy

Henan University of Animal Husbandry and Economy


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Introduction to Henan University of Animal Husbandry and Economy

Henan University of Animal Husbandry and Economy (河南牧业经济学院, website) was founded in 1957. It is a provincial public-funded general undergraduate college established by the Henan Provincial People’s Government and approved by the Ministry of Education. It is a pilot school for the transformation and development of undergraduates in Henan Province. The school is located in Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan Province in the hinterland of China, in Kyushu. It has an excellent geographical location, profound cultural heritage and beautiful natural environment.

The university is an outstanding university for talent training and evaluation by the Ministry of Education, an advanced unit for employment and entrepreneurship of ordinary college graduates in Henan Province, Henan’s first batch of entrepreneurship education demonstration schools, a big data double-creation base in Henan Province, and Henan Province’s Most Employment Competitiveness Model Academy School, Henan Civilized Unit, Henan Civilized School.

Henan University of Animal Husbandry and Economy covers a total area of 2112 acres. It currently has 3 campuses including Longzi Lake, Yingcai and Beilin, a science and education demonstration park, and a school-run industrial base—Hairun Company. Meters, teaching and scientific research equipment total value of 218 million yuan, the library documents 2.47 million volumes, Chinese and foreign language periodicals 1,216 kinds, 15 Chinese and foreign language databases. There are 76 basic, professional basic and professional laboratories, 8 provincial engineering technology research centers, 2 provincial university student entrepreneurship incubation demonstration bases, and more than 200 off-campus training bases.

Henan University of Animal Husbandry and Economy currently has more than 32,000 full-time students. It has 23 teaching colleges (including a second-level college, namely the wine college), a model software vocational college, and an international education college. And 1 College of Continuing Education, whose disciplines cover agronomy, engineering, management, economics, science, law, and arts, among which the discipline of “animal nutrition and feed science” is a key discipline in Henan Province, with 58 undergraduate majors (Direction) and 64 specialties (direction). It has 2 national-level teaching reform pilot programs, 4 provincial-level comprehensive reform pilot programs, and 13 provincial-level specialty programs.

The university currently has 1,845 faculty members, including 1,218 teachers with doctoral, master’s or graduate degrees, and 900 dual-teacher teachers. There are 7 experts who enjoy the special allowance of the State Council, 2 national candidates for the “Billion Talent Project”, 2 national teaching teachers, 3 national outstanding teachers, 7 provincial teaching teachers, and 6 provincial excellent experts. There are 11 outstanding teachers at the provincial level, 67 backbone teachers at the provincial level, and 69 academic leaders at the national, provincial and departmental levels. The school strives to cultivate a team of expert teachers who can “speak on the stage, sit down to do research, enter the factory and serve”, The formation of a national teaching master, national master, national teaching team and a group of well-known experts as the backbone of the teaching team.

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Henan University of Animal Husbandry and Economy won 1 national prize for teaching achievement, 2 first prizes and 3 second prizes. There are 2 national teaching teams, 7 provincial teaching teams, 5 provincial excellent teaching and research offices, 6 national quality resource sharing courses, 4 provincial quality resource sharing courses, and 8 provincial quality online open courses. There are 17 provincial-level excellent courses, 1 national-level excellent teaching material, 35 national “12th Five-Year Plan” textbooks, 2 provincial virtual simulation teaching projects, and 2 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers. The school has set up provincial and department-level engineering technology research centers, higher education research laboratories, and enterprise development research institutes to carry out teaching research and scientific research innovation.

The university has 17 provincial-level R & D platforms, 15 city-level R & D platforms, and 5 provincial-level innovative science and technology teams; it has established think tanks such as the Institute for Rural Rejuvenation and Precision Poverty Alleviation, and established social science research platforms such as the calligraphy and painting art research center , Has the Henan Hairunmu Industrial and Commercial Cultivation Center and the Henan Province All-Media Science Popularization and Communication Center Creative Base, is the chairman unit of the Henan Provincial Grass and Livestock Industry Technology Innovation Alliance and the Henan Smart Animal Husbandry Industry Technology Innovation Alliance, and the National Livestock Technology Innovation Alliance Standing director unit, vice chairman unit of Henan Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Society, standing director unit of Henan Provincial Intellectual Property Research Association. In the past five years, the school has undertaken 13 national self-science and social science fund projects, 5 humanities and social science projects of the Ministry of Education, and 389 provincial scientific research projects; 38 scientific research achievements above provincial and ministerial levels have been awarded; and national invention patents have been authorized. 56 items; published 5,087 academic papers, including 1,621 core journals, which were indexed by SCI, EI, CSSCI and more than 100; published 689 books and textbooks.

Henan University of Animal Husbandry and Economy further promotes international exchanges and cooperation. It has established cooperative relations with 54 universities and research institutes in 27 countries and regions including the United States, Australia, and Ireland. There are 1 Chinese-foreign cooperatively-run school (specialist) and 3 undergraduate professional course introduction programs. Construction of Henan International Talent Cooperation Project “Feed Resources Innovative Utilization Studio” “Henan Province Ruminant Nutrition and Feed Resources Development International Joint Laboratory” 2 international scientific research cooperation platforms and 1 Ministry of Education country and regional research center -Irish Research Centre.


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