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Introduction to Henan Polytechnic

Henan Polytechnic (河南职业技术学院, website), formerly known as Henan Provincial Machine Manufacturing Technical School, was established in December 1954. In 1956 it was renamed Henan Workers Technical School, in 1960 it was renamed Henan Industrial Technical Teachers School, in 1961 it was renamed Henan Technical Worker Education Teachers School, and in 1992 it was renamed Henan Vocational Technical Education College. In March 1999, it was restructured into a new type of higher vocational college with the approval of the Ministry of Education, and has been identified as a national model higher vocational college and a national high-quality college and higher vocational college. The college was selected into 50 national universities with typical experience in innovation and entrepreneurship and top 50 universities with teaching resources in higher vocational colleges in the country. It was rated as “typical graduate employment colleges” in the first university student employment evaluation by the Ministry of Education, and was identified as the first batch of national high skills Talent Training Demonstration Base, National Modern Apprenticeship Pilot, National First Batch of 1 + X Certificate System Pilot Institutions, Advanced Vocational Education Unit in Henan Province, Provincial Demonstration Base for Public Training and Appraisal of Skilled Talents, Henan Postdoctoral Research and Development Base, Henan Province High-skilled talent training bases, Henan Civilization Schools, etc., have won outstanding grades in the assessment of the talent training of higher vocational colleges in Henan Province, and won the National Outstanding Contribution Award for the Training of Skilled Talents.

Henan Polytechnic is located in Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan Province. It covers an area of 1,240 acres, with a construction area of nearly 550,000 square meters. It has a collection of more than 1.6 million volumes of paper electronic books, a total value of teaching equipment of nearly 200 million yuan, and fixed assets of 1.2 billion yuan. With total assets of nearly 1.5 billion yuan, there are more than 21,000 full-time vocational students, and nearly 400 undergraduate students jointly run with the Central Plains Institute of Technology. The college currently has 1,177 full-time and part-time teachers, including more than 200 professors and associate professors, 3 second-level professors, 5 people enjoying the State Council subsidy, 1 national teaching master teacher, 2 national outstanding teachers, and national college ideology and politics 1 theoretical teaching expert; 7 Henan Province vocational education experts, 6 provincial teaching teachers, 8 provincial outstanding teachers, 17 provincial academic technology leaders, 2 provincial teaching teams, 8 provincial technical experts . The college’s “double teacher” faculty has distinctive characteristics, including 463 double teacher teachers and more than 50 senior technicians. It also employs more than 250 skilled artisans and technical experts from well-known industry companies as part-time teachers on campus.


Henan Polytechnic implements a secondary school management system, including the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, the School of Electrical Engineering, the School of Culinary Food and Health, the School of Tourism, the School of Information Engineering, the School of Business, the School of Environmental Art Engineering, the School of Automotive Engineering, and the School of Music 9 second-level colleges including the Ministry of Education, as well as teaching aids such as the Basic Teaching Department, the Ideological and Political Theory Teaching Department, the Affiliated Technical School and the Entrepreneurship School. There are 52 majors including mechatronics technology, including CNC technology, automobile inspection and maintenance, electronic information technology, cooking technology and nutrition, tourism management and other five national key majors, mechatronics technology, electronic information engineering technology, automotive Testing and maintenance technology and cooking technology and nutrition in 4 national key higher professional vocational colleges, 1 national “dual teacher” teacher training base major, 1 national vocational college demonstration major, 2 central finance Support project majors, 7 provincial demonstration majors, 4 provincial specialty majors and provincial education and teaching reform pilot majors, build 1 national fine online open course, 9 provincial fine online open courses, and 1 course selected nationwide Alternative library of professional teaching resource library for vocational education.

Henan Polytechnic opened Henan headhunting employment agency, held and participated in career planning competitions, signed employment cooperation agreements with 200 companies including Zhengzhou Yutong Group Co., Ltd., and sent talents to Singapore, Japan and other countries for many years to guide graduates’ overseas employment . “School Government and Enterprise” jointly build China · Central Plain College Student Incubation Park, self-built maker space with an area of 3400㎡, and Microsoft (China) jointly build a big data double-creation base with an area of 1400㎡, building a “1 + 2 + N “innovation and entrepreneurship education practice platform.

The employment rate of Henan Polytechnic graduates has remained above 95% for many years, and the average rate of graduate entrepreneurship has reached 5%. It has been rated as an advanced collective for graduate employment in successive years, and has been rated as the first “employment star demonstration” of higher vocational colleges by China Youth Daily. “Henan University”, designated by Henan Provincial Human Resources and Social Affairs Department as “Henan Provincial Entrepreneurship Training Designated Organization”, jointly awarded by Henan Provincial Personnel Department and Education Department as “Henan Provincial Advanced Collegiate Employment Advanced Collective”, and won the Henan University Graduate Excellent unit for employment work, excellent unit for employment evaluation of college graduates in Henan Province, advanced unit for employment and entrepreneurship work of Henan college graduates, Henan province university student innovation and entrepreneurship practice demonstration base, etc. Reward funds.

The distinctive school running characteristics, scientific teaching mode, and outstanding technical advantages have made the college teachers and students win awards in various skills competitions, and the quality of student training has been continuously improved. On behalf of Henan Province, the college has participated in national vocational college skills competitions, national vocational college teaching ability competitions, national numerical control skills masters, world skills competitions, etc., and has won more than 100 national awards and 240 provincial awards. The province’s higher vocational colleges are ranked at the forefront in terms of award specifications and number of awards.

Henan Polytechnic has been identified by the Jinan Military Region, the Provincial Department of Education, the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, and the Provincial Office of Poverty Alleviation as the “Nordic Officer Examination Base”, “Henan Provincial Vocational College Teacher Training Base”, and “Henan Rural Labor Transfer Employment Designated Training Institution” “Henan Provincial Poverty Workers Skills Training Designated Units” “Henan Provincial Poverty Alleviation Development“ Yulu Program · Golden Blue Collar ”Engineering Training Base” and “World Skills Competition Provincial Training Base”

Henan Polytechnic has achieved remarkable results in running schools and has won wide acclaim from all walks of life. In recent years, in the statistics released by the China Institute of Educational Big Data of the National Bureau of Statistics, the ranking of the college’s reputation index has ranked first in the country for the second consecutive year. In the first ranking of innovative talent training in Chinese universities released by the Chinese Higher Education Institute, our college ranked 16th in the country’s vocational colleges; in the “2017 Higher Vocational College Rankings” jointly released by the Institute of Data and Digitalization and Guangzhou Daily “Ranked 13th in the country, and ranked the first in the province in terms of workplace competitiveness index and education competitiveness index in the” 2018 Higher Vocational College Rankings “. According to the “2018 China Higher Vocational Colleges Competitiveness Ranking” jointly issued by the Chinese Academy of Science and Education Evaluation Research Institute and other departments, the college received a 5-star rating and entered the top 100 universities in the country.


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