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Henan Polytechnic University


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Introduction to Henan Polytechnic University

In 1909, Henan Polytechnic University (河南理工大学, website) was born in Jiaozuo, becoming China’s first mining institution of higher learning and the earliest college established in Henan Province. The school has gone through important historical periods such as Fuzhong Mining University, the private Jiaozuo Institute of Technology, the National Northwest Institute of Technology, the National Jiaozuo Institute of Technology, the Jiaozuo Institute of Mining, and the Jiaozuo Institute of Technology. It was renamed Henan University of Science and Technology in 2004. Henan province’s characteristic backbone universities based on local management, Henan Provincial People’s Government and the former State Administration of Work Safety have jointly established universities, and have been selected as the national “Middle and Western Universities Basic Capacity Construction Project” universities.

Henan Polytechnic University has three campuses: South Campus (2001 Century Road, Jiaozuo), North Campus (142 Jiefang Middle Road, Jiaozuo), and West Campus (55 Jianshe West Road, Jiaozuo). The area is over 1.4 million square meters. There are 22 teaching colleges, international education colleges, and continuing education colleges (safety technology training centers); 78 undergraduate majors covering nine disciplines of engineering, science, management, economics, law, literature, education, arts, and medicine. Enrollment nationwide, with more than 40,000 full-time students; establish friendly and cooperative relations with 76 universities and research institutions in more than 30 countries and regions, and organize 4 undergraduate education projects in cooperation with well-known foreign universities. Established 54 national, provincial and ministerial scientific research platforms, humanities and social science bases, including national and local joint engineering laboratories, national key laboratory cultivation bases, and 43 teaching and research innovation teams at and above provincial and ministerial levels; electrical and electronic, engineering training centers were established Waiting for 5 national experimental teaching demonstration centers and 3 national virtual simulation experimental teaching centers (including projects), the total value of teaching and scientific research equipment is 748 million yuan, the total value of fixed assets is 2.22 billion yuan, and more than 3.29 million volumes of paper books To modernize teaching and research conditions. Provincial university science and technology park, “Chongchuang Space” and national colleges and universities innovation and entrepreneurship base; 3 libraries, 2 affiliated hospitals; 10G campus network backbone and information portal platform, full campus wireless network coverage, Obtained “Advanced Unit of Higher Education Informatization” and “Demonstration Base for Internet Application Innovation and Open Platform” by the Ministry of Education; has built a large modern gymnasium with a total area of 140,000 square meters, and has undertaken many large-scale sports events such as CUBA and CUFA , Is the “National Mass Sports Advanced Unit” named by the State General Administration of Sports; the student apartment and the cafeteria have been rated as “model student apartments” and “model student canteens” in Henan Province.

Henan Polytechnic University has a strong talent team. There are 3114 faculty members, including 1028 senior titles and 1068 doctoral degrees. There are 13 academicians (including dual employment) in the two academic institutes, 3 national candidates for the multi-million talent project, 32 experts who enjoy special government stickers from the State Council, national teaching teachers, national model teachers, national outstanding teachers, and new century outstanding talents of the Ministry of Education , More than 200 provincial distinguished professors, outstanding provincial management experts, provincial teaching teachers, provincial and ministerial academic leaders, and provincial backbone teachers.


Henan Polytechnic University’s engineering discipline has entered the top 1% of the ESI global ranking; the mining engineering discipline ranked 51-75 in the “Soft Science World-Class Discipline” ranking in 2018, and is the only top 100 discipline in the world in Henan Province; safety science and engineering Ranked third in the country in the fourth round of disciplinary evaluations, and is the only Class A discipline in ordinary universities in the province; it has 2 provincial characteristic disciplines, 22 provincial-level key disciplines, 5 post-doctoral research stations, and 6 first-level stations Subjects include doctoral programs, 21 first-level master’s programs, and 16 authorized master’s degree programs. They have the right to waive the master’s degree and be eligible for undergraduate, master’s, and master’s degree programs. Approved the national engineering graduate training joint demonstration base. The school is a university implemented by the Ministry of Education’s “Outstanding Engineer Education Training Plan”. 10 majors have passed the national engineering education certification, and have been approved by the national teaching team, teaching masters, experimental teaching demonstration centers and other national undergraduate teaching quality engineering projects, gaining 88. National and provincial teaching achievement awards.

Since the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, Henan Polytechnic University has undertaken more than 650 national scientific research projects, including 13 major and key projects, more than 500 national natural science funds, 38 national social science funds, and a total of 1.6 billion yuan in research funding 404 national and provincial ministerial scientific and technological achievement awards, including 7 second-class national scientific and technological progress awards; more than 2,000 papers included in SCI, more than 40 papers included in “three newspapers and one journal” and first-level journals; 1019 invention patents granted Items, won 2 Chinese Patent Excellence Awards, ranked second in Henan Province’s top ten universities for comprehensive intellectual property rights for the second consecutive year, holds 1,690 effective invention patents, ranks 89th in Chinese universities, and has become the national coal Industry and the province’s important social and economic development personnel training base, science and technology innovation base and safety training base.


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