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Henan Institute of Science and Technology


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Introduction to Henan Institute of Science and Technology

Henan Institute of Science and Technology (河南科技学院, website) is a provincial undergraduate college. The school was founded in 1939. It was formerly the Department of Biology of the Yan’an Academy of Natural Sciences, which was founded in the early days of the Communist Party of China. Baiquan Agricultural College, Henan Vocational and Technical Teachers College, and other periods. In May 2004, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, it was renamed the Henan Institute of Science and Technology.

Henan Institute of Science and Technology is located in Xinxiang City, Henan, a civilized city and national sanitary city. It covers an area of 2176 acres and covers an area of 620,000 square meters. Since its establishment 80 years ago, its disciplines have covered 9 university disciplines including agronomy, engineering, science, management, education, literature, economics, law, and arts. It has 21 teaching colleges and 66 undergraduate majors. Independent College-New Academy of Sciences, 28,230 full-time ordinary students. The library has a total of 3.01 million volumes of various literature resources, and more than 1,500 Chinese and foreign language periodicals. The school has 15 national specialty specialty, comprehensive reform pilot specialty, outstanding professional teacher training plan reform pilot specialty and outstanding agricultural and forestry talent training plan reform pilot specialty, etc., Henan first-class specialty, characteristic specialty, comprehensive reform pilot specialty, undergraduate project There are 29 majors such as pilots in reforming the training mode of educational talents. The school is a project-authorized construction unit authorized by Henan Province. There are 10 provincial key first-level disciplines, of which crop science has been rated as the provincial A-level specialty disciplines. There are 12 academic first-level disciplines authorized for academic master’s degrees, and 7 professional master’s degree authorization categories. The school is a collaborative innovation unit of the national “2011” plan. It has a Henan Collaborative Innovation Center and two academician workstations. The school has 43 national-level virtual simulation experimental teaching platforms, 43 provincial and ministerial key laboratories, international cooperation laboratories, engineering technology research centers, and experimental teaching demonstration centers. There are Henan Province science and technology innovation teams, provincial college science and technology innovation teams, and provincial There are 40 university teaching teams and provincial outstanding grass-roots teaching organizations. It has a national-level modern bee industry technology comprehensive experimental station and a modern cotton industry technology system common technology research center in Henan Province. It is the first batch of “National Key Construction Vocational Teacher Training Bases” determined by the Ministry of Education and “National Higher Vocational Teacher Training”. base”.

Henan Institute of Science and Technology has won 3 national teaching achievement awards and more than 50 provincial teaching achievement awards. In the past three years, students have participated in the National Blue Bridge Cup Software and Information Technology Professional Talent Contest, the National College Students Mathematical Modeling Contest, the National Robotics Contest, the National “Internet +” College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest, and the National “Challenge Cup” College Students Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Works Contest In the competitions, more than 200 national awards were obtained. Since the establishment of the school, more than 120,000 senior professionals have been trained for the country. Among them are scientific and technological talents represented by Zhang Xinyou, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and excellent grassroots management talents represented by young and middle-aged experts who have made outstanding contributions to the country. The business elite represented by Henan Guang’an Group Chairman Gao Tianzeng, as well as many outstanding teachers and management backbones of vocational colleges and middle schools, as well as a large number of provincial, department and county government senior management talents, they are the economic construction of Henan Province and even China And social development have made outstanding contributions.

Henan Institute of Science and Technology currently has 1,678 faculty members, including 1363 full-time teachers, 128 senior professional and technical personnel such as professors, 421 associate senior professional and technical personnel such as associate professors, more than 420 doctoral and master supervisors, and dual academicians There are 7 scholars in Central Plains, 24 specially-appointed professors in Henan Province, and 24 specially-appointed professors at the university level. Existing state has 11 outstanding young and middle-aged science and technology management experts and 13 experts enjoying special allowances from the State Council; 13 outstanding experts from Henan Province and 13 experts enjoying special allowances from the Henan Provincial Government; 12 national model teachers and outstanding teachers; support plan for outstanding talents in the new century 20 famous teachers in Henan Province, 20 academic and technical leaders in Henan Province; 23 model teachers and outstanding teachers in Henan Province; 104 outstanding middle-aged and young backbone teachers in Henan Province. More than 70 well-known experts and scholars at home and abroad are employed as part-time professors and visiting professors.

Henan Institute of Science and Technology has completed international cooperation projects, including 3933 scientific research projects including the National “863”, “973” Plan, Natural Science Foundation of China, Major Scientific and Technological Research Projects, and Major Scientific and Technological Special Support Plan of Genetically Modified Organisms, and won 1,605 scientific and technological achievement awards, of which 1,605 3 National Technology Invention Awards and 7 National Science and Technology Progress Awards. In 1985, the wheat variety “Bai Nong 3217” hosted by the school won the second prize of the National Technical Invention Award, which achieved a leap-forward improvement in wheat production level in Huanghuai region. He won the first prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, made significant contributions to the national grain production and the construction of the Central Plains Economic Zone, and was awarded by the Henan Provincial People’s Government.

Henan Institute of Science and Technology has actively integrated into national strategies such as the Belt and Road Initiative, the core area of grain production, the Central Plains Economic Zone, the Zhengluo New National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, and the Central Plains Urban Agglomeration. Transformational development of independent colleges. The school actively carries out social services and continuously increases the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. In 2018, scientific and technological statistics of colleges and universities showed that our university’s technology transfer revenue ranked 47th in the country.

The university has established friendly and cooperative relations with more than 20 universities in more than 10 countries including the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Ukraine. Cooperating with the University of South Australia in Australia; establishing an international joint graduate school with Sumy National Agricultural University in Ukraine; co-establishing a crop genomics and genetic improvement laboratory with East Carolina State University; co-establishing automation with Rockwell Automation Laboratory; establishment of a demonstration center for science and technology in agriculture and animal husbandry in Kyrgyzstan. Perennial foreign experts from the United States, Britain, Canada and other countries are employed to teach.

Henan Institute of Science and Technology has been awarded the Top Ten Contributors to Henan Higher Education in the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. The 40th anniversary of the reform and opening-up has a domestic influence. Best units, National advanced social practice unit for college students, National best summer practice university, Advanced collective for graduate employment in Henan colleges and universities, Advanced unit for teacher training in Henan Province, Henan Province Digital campus demonstration unit for universities, Henan Province Demonstration school and many other honorary titles.


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