Henan Agricultural University

Henan Agricultural University

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Introduction to Henan Agricultural University

Henan Agricultural University (河南农业大学) has gone through more than 100 years of school running. The school originated from the Henan University Hall founded in 1902, and has gone through the stages of running a school such as Henan Higher School, Henan Higher School, Henan Public Agricultural College, National Fifth Sun Yat-sen University Agriculture, and Henan University Agricultural College. In 1952, when the national colleges and departments were adjusted, they were re-independent and renamed Henan Agricultural College. In December 1984, it was renamed Henan Agricultural University. In September 2009, it became the first provincial agricultural university jointly established by the Ministry of Agriculture and the local provincial government. In November 2012, it became a university jointly established by the State Forestry Administration and the provincial government. In May 2013, the Henan Grain Crops Collaborative Innovation Center led by the school was selected into the country’s first batch of “2011 plans.”

Henan Agricultural University consists of 20 colleges with 10 colleges in agriculture, engineering, science, economics, management, law, literature, medicine, education and art. It has 1 first-level national key discipline, 4 Henan Province’s dominant and characteristic disciplines, 19 provincial and ministerial key disciplines; 7 post-doctoral research stations; 9 doctoral degree authorized first-level disciplines, and 18 master’s degree authorized first-level disciplines. , 9 master’s degree categories; 76 undergraduate majors. More than 30,000 students of all types.

Henan Agricultural University has 2162 faculty members. Among them, 757 are professors, associate professors and other senior professional and technical positions, and 865 are doctors. 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 2 winners of the National Outstanding Youth Science Fund, 2 professors specially invited by the Changjiang Scholars of the Ministry of Education, 8 selected by the National Ten Thousand People Program, 3 middle-aged and young experts with outstanding contributions from the country, and 10 million talents There are 9 national candidates for the project, 3 experts who have won the National Chinese Agricultural Talent Award, 2 national backbone teachers, 40 experts who enjoy special allowances from the State Council, 12 post scientists from the modern agricultural industry technology system of the Ministry of Agriculture, and 4 candidates from the Henan Provincial Hundred Talents Program. There are 8 scholars in Central Plains and 18 professors in the province.

Henan Agricultural University has established the National “2011 Plan” Henan Grain Crops Collaborative Innovation Center, the State Key Laboratory of Wheat and Maize Crop Science, the National Wheat Engineering Technology Research Center, the New Rural Development Research Institute, and the National Rural Informatization Model Province Information service platform, National International Joint Research Center for Animal Immunology, CIMMYT-China (Henan) Wheat and Corn Joint Research Center, 7 international and national research platforms, National Corn Improvement Zhengzhou Branch, Ministry of Education forest tree germplasm resource innovation and growth 70 provincial and ministerial research platforms including the Key Laboratory of Development Regulation, the Key Laboratory of Animal Growth and Development Regulation of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Key Laboratory of Rural Renewable Energy of the Ministry of Agriculture, and the National Tobacco Cultivation Physiology and Biochemistry Research Base

Henan Agricultural University has three campuses including Wenzhou Road in Zhengzhou City, Longzi Lake and Xuchang New District, covering an area of 2.835 million square meters. It has built an information network environment that connects the three campuses of the two places with comprehensive coverage, and a digital campus comprehensive application information sharing platform. Facing the needs of national and local economic and social development, the university has long made positive contributions to national food security and local economic and social development. In recent years, the school has adhered to scientific development, insisted on both scale and connotation, took reform as the driving force, disciplinary construction as the leader, and highlighted the characteristics of running a school. Teaching and research universities with distinctive characteristics strive to become a cultivation base for senior agricultural talents in Henan, a base for agricultural science and technology innovation, an incubation base for agricultural high-tech, and a research base for agricultural development strategies.


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