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Introduction to Heilongjiang University

Heilongjiang University (黑龙江大学, website) is a comprehensive university jointly established by the Ministry of Education and the People’s Government of Heilongjiang Province. It is a university jointly established by the National Defense Technology Industry Bureau and Heilongjiang Province. For more than 70 years, Heilongjiang University has promoted and served China-Russia strategic cooperative partnership in the national global strategic framework, strengthened the dominant position and leading role of Russian majors, and realized the direction of talent cultivation, scientific research, foreign exchange and cooperation, and society. Services and other aspects of docking with Russia, forming a unique feature of colleges and universities in Russia. As a comprehensive university with the most comprehensive disciplines, the broadest professional coverage, and the strongest late-comer advantage in Heilongjiang Province, it adheres to Longjiang and faces the whole country, and strives to provide high-end talent support, intellectual support, and scientific and technological services for local and national economic and social development. And cultural leadership. Since the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, Heilongjiang University has adhered to the development path of stabilizing scale, optimizing structure, improving quality, and strengthening management. 12 Focused on building a connotative development model of the trinity of teaching, scientific research, and disciplines. Competitiveness and social reputation have improved significantly. The three disciplines of chemistry, materials and engineering have entered the top 1% of ESI global rankings. In the fourth round of national subject evaluations, our school ’s foreign language and literature disciplines were rated as A, philosophy disciplines were rated as B +, and law, Chinese language and literature, Marxist theory, library information and archives management were rated as B. The chemistry discipline was rated as B-, the two disciplines of electronics science and technology, and public management were rated as C +. The four disciplines of theoretical economics, political science, biology, information and communication engineering were rated as C, mathematics, ecology, The six disciplines of control science and engineering, computer science and technology, software engineering, and chemical engineering and technology are rated as C-category. The development speed and overall strength of the disciplines are among the highest in provincial universities. In 2018, Heilongjiang Province was approved to be a “double first-class” construction of a domestic first-class university in a class A university. Foreign languages and literature were approved as international first-class construction disciplines. Philosophy, law, Marxist theory, Chinese language and literature, library information and archives management were awarded 5 disciplines. Approved domestic first-class construction disciplines. In addition, the school has ranked among the top 100 universities in China for many years, and has entered the ranks of key universities in the “Chinese University and Discipline Professional Evaluation Report”.

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Heilongjiang University has a complete range of disciplines and obvious comprehensive advantages. It has a total of 30 teaching departments, with undergraduate majors covering 11 disciplines in philosophy, economics, law, teaching, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, management, and art. 86 Of which, there are 10 first-level disciplines authorized by doctoral degree, 35 first-level disciplines authorized by master’s degree, and 18 master’s degree categories; 2 national key disciplines (including cultivation), 1 discipline group, and 12 first-level disciplines are provincial Key disciplines; has 7 post-doctoral research stations, 3 post-doctoral research stations. Now it has 10 national specialty programs, 14 selected first-class national first-class undergraduate professional construction sites, 27 provincial key majors, 8 provincial first-class undergraduate professional construction sites, 10 national-level excellent courses, and national-level boutiques. 3 video public courses, 50 provincial excellent courses, 6 national teaching teams, 8 provincial teaching teams, 2 national talent training model innovation experimental areas, 1 national experimental teaching demonstration center, and provincial teaching Six demonstration centers were selected into 40 national planning textbooks. It was identified by the Ministry of Education as one of the first 9 pilot universities for entrepreneurship education in the country. The Sino-Russian Academy jointly established with the Russian Novosibirsk State University was listed by the Ministry of Education as one of the 17 national educational system reform pilot colleges Approved the “basic capacity building project of universities in the Midwest”, and was selected as the first batch of education bases for outstanding legal talents in the country.

Heilongjiang University adheres to the establishment of teaching, relies on high-quality educational resources, focuses on improving the quality of talent training and social adaptability, and trains high-quality, complex, innovative senior professionals around the needs of economic and social development. The quality of education is excellent and the teaching is excellent. Great results. In 2001 and 2008, the Ministry of Education’s evaluation of the undergraduate teaching level of ordinary colleges and universities have obtained excellent conclusions. A total of 7 national outstanding teaching achievement awards and 189 provincial outstanding teaching achievement awards were obtained; it has 1 “National 100 Outstanding Doctoral Dissertations”, 7 nominations (times), and 41 Heilongjiang Excellent Master Dissertations. There are more than 32,000 full-time students and more than 5,000 postgraduates of various types. Since the establishment of the school, it has cultivated nearly 260,000 outstanding graduates for Longjiang and the motherland, and has made important contributions to the national and local economic and social development. Among them are many political elites represented by Yan Mingfu, Zhang Zuoji, Jiang Daming, etc .; Several senior generals represented by Ye Zhengda and Liu Xiaojiang include dozens of outstanding diplomats of the Republic represented by Li Fenglin and Pan Zhanlin, as well as a large number of well-known experts and scholars represented by Li Xizhen and Lu Jiping. In the new period, advanced figures such as He Jianzhang, who has been awarded the National Moral Model Nomination Award, and Chen Shunda, who has been moved by the Internet, have also emerged.

Heilongjiang University has complete teaching facilities and excellent teaching conditions. The campus covers an area of 1.74 million square meters, with a construction area of 1.08 million square meters. The total value of teaching and scientific research equipment is 547 million yuan. It has a collection of more than 4 million books and can accommodate more than 30,000 people. The university town where students live and live, as well as the experimental infrastructure, teaching buildings, libraries, gymnasiums, swimming pools, catering centers, and other modern teaching resources such as broadband campus networks and multimedia.

Heilongjiang University has a strong faculty, a pool of well-known teachers and talents. There are nearly 2,800 faculty and staff, including nearly 1,700 full-time teachers, more than 900 graduate mentors, and more than 800 teachers with senior titles. Among them, 5 people have won the “National Teaching Teacher Award”, ranking 19th in the country, ranking the first in local universities; “National Excellent Teacher”, “National Model Teacher” and other national, provincial and ministerial honorary titles More than 200 winners; the school has 2 “Changjiang Scholars” specially-appointed professors, 1 “Yangtze River Scholars” young scholars, 1 National Outstanding Youth Science Fund winner, 6 “10,000 people” high-level talents, “New Century 6 national candidates for the “Millions of Talents Project”, 16 candidates for the “New Century Excellent Talents Support Program” of the Ministry of Education, 7 national “young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions”, and 1 winner of the “Putin Prize”, There were 5 winners of the “Pushkin Medal” and 59 “persons who enjoyed special government allowances from the State Council”.

Heilongjiang University adheres to the support of scientific research, focuses on improving the level of scientific and technological innovation, and strengthens its ability to serve economic and social development as the starting point. Now has the Ministry of Education’s 100 key research bases in the humanities and social sciences, the Russian Language and Literature and Culture Research Center, the China-Russia Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education, the Key Laboratory of Functional Inorganic Material Chemistry, the Ministry of Education, China-Russia Catalytic Technology International Cooperative joint laboratory, Engineering Research Center of Agricultural Microbiology Technology, Ministry of Education, National International Science and Technology Cooperation Base “International Joint Research Center of Catalysis Technology”, National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center of Optical Fiber Sensing Technology, National Sugar Improvement Center, Beet Quality Supervision of Ministry of Agriculture Inspection and testing centers and many other national high-end scientific research and innovation platforms; 4 provincial key research bases in philosophy and social sciences, 7 provincial key laboratories, 6 provincial engineering centers, 1 provincial technological innovation service platform, and provincial universities 13 humanities and social sciences key research bases, 7 provincial colleges and universities key laboratories, 3 provincial colleges and universities co-construct engineering and technology research and development centers, as well as more than 30 university-level scientific research such as the Russian Language, Literature and Culture Research Center and Educational Research Institute Institutions, now basically composed of multi-disciplinary, three-dimensional, complete Balanced scientific research innovation development system. Since the Tenth Five-year Plan period, it has received 307 National Social Science Funds and 360 National Natural Science Funds. Over 700 papers have been included in SCI, EI, and CSSCI for many years, and a total of more than 27,000 scientific research results have been obtained, of which More than 1,100 achievements have been awarded by the state, ministries and commissions, provincial awards, one national science and technology progress award, and 22 outstanding humanities and social science research awards in Chinese universities. The “Russian-Chinese Detailed Dictionary” compiled by Li Xizhen and Professor Guomin Guo won the National Book Award and was presented as a national gift to Russian state leaders. Heilongjiang University edited and published “Seek Truth”, “Journal of Foreign Languages”, “Journal of Natural Science”, “Chinese Sugar”, “Manchu Studies”, “Engineering Journal of Heilongjiang University”, “Heilongjiang Education”, “North Methodology”, “Russian Journal” High-level academic journals such as the Far East Economic and Trade Herald (in Russian) are publicly distributed at home and abroad.

Heilongjiang University firmly establishes the concept of “based on Longjiang, facing the whole country, and serving the society”. By integrating, condensing and optimizing the superior resources inside and outside the school, as well as school-enterprise cooperation, it has formed humanities and social science bases, key laboratories, engineering centers, and The university science and technology park-based comprehensive scientific and technological cultural innovation service system strives to make a positive contribution to strengthening the province through higher education and rejuvenating the country through science and education. In the field of humanities and social sciences, Heilongjiang University has brought into full play the role of “think tanks” and “think tanks”, focusing on Longjiang’s economic construction, social development, and cultural prosperity through extensive participation in decision-making consultation and undertaking high-level projects and applied research topics. Participate in the study of major theoretical and practical issues, and serve as a consultant for practical departments, serving local economic construction, economic and cultural exchanges with Russia, and the construction of a frontier cultural province. In the field of natural sciences, Heilongjiang University has strengthened the advantages and characteristics of science and engineering, and continuously strengthened the transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, especially in the fields of biotechnology, chemistry and chemical engineering, and electronic information. China’s first cluster of parallel database server systems, model-less controllers, IC card computer dispensers, L-lactic acid bacteria series of health care products and other scientific research projects have successfully achieved results transformation, generating economic benefits for Longjiang on average hundreds of millions of yuan. Heilongjiang University actively integrates scientific and technological resources and builds a platform for the transformation of achievements. Heilongjiang has established the first provincial university science park in Heilongjiang Province. It has formed a group of science and technology industries led by computer software and electronic information industries. The average annual output value is over 100 million yuan. Good social and economic benefits. Heilongjiang University-run Industrial University Book City is the largest book city in the country, with an annual turnover of more than 100 million yuan, and has been awarded the title of National Advanced Collective of the Cultural Industry; Heilongjiang University Press, as an outstanding representative of the local university press, has been awarded China Outstanding Publication Award, China Publishing Government Award, etc., and won the honorary title of “Top 100 Publishing Websites”.

Heilongjiang University attaches great importance to establishing and cultivating excellent school, study and teaching styles, taking the rich and diverse campus spiritual culture, system culture, material culture, and cultural activities as its carrier, and striving to build a harmonious campus with comprehensive education. Heilongjiang University has successfully undertaken the task of the main athletes’ village of the 24th World University Winter Games, and has pioneered Chinese universities in hosting international large-scale comprehensive sports events. It has successfully hosted the Asian Men ’s Basketball Championship, the National Women ’s Basketball A League, the China Model United Nations Convention, and education. The “May Flowers” large-scale campus cultural performances organized by the Ministry of Education and other large-scale cultural events that have extensive international and domestic influences. Heilongjiang University has created a caring platform through a comprehensive service system, and has opened up a one-stop service area for student work, the principal’s mailbox, academic tutor network platform, student work hotline, logistics service hotline, psychological counseling hotline, and “Campus 110” hotline. Heilongjiang University is a model school governed by law determined by the Ministry of Education and has won honorary titles such as “National Civilized Units”, “Provincial Civilized Units Models”, “Top Ten Harmonious Campuses in the Province”.

Heilongjiang University attaches great importance to the implementation of an international development strategy, insists on two-way international cooperation and exchanges of “bringing in” and “going out,” focusing on the characteristics of running a school in Russia, and has initially established a comprehensive and multi-level international exchange and cooperation. Chinese promotion work platform. At present, Heilongjiang University has established cooperative relationships with more than 70 universities in 19 countries, and has sent more than 4,000 students to the United States, Russia, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, and Egypt to train them to come to China. There are more than 23,000 international students, and an average of more than 300 overseas students are sent each year, and more than 1,700 international students are trained. The school has a Sino-Russian Humanities Cooperation and Shanghai Cooperation Organization Education Cooperation Russian Translation Center, and a Sino-Russian Academy of National Education System Reform Pilot School jointly established with the Russian Novosibirsk State University Russian Joint Graduate School, Russian High School, Moscow State University, Russian Test Center, Russian State University, St. Petersburg State University, the first Confucius Institute in Russia, and Confucius Institute of Technology, Dominica The college and other international exchange and cooperation platforms such as the Northeast Base for International Promotion of Chinese Language, which are jointly established with Jilin University, Liaoning University, and Yanbian University.


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