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Introduction to Hefei Technology College

Hefei Technology College (合肥职业技术学院, website) was established in 2002. It was formed by the merger and upgrading of three provincial key technical secondary schools in the former Chaohu Health School, Chaohu Agricultural School (Anhui Land Management School) and Chaohu Finance School. One of the schools. Subsequently, Anhui Automotive Advanced Technical School, Anhui Radio and Television University Chaohu Branch, and Chaohu Commercial Cadre School were successively incorporated. After the administrative division of Anhui Province was adjusted in August 2011, in April 2012, the Ministry of Education approved the rename of Chaohu Vocational and Technical College as Hefei Vocational and Technical College. It is currently the only municipal vocational college in Hefei, one of the first 16 local high-skilled universities in Anhui Province established by the Provincial Department of Education, and is a high-quality professional higher vocational college in the National “Innovative Development Action Plan”. Colleges and universities, the third China Quality Award nomination award winning unit, is the first civilization campus in Anhui Province.

Hefei Technology College now covers an area of 1,260 acres, with a total construction area of about 500,000 square meters and a total investment of about 2.3 billion yuan. There are 602 faculty members, including 505 full-time teachers, 30 professors, and 150 teachers with associate titles There are 175 part-time teachers inside and outside the school; there are more than 600,000 paper books, 36TB electronic books, more than 650 paper periodicals in Chinese and foreign languages, and 8596 electronic journals; there are 216 experimental training rooms on campus, and 140 external training bases More than 4,000 teaching computers. The school won the title of “Provincial School-Enterprise Cooperation Demonstration Base” and “Provincial Entrepreneurship Academy”.

Hefei Technology College focuses on three-year higher vocational education, and also offers radio and television university education and five-year higher vocational education starting from junior high school. Existing medical schools, colleges of nursing, colleges of automotive applications and rail transportation, colleges of mechanical and electrical engineering, colleges of biological engineering, colleges of information engineering and media (Internet of Things College), colleges of economics and tourism, colleges of architectural engineering, colleges of basic education, colleges of Marxism, Nearly 50 enrollment majors in 12 colleges including the College of Continuing Education. In 2019, our school’s automobile testing and maintenance technology backbone specialty, nursing backbone specialty, accounting backbone specialty, engineering cost backbone specialty, school-enterprise jointly build a production training base for FAW-Volkswagen 4S shop, and school-enterprise jointly build a health technology training base. 2. Nursing professional vocational ability training virtual simulation training center, IoT technology application specialty “dual teacher” teacher training and training base, and e-commerce specialty “dual teacher” teacher training and training base were recognized by the Ministry of Education as “Higher Vocational Education Innovation and Development Action Plan (2015-2018) “project.

Hefei Technology College is approved by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health as a “training base for under-skilled professionals in the nursing profession”, a “NIT talent training base” approved by the Ministry of Education, a computer system high-skilled talent training base in Anhui Province, and a motor vehicle repair in Anhui Practitioners qualification examination sites, Anhui Province safety production qualification examination sites. The school has Anhui National Vocational Training Center, National Vocational Skills Appraisal Station and other institutions. In 2015, the school was the first batch of pilot schools designated by the Department of Education of Anhui Province, the Department of Transportation of Anhui Province, the Department of Public Security of Anhui Province, and the Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Anhui Province as the first batch of pilot schools. As of November 2019, the school has more than 18,000 full-time vocational students and 5,359 students in other types of diploma education.

Hefei Technology College relies on Hefei’s pillar industries and large and medium-sized enterprises within the modern vocational education group to continuously forge ahead, reform and innovate, and the overall strength of school running has been steadily improved, forming a distinctive, flexible, and dynamic school running model and mechanism. It has achieved good social effects in talent training and social services.

In order to better serve the economic and social development of Hefei, Hefei Technology College has proposed a “one school, two districts and one park” (“One School” is the Hefei Vocational and Technical College, “two districts”) based on the school’s strength, conditions and positioning. It is the strategic concept of Chaohu Gushan Campus and Hexin Huixinhu Campus, and “One Garden” is a college innovation and entrepreneurship incubation park on Jinzhai Road in Hefei. In September 2018, Hexin Huixin Lake Campus was completed and put into use. Hexin Huixin Lake Campus mainly builds professional groups around Hefei’s pillar industries and strategic emerging industries. At present, it has established six professional groups covering mechanical and electrical, information, economic and trade tourism, rail transportation, art, and design. Influential specialty brand specialty. The Chaohu Gushan Campus combines the regional development positioning of Chaohu City with the goal of developing the college’s traditional advantages in medicine-related specialties, retaining biology, architecture, and automotive specialties, further expanding the medical-related professional fields, and creating a talent training base for the health industry. Jinzhai Road Shuangchuang Park aims to improve students’ ability to innovate and start business, provides professional internship training, serves local economic development, and builds an industrial park for high-tech vocational colleges in Hefei.

Hefei Technology College will be built into a “benchmark in the province and a domestic first-class” high-level university of technical skills and a national high-quality college and vocational college.


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