Hefei Professional College of Economics and Technology

Hefei Professional College of Economics and Technology


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Introduction to Hefei Professional College of Economics and Technology

Hefei Professional College of Economics and Technology (合肥经济技术职业学院, website) was established in June 2001 with the approval of the People’s Government of Anhui Province authorized by the Ministry of Education. It is a full-time general vocational college. The college is committed to cultivating high-end technical talents who are oriented to the society, closely follow the economy, and focus on the front line.

The college is located at 360 Huanhu East Road (Dongpu Road), Luyang District, Hefei (200 meters north of the intersection of the West Second Ring Road and the North Second Ring Road). It is located on the shore of Shushan Lake in the scenic area of the western suburbs of Hefei, with surrounding mountains (Dashu Mountain), Ershui (Dongpu Reservoir, Dafangyu Reservoir), Three Districts (Luyang District, Shushan District, High-tech Zone), Fourth Garden (Botanical Garden, Mohe Garden, Forest Park, Wetland Park).

The campus building complex is designed in European style, and the teaching, living and leisure and sports functions are divided into scientific areas. The school is shaded by trees, fresh air and beautiful surroundings, making it an ideal place to study and live.

Hefei Professional College of Economics and Technology has a building area of more than 110,000 square meters and can accommodate more than 9,000 students. There are modern teaching buildings, practical training centers, computer network centers, academic lecture halls, libraries, gymnasiums, apartment-like student dormitories, standard sports fields, and standard football fields, providing a good environment for students to study and live.

Hefei Professional College of Economics and Technology currently has seven teaching units: Electronic Information Department, Management Department, Construction Engineering Department, Economics and Trade Department, Media Design Department, Ideological and Political Teaching Department and Public Basic Department. There are currently more than 6,600 students.

Hefei Professional College of Economics and Technology, in order to enrich the campus amateur cultural life of the majority of students, has approved more than 20 student associations with the approval of the college Youth League Committee, covering seven major categories such as sports, literature, language, art, marketing, architecture, and management. Students with different hobbies participated; the annual campus science, technology, culture and arts festival, and the campus autumn sports meets also present a variety of cultural, art, technology and sports activities.

Hefei Professional College of Economics and Technology adheres to the party’s education policy, focuses on educating people, and is employment-oriented. Promote quality education in an all-round way, and strive to train compound technical talents with comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, physical fitness and beauty. The teaching mode of “graduate certificate + vocational qualification certificate” is adopted in teaching to enhance students’ social adaptability and competitiveness, so that students can not only obtain academic credentials, but also have at least one vocational qualification certificate. In addition, the college has strengthened cooperation with well-known enterprises through the “order-based” training model, and has extensively established high-quality off-campus training and employment bases.

Hefei Professional College of Economics and Technology truly embodies the principle of “enterprise-run school, expert governance”. The college has hired a group of well-known experts, scholars, and artists as professional leaders from universities such as the University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei University of Technology, An University of Technology, and An University of Technology. It has played a positive role in improving the teaching quality of the college and provided a strong guarantee for the scientific management of the department. The college has more than 400 full-time and part-time teachers, including more than 60 professors and associate professors. The college also hires part-time teachers with practical experience from enterprises to improve the consistency of “learning at school and used by enterprises” and enhance students’ employment competitiveness and job adaptability.

Hefei Professional College of Economics and Technology was approved by the Anhui Provincial Admissions and Examination Institute in 2014, and the Higher Education Self-study Examination and Learning Service Center was established. With the cooperation agreement for undergraduate self-study exams, students can study for a bachelor’s degree while studying at a college. In 2017, the College Higher Education Self-study Examination and Learning Service Center turned smoothly.

Hefei Professional College of Economics and Technology Admissions and Employment Division has a separate employment guidance teaching and research group, with a number of specialized employment instructors. It has established internship and employment bases in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other places. The college takes “basic knowledge, wide knowledge, strong practice, and high quality” as the quality standard, and is committed to training “three cadres and three innovations” talents who are capable, capable, hard-working, innovative spirit, entrepreneurial spirit, and creative ability. Widely praised and welcomed by society. In recent years, the college’s graduate employment rate has reached more than 95%.

Hefei Professional College of Economics and Technology has established national scholarships, national inspirational scholarships, national scholarships, outstanding student scholarships, work-study scholarships, and national aids in order to motivate the students of Guangzhou University to study hard and forge ahead, and also to help poor students successfully complete their studies. A series of awards such as student loans. The financial aid for poor students is 2000-4000 yuan / year, the scholarship is up to 8000 yuan / year, and the percentage of students in school is over 35%.


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