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Introduction to Hebei Institute of Communications

Hebei Institute of Communications (河北传媒学院, website) is a full-time non-government institution of higher learning, mainly in the fields of media and art, and compatible with many disciplines including art, literature, engineering, management, and teaching.

Hebei Institute of Communications was founded in 2000. In 2005, preparations were made for the promotion of the undergraduates, and the first undergraduate students were enrolled. In 2007, the Ministry of Education approved the formal promotion to undergraduate colleges. In 2011, it was approved by the National Degree Committee to obtain full-time master’s degree admission qualifications. In 2013, it began to jointly train doctoral students with the Chinese Academy of Arts. In 2015, it was identified as a “transition development” pilot university in Hebei Province, and passed the undergraduate teaching qualification of the Ministry of Education. Evaluation. The school covers an area of 2060 mu and has two campuses, the Xing’an Campus and the Police Campus. There are graduate schools, colleges of film and television arts, colleges of journalism and communication, colleges of fine arts and design, colleges of dance arts, colleges of performing arts, colleges of arts and sports, colleges of digital arts and animation, colleges of music, colleges of information technology and cultural management, colleges of international communications, Football colleges, continuing education colleges and other secondary colleges. There are 44 undergraduate majors, 18 junior college majors, and 3 master’s graduate majors. There are more than 18,000 students.

With the construction and development of Hebei Institute of Communications in the past 20 years, the school has gradually formed a faculty team that can meet the needs of teaching and scientific research, and has a more and more reasonable structure of academic degrees, professional titles, and ages. Has “media fusion cloud experimental teaching demonstration center” and “all-media digital music experimental teaching demonstration center”. Provincial college students’ off-campus practical education bases and professional degree graduate training practice bases, as well as university-level internship bases, experimental training rooms, etc. have been established. The 4000-square-meter Cultural and Creative Industry Park can be used for 3,000 students internships each year, a 1200-square-meter studio, a 400-square-meter integrated media studio, a panoramic studio, a virtual studio, a special photography laboratory, a mixing studio, a sound studio, and a pre-mix studio And so on to reach domestic and industry advanced levels.

Hebei Institute Of Communications Library has over 1.5 million Chinese and foreign paper books, more than 2.34 million electronic books, and more than 30,000 Chinese and foreign paper periodicals and electronic periodicals. Purchased Wanfang Data Knowledge Service Platform and CNKI Database , Chaoxinghuiya e-books, Imagine Star e-books, Chaoxing Mobile Library, E-Bo Online, etc .; WeChat public account, characteristic self-built library was opened, and the Super Star Goethe e-book lending machine and E-Bo online books and newspapers were integrated The 24-hour reading platform of fixed electronic resources such as touch screen, campus information construction meets the requirements of teaching and scientific research.

Hebei Institute Of Communications in the past 5 years, the school has undertaken more than 200 provincial and provincial vertical topics and nearly 100 horizontal topics; published more than 1,300 academic papers, including more than 200 core journals; published 70 academic books and textbooks, creating various More than 300 art works (pieces). He has received more than 300 awards for achievements, including 1 award for outstanding achievements in social sciences and 1 award for teaching achievements in Hebei Province. The dance “Chinese Dream · Trade Quotes” won the Chinese Dance “Lotus Award”, and “Mother’s Mind” was approved in 2019. The National Art Fund project has achieved zero breakthroughs in our university’s national scientific research projects. The film “Banner” won three nominations for Best Director, Children’s Film, and Music at the Chinese Golden Rooster and Baihua Film Festival, and the teacher participated in the production of the “Green Great Wall” “Won the Best Science and Education Film Award of the 28th Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival, the documentary” Beautiful Qin Yi “won the Best Documentary Short Film Award of China (Weihai) International Micro Film Festival, and the arranged” Hai Ying and Her Moms “won the culture The “Star Awards” Gold Medal of the Ministry; student photographic works were selected into the 27th National Photography Art Exhibition, becoming the college with the most shortlisted works in this exhibition. The feature films “Resurrection of the Qin Terracotta Warriors” and “China’s Urban Rail” were broadcast on CCTV’s comprehensive, science and education channels; in the large-scale chorus “Hebei full of hope” held in Hebei Province to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the PRC, he played a major role and received Commendation from the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government. In addition, the school also undertook the production and post-editing of the movies “The Great Cause of the Founding of the Party”, “The Great Cause of Founding of the People’s Republic of China”, “Assault and Assault”, “Lv Jianjiang” and the TV series “In the Bloom of Peach Blossoms” and “District Squad”. The series of documentary “Food China”, in cooperation with the National Military Network, completed the “Blood Soldier List” and so on. Dance, music, and broadcasting host art teachers and students to perform on CCTV, Hunan TV Spring Festival Gala, Internet Spring Festival, and May Day Gala. The school’s original stage play “Little Soldier Zhang Ga” and “Happy International Village” performed in the “elite theater” of the People’s Hall of Shijiazhuang, which greatly stimulated the cultural life of the people in the provincial capital. Among them, “Little Soldier Zhang Ga” toured more than 150 shows nationwide and performed in Britain, Russia and other countries, gaining a good social reputation.

Hebei Institute Of Communications has won the National May 1st Labor Certificate, and has been honored as one of the top ten privately-run universities in the country, national fifth-A social organizations, and green schools. President Li Jinyun was elected as the most popular university president.

Hebei Institute Of Communications has been ranked in the rankings of Chinese art private universities for several years and Hebei Province’s private universities ranked first in teaching quality; it has been ranked among the best in the annual national art private universities ranking in the national university rankings.


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