Hebei Agricultural University

Hebei Agricultural University


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Introduction to Hebei Agricultural University

Hebei Agricultural University (河北农业大学, website) is a provincial key backbone university jointly established by the People’s Government of Hebei Province, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and the National Forestry and Grassland Bureau, the National Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Demonstration Base, the National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Reform Model College, and the Ministry of Education The “Excellent Engineer Education and Training Plan” implements universities, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and the National Forestry and Grassland Administration implemented the first batch of “Excellent Agriculture and Forestry Personnel Education and Training Plan” implementation of universities, and the first batch of universities selected as the “central and western colleges and universities basic capacity building project.

Hebei Agricultural University, founded in 1902, is one of the earliest universities in China to implement higher agricultural education, and Hebei Province established the earliest universities. Its predecessor was Zhili Agricultural School, which was founded in 1902. It has experienced Zhili Agricultural School, Zhili Higher Agricultural School, Zhili Public Agricultural College, Hebei Provincial Agricultural College, Hebei Agricultural College, Hebei Agricultural University, etc. In the historical period, during the adjustment of the institutions in the 1950s, the school forest system was reorganized to Beijing, and Beijing Forestry College (now Beijing Forestry University) was established. The animal husbandry and veterinary department was reorganized to Inner Mongolia, and participated in the formation of Inner Mongolia Agriculture and Animal Husbandry. College (now Inner Mongolia Agricultural University), the reorganization of the farmland water conservancy department was reorganized to Wuhan, and participated in the establishment of the Wuhan Water Conservancy and Hydropower College (now merged with Wuhan University). In 1995 it merged with the former Hebei Forestry College to form the new Hebei Agricultural University. In 2000, the former Hebei Fisheries School and the former Hebei Animal Science and Technology School were merged into Hebei Agricultural University.

The campus of Hebei Agricultural University covers an area of ??2765 acres, with a construction area of ??1.344 million square meters; more than 2.58 million volumes of paper books; total value of equipment and equipment is 744 million yuan, and fixed assets are 2.56 billion yuan; more than 3,700 mu of affiliated experimental farms and more than 40,000 mu of forest farms . At present, there are 39,731 full-time undergraduates (including 7,694 undergraduates of Modern Science and Technology), 2,339 full-time masters, 360 part-time masters, and 374 doctoral students; 3,100 faculty members, including 1988 full-time teachers; 453 professors and corresponding professional titles, 931 associate professors and corresponding professional titles; 230 doctoral tutors and 865 master tutors, with tens of millions of national talent projects, national ten thousand people program, special government allowances of the State Council, provincial management experts and other talents 143 Number of people, 3 national teaching teachers, 4 national model teachers, 14 provincial teaching teachers, 16 provincial outstanding teachers, 3 provincial model teachers.

Hebei Agricultural University has 28 colleges (departments); 8 post-doctoral research stations; 11 first-level discipline doctoral programs, 1 professional degree doctoral program; 24 first-level discipline master programs, 12 professional degree master programs; 89 undergraduate majors. 4 disciplines are included in the “double first-class” discipline construction sequence of Hebei Province; there are 1 national key (cultivation) discipline, 3 ministerial level key disciplines, 4 Hebei Province strong characteristic disciplines, 16 Hebei Province key disciplines; agricultural science, The two disciplines of plant and animal science entered the top 1% of ESI global rankings. A discipline system of multidisciplinary integration and coordinated development of “agriculture, engineering, management, science, economics, law, art, and art” has been formed with the leading disciplines of agriculture as the lead.

Hebei Agricultural University has consistently ranked among the top universities in the province in terms of the number of scientific and technological innovation projects, the total amount of funding, and the level and number of awards. It owns “National Agricultural Engineering Technology Research Center in Northern Mountainous Areas”, and has 54 national, provincial and ministerial key laboratories (engineering centers, bases, test stations, collaborative innovation centers); 20 national experts in modern agricultural industrial technology systems, 61 provincial. Since the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, it has undertaken 1,409 national, provincial and ministerial-level major scientific and technological projects, allocated 1.141 billion yuan in scientific research funding, approved 92 new varieties, 691 patents, and 2,790 three index papers. It has won 375 scientific and technological awards above the provincial and ministerial level, including 8 national second prizes.

Hebei Agricultural University has been awarded the title of “National Advanced Primary Party Organization” three times, and twice the title of “Advanced Ordinary University for Party Building and Ideological and Political Work”. In 2011 and 2015, he was named the “National Civilized Unit” twice; in 2013, he was awarded the “May 1 Labor Award”.


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