Hanzhong Vocational and Technical College

Hanzhong Vocational and Technical College


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Introduction to Hanzhong Vocational and Technical College

Established in 2004, Hanzhong Vocational and Technical College (汉中职业技术学院, website) is approved by the Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government and filed by the Ministry of Education. It is a full-time public college run by the Hanzhong People’s Government. The teaching business is managed and guided by the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education. In 2010, the college successfully passed the evaluation of talent training by the Ministry of Education. In December 2015, it was identified by Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education as a provincial-level demonstration higher vocational college construction plan construction unit. The college has been awarded the “Shaanxi Safe Campus” and “Shaanxi Province” Educational System Civilized Campus “” Shaanxi Teachers Moral Education Advanced Collective “” Shaanxi Provincial Standardization Demonstration School “” Shaanxi Professional and Technical Personnel Continuing Education Training Base “.

Hanzhong Vocational and Technical College is located in Hanzhong City, a charming city with world characteristics, an excellent tourist city in China, a national historical and cultural city, and the most beautiful city in Shaanxi Province. It covers an area of ??more than 690 acres and has a building area of ??290,000 square meters. There are more than 11,000 people, and the total value of teaching equipment is 121 million. The campus environment is elegant and the scenery is pleasant. It is an ecological park-type higher education institution that integrates Han culture and modern elements. It is an ideal place for students to become talents.

The college has 11 party and government management departments, agro-forestry technology and bioengineering college, automotive and mechatronics engineering college, normal college, clinical medical school, nursing college, college of pharmacy and medical technology, college of economics and management, college of civil engineering, basic courses Teaching and auxiliary institutions such as the Ministry of Education, the College of Continuing Education, the Marxist College, the Library and Information Center, the Sports Management Center, the Key Laboratory of Clinical Molecular Biology and the Affiliated Hospital, the Affiliated Hanzhong People’s Hospital, and the Hanzhong Vocational Automobile Driving Training School. There are 6 professional groups in medicine, economic management, agriculture and forestry, education, electromechanical, and civil engineering, 38 tertiary majors, 6 provincial key majors, 3 provincial first-class cultivation majors, and a central financial support. 5 training bases and 5 provincial-level demonstration training bases, 4 vocational skill appraisal stations, 1 Hanzhong expert workstation, and 10 comprehensive training centers in the school, and cooperate with enterprises and industries to build stable out-of-school training More than 200 bases.

Hanzhong Vocational and Technical College has a total of 473 faculty and part-time teachers, including 127 professors and associate professors, 205 masters and doctors, accounting for 43.3%, and “double teacher” quality teachers accounting for 68.3%. In recent years, two doctors of the college have been selected into the “Thousand Talents Program” in Shaanxi Province, and more than 20 teachers have been awarded “Outstanding Teachers in Shaanxi Province”, “Masters in Teaching in Shaanxi Province Colleges”, “Masters in Shaanxi Province Ideology and Politics Teaching”, “Shaanxi University Ideology and Politics Course More than 10 people have been selected as the backbone of teaching, “outstanding counselors in colleges and universities in the province”, and more than 10 people have been selected as young talents in the Shaanxi Youth Science and Technology Plan, Shaanxi Innovative Talents Promotion Plan, and “Three One One” talents in Hanzhong City. Teachers have won more than 100 awards in national and provincial education and teaching ability contests, published more than 150 books, edited and edited teaching materials, and published more than 1,600 papers.

Hanzhong Vocational and Technical College attaches great importance to the improvement of the quality of talent training, and has formed a talent training model of “simultaneous virtues, position leadership, integration of production and education, and integration of rationality and practicality”. The teaching model of “alternation of work and study, task-driven, project-oriented, post-employment”, and more than 20 companies jointly organized more than 20 “classes co-construction, joint management, cooperative school, collaborative education” order classes. In the past two years, students have won more than 200 person-times in national and provincial skills competitions. The rate of obtaining “dual certificates” for students has reached over 85%, and the employment rate for graduates has remained above 94%. Many graduates have been rated as “good examples around me”, “National Outstanding Communist Youth League members” and “Chinese University Student of the Year” in the province’s education system.

The college is the chairman unit of the Hanzhong Vocational Education Group. It has a Hanzhong Vocational Education Center, and has been identified as a continuing education training base for professional and technical personnel in Shaanxi and Hanzhong, a community education training base for adult continuing education in Shaanxi, and an elderly caregiver training in Shaanxi. Base, Hanzhong middle school teacher training center, Hanzhong language training and testing center, Hanzhong community education instruction center, Hanzhong retired soldiers vocational education and skill training center, etc. The college co-sponsored the “Qinba Higher Vocational Education Forum” in which 16 higher vocational colleges in Shaanxi, Hubei, Chongqing and Chongqing participated, and established with Thomas Moore University in Belgium, Singapore Zhiyuan Education College, and Frankfurt Nurse School in Germany. International exchange and cooperation.


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