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Introduction to Handan University

Handan University (邯郸学院, website) is located in Handan City, Hebei Province, a national historical and cultural city, a national excellent tourist city, a sacred place for Taijiquan, and an idiom capital. It is a public full-time general undergraduate college with good development prospects. The school’s school history began in Handan County Junior Normal School, which was established in 1905. It was upgraded to Handan Teachers College in 1982. It was upgraded to an undergraduate college in 2004 and named Handan College. In 2012 and 2017, it successfully passed the undergraduate teaching level of the Ministry of Education. Conformity assessment, audit assessment. The school adheres to the service-oriented orientation of “based on Handan, serving the society, supporting teachers and cultivating industries”, and comprehensively implements the basic strategy of “creating a harmonious environment, grasping the construction of connotations, emphasizing collaborative innovation, and taking the road of characteristics”. Establishing people as the fundamental task has promoted the rapid development of school career.

Handan University currently has 1,055 in-service faculty members, 758 full-time teachers, 292 professors and associate professors in the teaching staff, accounting for 38.52%, and 622 doctors and masters, accounting for 82.06%. The school has 14,790 full-time undergraduate students and 8,994 students with adult education. There are 5 national model teachers, outstanding teachers, and outstanding educators, Hebei Province has outstanding contribution experts, teaching teachers, and 18 candidates for the “Three, Three and Three Talent Project”. The school has 17 secondary colleges, 1 teaching and training center, 48 undergraduate majors are recruited, involving 9 university disciplines. The total value of teaching instruments and equipment is 166 million yuan, nearly 1.3 million volumes of paper books, 30 databases, and more than 2.8 million electronic books. There are 9 experimental training centers, 216 on-site experimental internship training sites, and 219 off-campus internship training bases. The campus covers a total area of 1119.56 acres and a building area of 522,700 square meters. It is a national green model unit and a civilized campus in Hebei Province.

Handan University invested 8 million yuan to build a “Teacher Vocational Skills Training Center”, and the special education building supported by the national “Rainbow Plan” to support the construction of 50 million yuan will be put into use. The Handan UGS Alliance was established to actively participate in the certification of teachers’ specialty. The development of special education for special subjects has ushered in new development for the leading teacher education majors; information technology majors have won national-level specialty majors, chemical majors have been awarded provincial key laboratories, and engineering majors have been strengthened in serving local processes; schools have been approved to specialize Relying on the provincial key development discipline, relying on the Taihang Mountain Document Research Center, it has successfully approved the only post-doctoral innovation practice base and post-doctoral scientific research station in social sciences in Hebei Province. It has jointly trained post-doctoral fellows with universities such as Nankai University. In 2010, the school established the nation ’s first Taiji Cultural Institute, which was approved as a provincial key development discipline of “Martial Arts and National Traditional Sports”, and it was approved of 13 national, provincial and municipal Taijiquan training training, and communication and promotion bases. Built 6 seas with Russia, Chile, Colombia and other countries The Tai Chi College (Center) was listed by the Ministry of Education as the first batch of China’s outstanding traditional cultural heritage bases in ordinary universities. The master’s degree authorizes the construction work of the construction unit to enter the specific implementation stage.

Since 2018, Handan University has sent 35 young teachers to study for doctorates in universities at home and abroad, and 19 teachers to study and study in overseas universities. Implement training programs for leaders, key teachers, dual teachers, and young teachers in disciplines at different levels, and systematically build a training system that runs through the entire process of teacher development. Regularly carry out teachers ‘teaching skills, lectures, micro-class competitions and special skills competitions such as speech and calligraphy to improve teachers’ teaching ability. Established the ethics construction goal of “establishing ethics, upholding ethics, and strengthening abilities”, and continued to carry out various advanced selection activities. In the past three years, 76 “model ethics pacesetters”, 10 “most beautiful teachers”, and “most beautiful teachers” were selected. “Tutors” 30 people, play a typical role model to lead the role, and strengthen the construction of teacher morality.

In recent years, the employment rate of Handan University students has reached more than 90%, and graduates have a large number of graduates. Kang Tianhao, a model of the era, was received by General Secretary Xi Jinping. As an example, Dai Chunheng, an orphan university student, became a “patent master”, and a number of “Xueba Dormitory” students were all admitted to graduate schools of famous universities. Especially at the 2015 CCTV “Chinese Idiom Conference”, four players from Handan College performed well and won the reputation of “Handan Four Overlords” and “Idiom Goddess”.

Handan University has the provincial key laboratory “Hebei Key Laboratory of Heterocyclic Compounds”, the university’s key research base for humanities and social sciences “Taihang Mountain Document Research Center”, the philosophy and social science research base “Zhao culture and regional economy”, special education collaborative innovation Provincial scientific research platforms such as the Center, University Optoelectronic Communication and Information System Application Technology R & D Center, University of Taihang Mountain, Taihang Mountain Wild Resources Plant Application Technology R & D Center, etc. Small molecule materials laboratory, optoelectronic device and system laboratory 5 Handan key laboratories. Since 2014, 19 projects have been approved by the National Social Science Fund, the National Natural Science Foundation, and the National Art Fund, 5 major humanities and social science research projects of the Ministry of Education, and 5 major research projects of the Education Department of Hebei Province. Commended by provincial and municipal scientific research management departments. He has won 44 provincial or higher awards including the Hebei Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award, the Outstanding Social Science Achievement Award, the National Art Exhibition Award for Outstanding Works, and the Music Golden Bell Award. The printmaking works of Professor Yuan Qinglu of the Academy of Art are displayed in the permanent collection of the National Museum of China. “Journal of Handan College” has been awarded the National Excellent Social Science Journal Award for three consecutive years. The “Zhao Culture Research” column has won the Ministry of Education column with the fourth place in the country. Teachers of the school have undertaken 742 scientific research projects at all levels and published more than 2,000 papers. Nearly 200 papers have been indexed by SCI and EI. They have published “Zhao Culture and Chinese Civilization”, “Xunzi History” and “Handan Regional Economic Research”. 44 books and 532 intellectual property rights.


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