Hainan Vocational College of Political Science and Law

Hainan Vocational College of Political Science and Law


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Introduction to Hainan Vocational College of Political Science and Law

Hainan Vocational College of Political Science and Law (海南政法职业学院, website) is the only public higher political and law vocational college in Hainan Province that has been approved by the state to specialize in public security, justice, and law. At the beginning of 2009, the college successfully passed the evaluation of the talent training level of the Ministry of Education; from 2009 to 2017, it was rated as “Outstanding Unit for Employment of Graduates of Higher Education in Hainan Province” for nine consecutive years; The pilot unit for reforming the training system is the only vocational college in China that recruits comprehensive training of public security and judicial talents. In 2012, it was listed as a separate vocational college in Hainan Province.

Hainan Vocational College of Political Science and Law is conveniently located on Xin Da Zhou Avenue, Haikou City, Hainan Province. There are more than 4,700 students in the school. There are seven teaching departments including the Department of Public Security and Justice, the Department of Applied Law, the Department of Legal Technology, the Department of Public Safety Technology, the Department of Public Education, the Department of Social Science, and the Department of Police Training. Management, judicial policing, criminal enforcement, judicial identification technology (material evidence technology direction), fire engineering technology, legal affairs, legal affairs (basic legal services direction), legal affairs (SME legal assistant direction), legal affairs (people’s mediator) Direction), administrative enforcement, legal secretary, legal secretary (official secretary), accounting (judicial accounting direction), community correction, social work (judicial social work direction), security technology, information security and management, communication technology, etc. 22 Enrollment major (including professional direction). The college has perfect teaching facilities, and has established 75 off-campus internship training bases in courts, procuratorates, public security bureaus, law firms, and prisons. The college uses the CRP system to comprehensively promote informatization management, and introduces the “World University City Cloud Space” system. The informatization and smart campus construction is at the leading level in the province. The informatization construction model of “focus on application, integrated construction, and everyone’s participation” has won the Ministry of Education And the full affirmation of the Education Department of Hainan Province.

The college solves development problems through reform and innovation, promotes the improvement of levels through cooperation in running schools, actively builds a bridge for talent training, and creates channels for students to improve their education. Cooperate with Hainan University, Hainan Normal University and other undergraduate institutions to conduct a “3 + 2” joint school running project. After graduating from this program, professional students can enter Hainan University and Hainan Normal University and other undergraduate universities. Upon graduation, they can get full-time Undergraduate diploma; signed cooperation agreements with relevant institutions in Australia, Canada and other countries, some students of the corresponding majors can study abroad as international exchange students.

Hainan Vocational College of Political Science and Law fully implements the school-oriented philosophy of “all for students and everything for students”, is based on politics and law, is oriented to society, adheres to the purpose of service, employment-oriented, and follows the path of production, education, and research cooperation; relying on the industry Focusing on the needs of Hainan’s economic development and social governance, we must deepen education and teaching reforms, strengthen professional construction, and strive to improve the quality of personnel training; adhere to moral education as the first, skills-based, and vigorously promote the emancipation of the mind, pioneering spirit, loyalty to the rule of law, and dedication. Spirit, adhering to the school motto of “combining morality with law, combining knowledge with action”, using police management as an effective carrier of student moral education, cultivating students ‘good professional quality and self-care, self-discipline, and self-discipline, and focusing on cultivating students’ vocational skills and practical abilities , Effectively promote the comprehensive development of students’ moral, intellectual and physical. Our students have achieved excellent results in various domestic teaching, athletics and sports competitions. In 2018, the employment rate of our hospital was 95.62%, and the industry employment rate was 79.75%.

Hainan Vocational College of Political Science and Law currently has 169 full-time teachers, more than 200 part-time teachers, 7 doctoral and doctoral teachers, 144 master’s degree teachers, 90 senior title teachers, and 1 State Council Special Allowance expert. 2 outstanding experts from Hainan Province, 2 experts directly contacted by the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government, 2 legislative experts and consultants from the Standing Committee of Hainan Provincial People’s Congress, 131 “double-teacher” teachers, 2 provincial teaching teachers, 4 provincial teaching teams . Strong teaching and scientific research. Public security management, legal secretarial (secretary official direction), security technology, traffic management, accounting (judicial accounting direction) five majors were rated as specialties of Hainan Province; legal secretary (secretary official direction) “secretary shorthand skills” Courses were rated as national-level excellent courses; 10 courses including “Judicial Accounting Inspection”, “Safety Prevention Techniques”, “Investigation of Public Security Cases” were rated as provincial and ministerial-level excellent courses; “Investigation of Economic Crimes”, “Psychology of Criminals” And Correction “course was rated as the high-quality core course of higher vocational colleges in Hainan Province.

The college undertakes 10 national-level projects such as the National Social Science Fund and the National Education Science Planning Project, and undertakes provincial (department) -level, college-level projects, and various social work special and horizontal topics. The relevant publicly published papers at home and abroad 1381 He has published 163 academic monographs and teaching materials.

The college attaches great importance to the development of students’ personality, the construction of campus culture, and the work of rewarding and supporting students. “Famous Teachers ‘Forum”, “Doctors’ Forum”, “Reading Festival” and “Law Culture Festival” make students broaden their horizons and increase their wisdom. National scholarships, national inspirational scholarships, Hainan outstanding poor students scholarships, college scholarships, etc., which reward students with excellent academic performance; there are a number of scholarships, such as college work-study assistance funds, and financial assistance for students with financial difficulties in setting up files. Students with financial difficulties in their families. In 2018, the percentage of college scholarships and grants was 55 percent of the student population.

Hainan Vocational College of Political Science and Law adheres to the policy of serving the society and serving the grass-roots level, with equal emphasis on academic education and training. After years of efforts, it has become the province’s political and legal cadre training base, the national civil servants training base, the grassroots two committees cadre training base, the national judicial examination Hainan base, the national computer level examination test site, the shorthand division national vocational qualifications and skills identification workstation; owns the province The most comprehensive forensic appraisal centers have made significant contributions to regional economic and social development and legal system construction.


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