Guizhou Polytechnic of Construction

Guizhou Polytechnic of Construction

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Introduction to Guizhou Polytechnic of Construction

Guizhou Polytechnic of Construction (贵州建设职业技术学院, website) was established in 1979, and after the period of Guizhou Construction Materials Industry School and Guizhou Construction School, it was named Guizhou Construction Vocational and Technical College in 2014. The college is a full-time public general college directly under the Guizhou Education Department. It is based on full-time general higher education, supplemented by secondary vocational education and non-degree education. It is a higher education institution in Guizhou that mainly trains construction and technical personnel. Vocational colleges.

Guizhou Polytechnic of Construction covers an area of 511 acres, with 13,659 students in vocational colleges and 3120 students in secondary vocational schools. It has a school of architectural engineering, a school of building equipment, a school of architectural design, a school of information management, a school of construction in Guizhou, and a college of further education Each teaching unit has 38 majors in six major groups, including construction engineering technology, building decoration engineering technology, construction equipment engineering technology, building materials engineering technology, economic management and information engineering technology. The college currently has nearly 600 faculty members. Among them, 31% are teachers with doctoral or master degrees, 28% are teachers with titles of associate professors or above, and 62% are dual-teacher teachers.

The college is a national training base for skills-hungry talents in the construction industry, a national advanced unit of vocational education, a national “vocational college digital campus construction experimental school”, a provincial high-quality vocational project construction school, and a “provincial comprehensive credit reform” provincial pilot unit Guizhou Provincial Vocational Education Association resident unit, the province’s colleges and universities ideological and political work research center (higher vocational college) is located in our college, led by the “construction vocational education group” is the first six vocational education in Guizhou Province One of the groups.

Guizhou Polytechnic of Construction has three provincial shared open training bases in construction engineering, BIM technology, and prefabricated building. It has provincial “ceramic master studios” and “wood master studios”, and has construction material engineering training Bases, engineering survey training bases, building decoration training bases, construction equipment comprehensive training bases, information technology training bases and public training bases, etc.

Against the background of the national “Belt and Road” strategy, Guizhou Polytechnic of Construction actively seizes opportunities, strengthens international exchanges and cooperation, focuses on the concept of cooperative schooling and innovation in teaching practice, and uses the experience of cooperative schooling to promote education and teaching reforms to achieve college Better and faster. In recent years, the scale of school running has been expanding and the quality of running school has been continuously improved. It has attracted many schools and universities in Canada, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Australia, and Hong Kong, Taiwan and other regions to conduct exchange visits and cooperate in running schools.

Taking advantage of the country’s vigorous development of modern vocational education, the college upholds the school motto of “Honest, Fine, Skilled, Learn, and Good Teaching”, and implements the school philosophy of “Learning the Luban Spirit Becoming a Great Country Craftsman”. The establishment of the institute leads the construction of campus culture, and strives to build the college into a well-known and first-class new vocational college in the province.


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