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Introduction to Guizhou Institute of Technology

Guizhou Institute of Technology (贵州理工学院, website) is in response to the requirements of the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Guizhou Provincial People’s Government for the implementation of the strategy of strengthening the province by industry and the strategy of urbanization to promote the application of science and engineering talents. The university is a general undergraduate institution of engineering with a multi-disciplinary coordinated development of engineering, science, management and other disciplines. In April 2016, it was approved by the Ministry of Education to be eligible for admission to international students. In January 2017, it became the first batch of demonstration universities in China to deepen innovation and entrepreneurship education reform. In July of the same year, it initiated the establishment of the “China-ASEAN University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Alliance” and became a rotating chairman unit and permanent secretariat unit.

Guizhou Institute of Technology is located in Guiyang, Guizhou Province, southwest of the motherland. The Caijiaguan campus is located on the shore of Aha Lake in the southwest of Guiyang, covering an area of 866.7 acres. The Gui’an campus is located on Doctor’s Road, University City, Gui’an New District, covering an area of approximately 1757 acres. There are 889 faculty members. Among them, 1 is a national talent project with 1 million talents, 1 is a recipient of the State Council ’s special allowance, 1 is a national-level expert with outstanding contributions, 2 is a new century outstanding talent from the Ministry of Education, 1 is a provincial core expert, and is a provincial management expert. 3 people, 1 winner of the provincial government special allowance, 1 “Qianling Scholar” of provincial philosophy and social sciences, 1 provincial cultural talent, 3 outstanding young scientific and technological talents, 3 provincial young science and technology award winners 1 provincial outstanding scientific and technological worker, 2 provincial-level innovative talents training objects, 2 provincial thousand-level innovative talents training objects, 1 national excellent teacher, 4 provincial outstanding teachers; 84 senior professional titles, deputy senior professional titles 380 people; 234 doctors and 491 masters.

The Guizhou Institute of Technology has 18 colleges, 1 basic teaching department, and 33 undergraduate majors. The University of Bedford and the University of Bedford have jointly organized undergraduate majors in electrical engineering and automation. There are 11,528 full-time undergraduate students and 193 international students. Existing first-class construction and cultivation disciplines (materials science and engineering) in Guizhou Province, two provincial key disciplines (materials science and engineering, geological resources and geological engineering), and provincial characteristic key cultivation disciplines (aerospace science and technology), Three provincial-level key support disciplines (management science and engineering, computer application technology, machinery manufacturing and automation), and two provincial-level key support disciplines (power systems and automation, chemical processes). In accordance with the “disciplinary-professional-platform-team” integration construction idea, the focus is on building three major characteristic subject groups of big data science and technology, new material development and utilization, aerospace and intelligent manufacturing. Has the first batch of national college “Huang Danian” national teacher team (resource exploration project), three provincial science and technology innovation talent team (aerospace light metal materials and welding technology innovation team, fruit wine brewing engineering technology innovation talent team, energy chemical conversion New materials science and technology innovation talent team), three ordinary colleges and universities in Guizhou Province science and technology innovation talent team (heavy metal in situ regulation and ecological restoration innovation team, intelligent optimization and data mining innovation group, hidden deposit survey team). Guizhou Province’s Green Process Engineering Talent Base and Guizhou Province’s Geological Resources and Geological Engineering Talent Base have been approved as provincial talent bases by the Guizhou Talent Work Leading Group.

Guizhou Institute of Technology currently has two provincial key laboratories (Guizhou Key Laboratory of Electric Power Big Data, Guizhou Key Laboratory of Light Metal Materials Preparation Technology), and three Guizhou Provincial Key Universities’ Characteristic Key Laboratory (Clean and Efficient Phosphate Coal Resources) Utilize characteristic key laboratories, karst engineering geology and concealed mineral resources characteristic laboratories, energy chemical characteristics laboratories), five engineering research centers of ordinary colleges and universities in Guizhou province (process industry new process engineering research center, fluorine silicon material engineering Technology Research Center, Agricultural Big Data Engineering Research Center, New Medicine Micro-control Engineering Research Center, UAV Emergency Disaster Reduction Informationization Engineering Research Center), National Crowd Space (Healthy and Intelligent Crowd Space), Guizhou Institute of Technology, Guizhou Province Academician Workstation, Guizhou Special Functional Materials 2011 Collaborative Innovation Center, Guizhou Provincial Health and Pharmaceutical Industry Technology Research Institute (co-constructed with the People’s Government of Wudang District), Guizhou Smart Tourism Industry Development Research Institute, Guizhou “Internet +” Industrial Technology Research and other important teaching and research platforms.


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