Guizhou Communications Polytechnic

Guizhou Communications Polytechnic

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Introduction to Guizhou Communications Polytechnic

Guizhou Communications Polytechnic (GCP, 贵州交通职业技术学院) is a vocational college of science and engineering featuring transportation, and it is also the only school in Guizhou Province that has been selected as a “high-level vocational school construction unit with Chinese characteristics”. The college currently has three campuses: Qingzhen, Yangguan and Changling, covering an area of more than 1,680 acres. There are more than 18,000 full-time college students.

Guizhou Communications Polytechnic consists of eight departments (road and bridge engineering department, automobile engineering department, management engineering department, construction engineering department, information engineering department, mechatronics engineering department, logistics engineering department, track engineering department) The Ministry of Adult Education) No. 1 School (Driving Technician School) and No. 1 Academy (Guizhou Transportation Technician College), offering 40 majors, covering transportation and related industries, including road and bridge engineering technology, automotive application technology, construction engineering technology, construction machinery The four majors of control technology are the demonstration majors of national vocational colleges.

The college has a total of 669 faculty members, including 222 senior titles, 160 with a master’s degree or above, and 490 dual-teacher teachers. The college currently has one national “Ten Thousand Plan” teaching teacher, 9 teaching teachers at the provincial and ministerial level or above, 2 provincial management experts, 3 provincial government special allowance experts, and 11 provincial “high-level” talents. There are 6 technical experts at the provincial and ministerial level or above, 1 national teaching innovation team for vocational education teachers, and 6 provincial teaching teams.

Guizhou Communications Polytechnic adheres to the school running idea of “relying on industries and running schools with unique characteristics; collaborative innovation, open sharing”, inheriting and developing the spirit of “dedication, dedication, and pursuit of excellence” and “providing talent support for transportation construction and competitive development in Guizhou” He is responsible for providing talent protection and intellectual support for the development of the transportation industry. It is the main export base of transportation talents in the province and is known as “the cradle of transportation talents in Guizhou”.


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